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Nothing is ever normal

10 years post breaking dawn. Bella accidentally leaves her shield down around Edward while thinking about the time he left. Now Edward has gone, and they need to find him. Renesmee is fully grown and has a three year old daughter named Annabelle. Oh and there is no adult content, i must have used a word like hell or something. No inappropriate scenes or swears or anything


1. Pain

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Pain. It'll be like i never existed. Pain. I dont want you to come. Pain. I'll always love you, in a way. Pain. You're not good for me Bella. pain. Pain. PAIN.

This was what was running through Bella's mind as she lay in my arms. I could almost feel her mind screaming out in protest as she felt this much pain go through her mind. She was reliving the time i had left her. I did it to keep her safe, because i knew the love i had for her was more powerful than death, than any other emotion in the world. i had left to keep her safe, but i ended up killing her from the inside, and almost killing me physically. We tried to avoid this topic, because i knew how much i had hurt her, but she always refers to it as "the past" where i know, it was when i ripped her fragile human heart apart, the heart she had said was mine. I took hers and she took mine. But she cared for, loved my heart will all her might. i betrayed hers.

I knew i should tell her. i knew she would hate that i had heard, and felt the pain she had gone through. but i needed to know. and now i did. this was worse than Jane's gift. Because this pain, was real.

I couldnt stand it any longer. I leapt up and, very quietly, whispered "your shield is down, love." she laughed at her own idiocity before remembering what she had just thought. She looked up in horror and, with her beautiful face, her sorrowful topaz eyes, she mouthed the words "did you hear?" i nodded, a quick, dissmissive nod, before taking her in my arms and saying, "i will NEVER hurt you like that again. I knew i put you through pain but....im so sorry". She let her flawless face crumple, before saying, "Edward, you did it to protect me. i love you for it." I curled my lip in discust with myself before losing it completly and yelling "DONT EVER SAY YOU LOVE ME! YOU MIGHT LOVE ME BUT I HATE MYSELF!" she cowered away and i saw what i was doing to her. i took a step towards her, kissed her briefly on the cheek and said "i apologize for what i am going to say. but i need for you to see how serious i am. Im leaving. Alone. It will break my heart but i cant hurt you any more. This time, i do promise you this. This time, i wont come back. it really will be like i never existed. Tell Nessie, tell everyone i love them. Im going to trust you with this. give it to esme. Look after yourself, like you looked after my heart. i wont comme back for it. I love you." while saying this, i wrote a hurried note to my family, crying tearless tears. i then walked to the open window and, swallowing, said "goodbye bella, thank you for the best 10 years of my life." Then i left. That was it. Pain.