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Buckets of tears

Loads of one-shots, some happy, but loads of them sad! Set in many time periods, many POV's R+R!

there is no adult content, i promise!

9. A very Cullen Christmas

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Hey so I'm reaaaalllyyyy sorry for not updating for ages but Christmas got in the way. Anyway this is from Edwards pov and is how our favourite characters celebrate Christmas. By the way Nessie is about 9 in this and is a year since the volturri invasion. Enjoy and please review! Oh and I have changed the ime periods of the earlier stories by SM, so now twilight and the other books all contained Christmas. Disclaimer: (to the tune of I wish you a merry Christmas) I do not own twilight, Or new moon eclipse or BD That is Stephanie Meyer I want to own edward.

The past year has been perfect. I got to watch as my daughter grew up into a beautiful young lady and my wife flourished into a mature vampire. Pretty much everyone had stopped thinking about how we celebrated last Christmas, and the threat the volturri had placed on our heads. The only way I knew it was morning was feeling the sun on my arms and seeing bella's face to sparkle so beautifully. She rolled over onto her stomach and looked up at me smiling as she said "do you know, we haven't actually spent a Christmas since meeting each other where nothing went wrong?" As I processed this information, she continued with " the first Christmas I spent in a coma after the attack with James, the next one was after you had left, and I spent it in a kind of trance, the next one was when we were fighting the new born army, then it was the year I was pregnant with Nessie and about to die, and the last Christmas we were fighting the volturri". After realising this was true, I started laughing. I was about to tell her that this year would be different, I heard my daughter waking up and running though the house, heading to our room. "So, I will give you lot my gifts first, then dad will, then mom will, and then we'll head other to the house," Nessie said to us, when we were all downstairs. We were going to spend it at the house, but bella was determined to exchange our gifts as a small family. Of course, I was completely unable to refuse her wishes, so that is what we are doing. renesmee had given bella a bracelet with two heart chains on it, which bella said signified me and ness, and had given me a picture of us three sitting in our meadow, framed in a wooded frame with music notes carved into it. I had given Nessie two plane tickets to France, and, whilst gritting my teeth, had said they were for her and Jacob. I had given bella a huge book, full of pictures from every year we had spent together. There was only two pictures for the second year we were together, and they were both of us in volterra, after being re-united. This had earned me squeals from both of my loved ones, and ness had leapt onto me whilst screaming thank you into my ear. Finally, bella exchanged her gifts, and had given ness two other tickets, this time to Spain, leaving the airport in France, so they could go straight from France to Spain. This time it was bella who was knocked over by ness and her squeals. "Ness, we will let you go on one condition!"bella raising her voice was such a rare event that it caught my ecstatic daughters attention immediately. "Stay AWAY from italy. I mean it ness." Of course. If I found out that ness and Jacob had been withing a hundred miles of volterra, I would never let her let go of my hand ever again. As we were walking over to the main house, bella looked up at me and whispered "this might be the perfect Christmas". I knew that that was the only thing bella wanted this year, for us all to be happy and safe this Christmas. As we were walking up the drive, Alice came running out, a frantic look on her face. I glanced down at bella just as she muttered "maybe not".