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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

7. Change my life

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okay, i am actually crying as i even think about writing this. It is set after BD pt 2, Nessie is about 12. Please review if you cry.... i hope im not the only one! Disclaimer: If i owned twilight, edward wouldnt have left. He did leave, so i dont own twilight. Please blame stephanie meyer for the tear-wrenching story that is new moon! oh and its in Bella's POV and please remember that these stories do not follow on from each other, so everything will be fine again next chapter... i think.

"Where is she then? If shes not here, then where on earth is she?" I couldnt believe this, this was not happening! I got a frantic message from Alice at two am, saying that i needed to come home from Isle Esme (where i was spending a week with Edward) and that my beautiful daughter was missing! "We need to find her!" I yelled at no-one in particular. Jasper sent a calm wave over me, and i took a deep breath, and turned to face my family. Edward was sitting on the sofa, his head in his hands. Jasper had Alice on his lap, with alice sobbing into his shoulder. Rosalie was sitting on the arm of Esme's chair, with Carlisle and Emmett behind them. The missing member stuck out like a sore thumb, Renesmee.

A few hours later, i was lying on the bed with edward sitting next to me. We were saying nothing. There were no words. It was deadly silent until Edward's phone rang from downstairs. In a nanosecond he had returned to my side and the phone was pressed against his ear. "Alice. Wht did you see? ....... No. No. NO ALICE! you are wrong. We need to move. NOW!" With that her threw the phone out of the window and looked at me with frantic eyes. "Nessie. Car accident. Jacob. half and hour. GO!" He finished his explanation by yelling go, and with that we were downstairs, and in my ferrari.

When we arrived at the main house, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Jasper were already in Rose's convertable. Alice and Jasper were just starting the engine to Alice's lamborghini, and Edward muttered loud enough that i knew they could all hear, "Were going to be there in time." with this he nodded at carlisle, who started to drive away. Edward followed him, and i knew we were in for the longest half and hour of our lives.

"What happened? Whats Jake got to do with it? Edward? EDWARD?!" I was getting frantic now. Where was my baby? Finally, he replied, very quietly with heartbreak running through his words. "Jake knew we had to move soon. We couldnt stay in forks forever. Alice...Alice saw a vision of them driving along this highway, and Jake turning to face Ness, and taking his eyes of the road. She saw Ness.... well she didnt see ness coming home to us". He bit his lip at this point, and turned his head so i couldnt see his face. We were silent until this time my phone rang. "Jasper? Okay why? Okay okay..." i placed the phone down, confused. "Jasper says that Alice says to turn on MTV now." I informed Edward. With one eyebrow raised, He flicked the switch controlling the radio and a presenters voice filled the car. "Okay, Everyone travelling near Washington, stay off the main highway because there has been a huge accident. The two victims were a sixteen year old boy who has been identified as Jacob Black, and a six year old girl who has not been named. Jacob is unharmed but unfortunatley, The little girl has passed on before the emergency services could reach her.". No. The radio was wrong. I looked over at Edward, who had a blank expression on his face. He sped up and we soon saw the blaring lights of the ambulances.

I jumped out of the car and saw that the rest of the family had already arrived. But they werent what i saw. I saw Jacob. The boy that had killed my daughter. I lunged at him, but was met with a rock solid barrier. Carlisle. "Bella no! There is no time for this. Someone else needs you right now. Edwrad cango and sort this out with Jacob. Bella. Remember who you are." He reasoned, not once taking his eyes of me. Now he glanced over at the girl who had given me everything. Renesmee. She was lying on the ground, not breathing, with no heartbeat. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw Jacob and Edward running into the forest. Jacob wouldnt survive.

Ness was surrounded by everyone by the time i made my way over to her. Alice was near her feet, with Jasper holding her shoulders, Rose was leaning over her stomach, with Emmett supporting her. Esme was leaning on Carlisle whilst stroking her hair, matted with blood. They were all crying tearlessly. They all had someone to help them look at the broken girl who lay there. I didnt. Edward was still in the forest. No-one was behind me. Jacob had no right to do this. To change my life. No right. I suddenly felt Edward behind me, his breaths unsteady. He clung onto me, as Carlisle lead the rest of the family away. There was no mistaking it. She was dead.

Guys, im so sorry for the pain and misery. Happier one next time, promise. R+R! xxxxx