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Nothing is ever normal

10 years post breaking dawn. Bella accidentally leaves her shield down around Edward while thinking about the time he left. Now Edward has gone, and they need to find him. Renesmee is fully grown and has a three year old daughter named Annabelle. Oh and there is no adult content, i must have used a word like hell or something. No inappropriate scenes or swears or anything


4. Escape

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I didnt know where i was, or where i was going. i just needed to get far away from everyone, especially bella. I put her through pain, and i cant do that to esme, or alice, or rosalie or any of them. Nessie. Renesmee would have to suffer just like the rest of them if i did that again. My daughter would be put through pain if i repeated my actions. so i left. i had to.


I opened my eyes for the first time in what felt like forever. My eyes were black, i was sure. All my clothes were stained, My hair was all messed up from lying on the forest floor for so long.

PAIN. PAIN. PAIN.I slowly got up and walked to where i thought the edge of the forest was. i was right. i was suddenly on a busy high street, full of people. my throat burned as i walked up to a woman and said, "im sorry, could you please give me directions to the nearest hotel?" She smiled at me and said "Oh dear, you have no idea where you are, do you?" Was i that transparent? "i nodded and said, "sorry, im kind of out of it today." to which she replied -"bad break-up?" God, i thought i was the mind reader! "kind of", i laughed "Start of a divorce, i guess". It all seemed real now. Bella wasnt my wife anymore. I had left her. Me and my true love weren't together anymore. PAIN. while i felt this pain, she stroked my arm and said "how terrible! How long were you married?" i was going to say ten years but, i still look seventeen. "four years, im twenty-two now. it felt more like ten though." She sighed in sympathy and i was pleased to see she wasnt attracted to me in any way, her thoughts were pure sympathetic. She gave me directions to the nearest hotel and added "oh, and you are in Nevada by the way." i smiled and thanked her, suddenly super aware of a familiar scent. i walked back into the forest, now positive i could smell Alice's scent. what was she doing so far from home? alone as well. She was close enough so i could hear her thoughts. Edward, its just me, The others dont know ive come. Edward, i need to talk to you. you dont know what youre doing to everyone! I could see Alice now walking towards me. i couldnt contain myself, i ran towards her and enveloped her small body in a huge hug. she laughed and we sat on a log, and talked for ages.

"edward, Carlisle and Esme have stopped talking to each other. Rosalie and Emmett are becoming distant. There was a huge row because Carlisle and Emmett agreed with me, that i should come and find you. The others disagreed. Its so horrid, Esme is upset all the time and Carlisle is.... hes always so angry! she slams his door and snaps at us all the time!"

"what about....her?"

"its killing Bella. She doesnt smile and even Renesmee doesnt come home any more. Shes spending all her time at Jacobs. She doesnt even take Annabelle with her, she stays with Esme. You should see Bella, Edward. Its almost as bad as last time." at that point she conjured up an image of Bella, just sitting in our cottage, staring into space. just like last time.

"Okay,okay. Alice, i'll think it over. But...

Suddenly, a scent hit our nose. The Volturri. They were here. There was no escape. We could see them. And they saw us.