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Nothing is ever normal

10 years post breaking dawn. Bella accidentally leaves her shield down around Edward while thinking about the time he left. Now Edward has gone, and they need to find him. Renesmee is fully grown and has a three year old daughter named Annabelle. Oh and there is no adult content, i must have used a word like hell or something. No inappropriate scenes or swears or anything


5. Happy times

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we were alone. it was me and edward, alone against the volturri. It was Aro who spoke first.

"Alice, Edward. how wonderful to see you!" he exclaimed, as if it was a surprise to see us. "But where is the rest of your coven? Where is young Isabella?" he asked, saying bella's full name and pronouncing each syllable slowly, as he always did.

Instead of answering, Edward held out his hand, offering it to Aro. Aro took it and for a moment there was silence.The he smiled and said, "ahhh, your family decided to join us after all". as he spoke my family appeared from behind us. Jazz came and wrapped his arms around me, i knew there would be a fight later about me leaving. Rosalie stood to one side, away from Emmett. Esme came and wrapped her arms around Edward, but turned her back on Carlisle. Carlisle looked relieved and furious all at the same time. Even Ness and Jacob where there, Jake in human form and watching as Nessie wrapped her arms around her father. we almost forgot the Volturri, and they ignored us.

Edward was the first to speak, saying in an anxious voice, "Where is she?" he didnt say any names but we all knew who he was talking about. Esme replied with "she was with us a minute ago, she cant be far away." Bella entered at that point, but obviously didnt want to go to Edward. I felt bad for her, i mean, Edward left her, again, and she couldnt go to him because he said he didnt want her. I went over and hugged her, simply so she wasnt alone.

Suddenly, i felt a surge of pain rip my body in half. i let out a huge scream and felt my whole body fall to the floor. I couldnt breathe, i couldnt see, i only knew that the pain was killing me. Suddenly it stopped, and Edward and Bella were picking me up from the floor. Leaning over me, i saw them exchange a look of pain, loss and love, but Bella was the first one to look away. she must still think Edward didnt want her.

"Jane, that was unnecessary." Carlisle said calmly. To which the blonde vampire answered, "i needed your attention".

"thank-you Jane. Now my old friend Carlisle, we mean no harm by our visit. we were passing through and we caught track of Edward's scent.We will be on our way now. And, i hope all of your relationships mend. Farewell." Aro said as he lead the guard away. It was just us that remained in the field now, but we heard Caius say as he left "we'll be back". There was silence now. I reached up to Jasper and kissed him, and gave him a look of pure love. When i looked back at my family, i saw Rose and Emmett doing the same thing. I knew they wouldnt be cross at each other for long. Esme and Carlisle looked at each other from across the field before Esme walked slowly towards Carlisle and into his arms. As if either Carlisle or Esme could EVER stay mad. Now for the hard relationship. I thought i would start the solution off and whilst holding Bella's hand, went across to Edward and slapped him, full on around the face. Emmett, Jazz and Rosalie laughed and said " i told you so" to Edward. Carlisle and Esme shook their heads at me and my violence. "that is for leaving." i said to him. i let Bella go then and she reached up and kissed him briefly. When they broke apart, i continued with "and that is for coming back." We all smiled until Nessie squealed. Bella had hugged Edward at the same time he had hugged Nes. They were kind of squashing her.

Happy times