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Nothing is ever normal

10 years post breaking dawn. Bella accidentally leaves her shield down around Edward while thinking about the time he left. Now Edward has gone, and they need to find him. Renesmee is fully grown and has a three year old daughter named Annabelle. Oh and there is no adult content, i must have used a word like hell or something. No inappropriate scenes or swears or anything


6. Re-united

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a few days after Edward returned home again, it is wonderful to see the difference in everyone. We're just relaxing now, Charlie is coming over in a few hours, but this time, we dont have to pretend to eat or even act human. So i'm sitting in the garden i have made for myself, watching Nessie's daughter Annabelle play with butterflies. She looked so happy, so carefree. Her mother was watching her and Edward was watching them both, his daughter and his grandaughter. Renesmee called to Annie "be careful, dont hurt them!" She walked back inside and Edward answered to Bella's call from inside. At that point little Annie ran up to me and showed me a butterfly that was lying, almost dead in her little hands. I picked her up and called to Renesmee. She came into the room and, upon seeing the dead butterfly, knelt down to her daughter and said "Annabelle, did you kill this butterfly?" to which the three year old nodded, shaking her curly brown hair. Her mother frowned and said "Annie, i told you not to hurt them didnt i? Now go and lay the poor creature outside and then go to your room." The little girl ran outside and put it on the grass and stood in the doorway, her lip quivering. She started crying huge tears from her eyes, the eyes her grandmother had given her. Edward walked in and, seeing his grandaughter crying but hearing the reason from inside my thoughts, picked her up and placed her in the cradle upstairs.

She stayed up there until Charlie arrived...


When my dad arrived, Nessie went upstairs and came down, holding an asleep Annabelle on her hip. I smiled as she laid her in Jake's arms and went to hug her grandfather. "Nessie! Look how big Annie is getting now!" Charlie exclaimed. Annabelle, a lot unlike Ness, grew a third slower than average humans. We all knew Charlie only said it to be kind. I looked around my family, and saw how different this week was to last week. Alice was leaning on Jasper's chest, Rose was sitting in Em's lap, Carlisle was sitting on the arm of Esme's chair and was actually smiling. Nessie was helping Jake prepare food for themselves, Annie and Charlie and I was sitting inside Edward's arm, with my beautiful grand-daughter on my lap.

Annabelle was a lot like Nessie in appearance. She has short honey-coloured hair, the same colour as Edwards, and had eyes the same colour as mine, when i was human. Her face had more colour in than Renesmee's, and a lot more than mine. She grew at a slow rate, and she was about the size of a small two year old when she was actually three. She had Jakes daring personality, Edward's musical taste and her brain worked only slightly better than normal three year olds. Her body tempreture was higher than humans and her heart ran faster too, but not noticeably. She was beautiful. I looked up at edward and he kissed my forehead. We both loved having a grand-daughter, even though we were only eighteen...sort of.

I was actually twenty-eight, with Renesmee being eleven. It was going to be a lot easier getting Annabelle in a school as, like her parents, she didnt sparkle in sunlight and she not only could digest food, constantly ate it. We took her hunting once and she found that the taste of blood is discusting. The only thing telling us she was quarter vampire was her speed, hearing and her gift. Her gift is a mixture of Nessies and Edward. She can not hear peoples thoughts, like Edward, but like her mother, shows people thoughts. But instead of touching someone to do this, she just needs to look at them. she can also show people their own memories, but not hers.It is an amazinng gift.

I knew dinner was ready, for Jake, Charlie and Nessie were all walking towards the table and Annie was leaping around on my lap, yelling at the top of her girly voice, "DINNER! YUMMY! FOOD!" everyone laughed and i moved closer into Edward as i let her go.

We were reunited.