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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

12. never have i ever....

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so! a nice light happy one today; have any of you played this game before? if you havent the alice explains it later so dont worry. and you may find out a bit more about your character than you knew before..... :) :):) Bella's POV set after breaking dawn xx


Stephanie meyer - never have i ever..... pretended to own the rights to twilight...... (Edward, alice, jasper and carlisle all say "me neither" and stare at me)

me - uuhhhh...... me neither????

all - uh huh.... sure......

me - FINE! i dont own twilight.... *sigh*

stephanie - No! I do! mwah ha ha ha ha bow down to me NOW!

All - *raise eyebrow*


i was perfectly content with just lying in my husbands arms all afternoon....i wasnt too pleased with Ness and Jacob kissing outside in the garden chairs, and i knew edward was even less impressed. quiet growls erupted from his chest anytime he heard Renesmee laugh, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. but apart from that, our entire life seemed perfect. our peaceful afternoon however, was disturbed by my phone, which we ignored, and then edwards, which, after answering, told us that Alice wanted us over in the main house to play some game or something that she had heard of. Great.

As soon as we arrived, we were all shoved into chairs placed in a circle. we were all there, carlisle and esme looking almost as bored as jasper, whose face changed every time alice looked at him. Rose and emmett were looking incredibly annoyed, and ness and jake were too busy smiling to notice anything. sigh.

"So, we all sit in a circle, and one of us says never have i ever..... and something they have never done. we all start with 5 fingers up and anytime someone says something you have done, you put one down. the person who loses is the one who puts all their fingers down first." alice rambled, before sitting down and saying, "never have i ever.....tasted human blood!" me, jasper and edward all put one finger down.

"wait, what? Bella, youve never tasted human blood... have you?" Jacob says, looking confused. i hadnt bitten a human, but i had drank donated human blood. did he not remember? i knew that image was drummed into Edwards mind, the half in which he blames everything on himself.

it was edwards turn, and he smiled evily before stating "hm, lets try and be cruel.... never have i ever had a father as a police officer" WHAT?! my own husband turning against me! whilst putting a finger down, i mumbled "i feel so betrayed!" edward just laughed.

"Never have i ever....okay then dad, never before have i tried to kill myself!"yes! justice; i knew i could count on Nessie to help me out. esme, carlisle and edward put a finger down. i saw Jacob give me a sidelong glance and my eyes widened. i KNEW he thought i went cliffdiving for a suicide attempt! i glared at him and we continued the game.

Rosalie continued the game with "never have i ever...done something idiotic for love." without pausing, we all swung around and looked at Edward, "Whaaaatt?? it didnt seem stupid at the time..... oh fine" he tried to defend himself but even he had to admit that going to Volterra that time was incredibly stupid.

My turn. to get back at edward, i said "never have i ever...fallen in love with a human! ha!" laughing whilst edward and carlisle put a finger down. I had forgotten that Carlisle had met Esme when she was still human before she jumped off the cliff.

"okay, whilst were on the topic of embarrasing Edward... never have i ever.... destroyed 7 homes within a year, but saved the piano each time". Edward glared at carlisle and put his finger down. he only had one up now!

when it came to jacobs turn, he smiled at edward before stating "never have i ever.... told someone that if his wife didnt survive, then i should kill him and his daughter! I believe you are out edward" What? everyone else nodded at laughed at edward... they already knew! "you said what?" i whispered, REALLY hoping i had misheard. Edward muttered "dammit" under his breath, and i knew what i heard was true. how could he? Sacrifice him AND ness? for the first time ever, i didnt want to be around him. i stood up and walked out, ignoring Edwards protests. this feeling was a first for me, but....how could he think i was that important? important enough to end his life? i moved my shield as i thought this, and his gasp behind me. i carried on walking.


ooohhhhhh, dont worry im sure they will get over their little domestic soon enough! anyway i just want you to comment with either edward or jacob, so i can see who to write more fanfics about. you can do any other character of course! x