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Feelings That Don't Need To Be Said

Cara Wells moves to Forks with her sister Sarah, and there they meet Jasper and Edward while falling into a world of romance, wonder and danger. -- Alice and Bella don't exist here.

This story has original characters and different point of views.

1. Chapter One

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--- Cara Point Of View:

My name is Cara Wells. I could say I am an ordinary seventeen years old girl but that is not true, I am a bit different; I am a genius. Now, when most think about the word genius they go straight to the super geek and super smart person that studies a lot; I am not even one of those things although I might be considered a geek because I babble.

I am not your average genius, my brain works differently. Think of the brain as a computer, with different parts on it; usually a person can only access one small part of the computer, this part is like a really small resume of everything in the computer; I can access the other parts of the computer/brain although I don’t do it most of the times because I am trying to be normal.

And that is why I babble. My brain works like a computer and when I think/see/hear/say something then is like typing a tag word that shows me many ways that can be used or interpreted. So when I say something, my brain shows me how that can be interpreted and before I can stop myself I am babbling.

In school I get really good grades although I could get perfect grades, I don’t because I don’t like people knowing I am a genius, once they know they threat you differently as if they expect things from you or they want to use you to their benefit. The only class I don’t mind my perfect score is PE; I love PE because no matter how smart you are if your body can’t do something then you will fail which means that is something I have to work hard for and is not always when I had to work hard for something.

I admit that even for the sports I have an unfair advantage because I learn things much faster and if my body is able to do something then I don’t have to practice, after the first try is already perfect. It is still working hard because I do have to make exercises so that my body can be physically able of doing something.

Now, if you exclude the genius part then I am a normal girl. On looks I am not exceptional; my hair is dark brown, straight and reaches my waist; my eyes are chocolate; my skin is fairly white and my body is in shape do to the sports and dance.

I have a fraternal twin sister, Sarah. She is six minutes younger than me although taller. She is the light of my life and I absolutely adore her. Sarah is a smart girl and the family artist; while I concentrate on sports and dance, Sarah focus on writing and music. She plays the clarinet and is learning to play the piano. She has a curly dark brown hair a bit past her shoulder; her eyes are multicolor with the left one being half hazel and half silverfish while the right one is like 25% hazel with 75% silverish; her skin is white and she has a petit body being a bit taller than me. She is also blind, although she can see some light which helps her.

To some people Sarah blindness should be the first adjective but not to me. Sarah is so much more than just a blind girl although her blindness is part of who she is and makes for great qualities like the fact that Sarah cares for substance and not looks, Sarah doesn’t judge people or follows the crowd doing what everyone thinks someone should be doing. Sarah is an easy going, fun girl that is also my best friend.

Sarah and I live with our parents. Our mom Elizabeth is a doctor and our father Peter is a police officer. We all used to live in New York, but there was a shooting in the hospital mom worked and when dad went there with other police man, he was shot. They both survived but decided that it was to live in a smaller and safer town, so they looked for it, and heard about Forks.

After all the transfers and buying a house, we all moved in spending the weekend mostly getting everything in place and getting ready for Monday, when school would begin.

To try to relax on Sunday I tried to read one of the Harry Potter books, but it didn’t work, I was thinking too much about the school and the life here in Forks. When my sister began practicing on the piano I was grateful because listening to Sarah always made her feel better.

I got out of bed and sneaked up to listen to Sarah, not wanting her to know I was here so that she wouldn’t stop playing. I just kept watching and listening to my sister with a smile on my face. Sarah was the artistic one in the family, not that I minded, I loved music in all its forms but listening to my sister playing made me happier than trying to play myself so I never actually tried to play, I just preferred to listen to my sister and I did so because I always admired my sister natural talents.

When Sarah turned towards me while grinning, I sigh with a smile.

"I don't even know why I try!" I say giving the start up to her babbling session. "I can never sneak up on you! Not that I was sneaking up on you, I was just listening to you but I didn't want to disturb by being here... It would have been easier if I could actually just sneak up on you! Maybe I should learn how to be a Ninja although now that I think about it I don't think there is a Ninja School here in Forks, maybe the natives have a sneak up secret, I wonder if they would teach me... And I just said all of this in one breath! Wow! That must be a record! And I am still babbling so I am going to stop in 3, 2, 1."

My new babbling session made Sarah stop playing and laugh, which made me smile. My sister was a great girl that on the eyes of the world had every right to be upset but she is a happy girl with many talents and dreams. To me Sarah is an inspiration and the person I look up to the most.

"Typical sister." Sarah says. "And it is possible to sneak up on me. You just gotta walk quieter. And as for the ninja school, remember Mr. Barber my old History teacher? Whenever I undid my cane and threw it out, he laughed and always said, ‘Niiinjaaaah.’ which made me laugh.”

"When you say it like that it seems like I am an elephant walking! I am not that loud!" I say laughing. "Oh! I remember and have to say that it is a funny thing to say! But talking about school... Are you nervous about tomorrow?"

"Yes." Sarah said nodding. "Very nervous, actually. I don't show it, but that's only because I'm good at hiding things. What about you? Are you nervous?"

"Super nervous! Meeting everyone for the first time in a small town means that everyone already heard of you and prejudged you somehow... Besides, it's scary to think they might not be nice to us and I won't have that." I say protectively of my sister. "But this is all nervous talk... I am sure we are bound to meet nice people and make friends! Small towns are better because people are usually nicer and friendly."

Sarah grins and says.

"I bet that people are going to be so curious about me tomorrow. Not that I blame them… It just gets annoying at times."

"Well... If they annoy you just say it 'cause then I will make them pay! Muahaha!!" I laugh evilly. "I will babble so much that they brain might explode from all the information or their ears will bleed! Muahaha!"

Sarah laughed at this.

"Now I won't tell you." Sarah says grinning. "No way. I'm used to it by now, but not everyone is." She then smirked evilly.

The rest of my day went on with easy talks and spending some time with Sarah, we even joked around and sang along with some songs we like, like ‘Only Hope’ by Mandy Moore.

When I went to sleep all the stress came back and I couldn’t sleep nervous thinking about the next day.