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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

4. A werewolf's tale

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soooo, i think its only fair if i do one including Jacob, because i know that lots of you are Jake fans, including two of my best friends, so this is in Jacobs POV, talking about Bella, set in new moon. I am 100% Team Edward, if you havent guessed! Disclaimer: i dont own a dog, or Edward, or Twilight. By the way by dog i mean Jacob. Woof Woof. (sorry that was cruel) official apologies to Dog... Sorry Jacob lovers. :) sorry A.G and R.D (my besties/team Jakes)

We had always been friends, almost siblings. When my sister had her heart broken, i felt pain and anger. Was it not right that i should feel that towards Bella too? But i didnt. I just felt positive emotions. I guess that was because i knew that now HE had left, i actually stood a chance with the girl i loved. I knew this was an incredibly selfish act as i could see how she was being tore apart by this, but now i could tell her my true feelings without having my head ripped off by that leech. Hey, i meant that as a figure of speech but he could actually kill me..... oops!

I know Bella had fallen completely in love with him, but now he was gone, surely she could move on? My sister Rachel had been heartbroken, not quite as bad as Bella, but Bella had always been different. Rachel had been upset but soon after she had been imprinted on. Leah alway said that I had imprinted on Bella, but i know differently. It wasnt that i didnt love Bella enough to know that i had imprinted, but it was that if i had imprinted, i wouldnt have been able to watch her be hurt like this. I wouldnt have cared about the treaty. If Bella was the chosen one, my soulmate, then Edward would have been dead, or re-dead months ago.

But now i think about it, i feel a tug towards bella every time i look into her eyes. Her deep, beautiful eyes that now carried a trace of pain, agony and loneliness. What did Leah know about imprinting anyway? I went to Quil the other day, seeing as he had already imprinted and asked him. Ive never heard him howl so loud out of werewolf form. He continued laughing until he summoned enough air to say, "trust me Jake, You will know. I mean, YOU WILL KNOW!" before he broke down into laughter again, falling to the floor and almost squashing poor Claire. I just walked away. Had i imprinted?

A/N sorry its so short, its hard to write from Jacobs POV. Btw, did you notice the reference to bellas ees aka Nessie's eyes? oh and it killed me to write horrid stuff about Edward!