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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

11. im sorry

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hi sorry for the wait.... again. now this is an all human oneshot. edward was killed in a car accident exactly 5 years ago and bella and nessie visit his grave. im crying..... i seriously need the bronze haired angel to comfort me!


i arrived here in a trance, and as we walked through the familiar iron gates into the cemetery, i grab onto nessies hand, despite the fact that shes 14, and doesnt need to hold my hand. she looked up at me and gave me a sad smile, clinging onto my hand tighter. we wove our way through the graves, and came to two identical graves, one reading the name Edward Antony Masen Cullen, beloved son, brother, husband and father, and another reading Esme Cullen, beloved wife and mother. Edward had been killed only 5 years earlier, and esme had died only a few month later.

"Edward, it was 5 years ago, to this day, that you left me. i was heartbroken when you left me the first time. but...but this time, now youre gone again.... it seems like that wound has been opened up again, and stabbed over and over again. when it first happened, i didnt feel anything. i didnt believe you were gone. but.... you are, and life has to go on, but i wish it didnt.

Alice misses you so much, she thinks of you every day, especially now that her and Jasper arent together. Jasper still keeps in touch, and we know that theyre relationship got worse because they were so distraught about you. your absence rips the whole family apart, edward.

Rosalie gave birth last week, to a little boy. he has emmett's curly black hair and dimples in his tiny rosy cheeks. he is just like roses friend vera's son. his named Edward. Edward Tony Cullen. Rosalie has waited her entire life for this child, and she named her first child after you. you, edward. emmett misses you every day. i dont think he can cope without you and Jasper.

Carlisle.... he is working way too hard at the hospital. he has lost both his first son and his wife in under a year. he denies it, but we all know he is trying to stop that happening to any other family. he wants you to know that you were loved, right util the end, and that we never stopped. but... you know that already dont you. i come her every day, and you know i never stopped loving you.

Nessie is growing up to be the most beautiful, clever, witty, amd overall amazing person i have ever known. except you. you will always hold that position in my heart. she needs a father figure, but she has one. and she knows it. you were the best father anyone could ever have. I havent called her by her full name since before you died. Renesmee was what i called her, but Nessie was what you called her. You are living through me. Through my heart.

Esme would have been so proud of her. proud of you. she may have died a mere month after you, but she felt all the pain we felt, and are feeling right now. Time doesnt heal anything.

You said it'll be like you never existed, but you will always exist in my mind.

"Dad, i miss you. please daddy, i will always come for you for advice, i have both my parents for that. But daddy, you never liked my relationship with Jake, and ive not seen him for 5 years now. i dont regret it. i love you daddy.

As me and my daughter held hands, we took another look at him, and walked out, towards the start of forever. without him.

Im sorry edward. i failed you. im sorry.