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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

6. letter to my love

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Hi, so sorry for the delay but here is another chapter. And a huge thank you to my first reviewer, twilightlover1234 who gave me the confidence to write this chapter! Now, imagine that instead of that speech Edward gave when he was leaving Bella, imagine he wrote a letter. Here is that letter!

Dear Bella, You are more than the most important thing in my life, you are actually what makes it go round. I know that if anything ever happens to you, then I will not be able to continue walking on this earth. And, after your run in with James the nagging feeling at my heart has got more of a shoving feeling - incredibly painful as I know what will happen if I fail. Were leaving. I-im so sorry, but I can't carry on almost hurting you like this. The whole family are leaving, and you will continue like I never hurt you like I did. This is such a cold, heartless thing to do, to break up with you through a letter, but I know the minute my eyes see your perfect face, and smell your beautiful, sweet scent, then my heart will give over to your preferences and I will stop doing the right thing. Please, just don't let harm overcome you. I am wripping the bond that seals our hearts together, and I don't want it to be in vain. And ill promise you, I won't come back. It'll be like...I never existed. You won't to see me, or Alice, esme or Carlisle again. Emmett will never tease you again, nor will I let Rosalie insult you. Jasper will never put you in danger, never ruin a party or attempt to kill you. You will be safe. It does break my heart though, to know that I will never lay my hand on the curve of your cheek, never kiss your soft lips, look into your deep brown eyes. We will never kiss, never lie in our meadow, never hold hands. Never see each other again. I love you. Truly, forever. Your ever loving, caring, in pain lion, Edward x