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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

5. Chatroom!

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so im gonna try something different today - a chatroom! bear with me, its not original but it seems like fun. nobodys POV, not really set at any time. Disclaimer: blah blah.... dont own twilight.... come on i dont even own an Iphone let alone twilight! R+R :)

MagicPixie - Alice

Jazzsaysrelax - Jasper

TeasingBella4ever - Emmett

Blondierules - Rosalie

Bellaismylife - Edward

Futurevampire - Bella

Cooldoc - Carlisle

Mrscooldoc - Esme

Blondiehater - Jacob


Magicpixie: hey? helooooooo? you are all coming on in 5, 4,3,2,1..... heyy guys!

Jazzsaysrelax: hello love, did you see us all coming on right now?

Magicpixie: OF COURSE! *air kisses*

Bellaismylife: Dont even think about responding to that Jasper, i am serious!

Futurevampire: hi guys!

Bellaismylife: hey love, ive missed you! *air kisses*

Jazzsaysrelax: so it fine for you to do it?

Blondierules: of COURSE it is jasper, because Edward is so superior in every way! #sarcasm

Futurevampire: so uhhh is Emmett coming on? Cos if not we might actually have a normal conversation.....

All: So true....

Bellaismylife: i did tell you not to join my family.... its not too late.

Futurevampire: *jaw drops*


All: WHatttt?!

Mrscooldoc: since when are you getting married?

Futurevampire: im leaving this to you Edward.

Bellaismylife: um, well i kind of, since yesterday....

All: What?

Mrscooldoc: you proposed? Congratulations to you both! Alice, can i help with the preperations???

Magicpixie: SURE! :) :) :) :)

jazzsaysrelax: congratulations!

Blondierules: yeah congrats.... wait does this mean shes going to be changed? I ALWAYS knew you had no respect for mortal life!

futurevampire: *blushes*

Jazzsaysrelax: Oh god.... so much blood..... *bites lip, guiltily*

Bellaismylife: i am going to kill you for EVER thinking that.

Jazzsaysrelax: oh god.... no Edward stop.... Agghhhhgghhhhhhg that HURT!

Blondierules: do i smell burning?

Magicpixie: NOOOOOOO!!!! Jasper, jazz, omg Edward you actually burned him! *sobs and wails*

Bellaismylife: what? nah, thats Bella's pet dog.

Blondierules: you have a dog?

Bellaismylife: yeah, goes by the name of Jacob.

Blondiehater: Original! #sarcasm

Blondierules: *rolls eyes*

Blondiehater: ohh ohh ohh, have you heard this one? Why does a blond smile during a lightning storm?

Magicpixie: this is actually quite funny

Blondiehater: Cos she thinks she having her picture taken! *laughs loudly*

Blondierules: whatever, Blonds rule

Blondiehater: BLACK HAIR RULES!

Blondierules and Jazzsaysrelax: BLONDE HAIR RULES

Blondiehater and magicpixie: BLACK HAIR!

Mrscooldoc and Futurevampire: BROWN HAIR!

Grizzlybear: BLACK HAIR!

Blondierules: Black hair - 3, Blonde hair - 2, Brown hair - 2

cooldoc: BLONDE!

Blondierules: Black hair - 3, Blondehair - 3, Brown hair 2

bellaismylife: i know how to solve this..... BRONZE HAIR IS BEST!

RonfromHarryPotter: So true!

Bellaismylife: WTH! you have .... *shudder* ginger hair.

RonfromHarryPotter: so do you.

Bellaismylife: ..............

RonfromHarryPotter: ha, speechless are you..... no wait... aggghhhhh!

Blondierules: Now i definately smell burning.

All: YEP!