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come to you

Jacob and Renesmee were sepertated by a dark force and both forget eachother. It's a story about how they finally come into each other's life, and fall in love again.


1. prologue: the lost star

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It was 3 days before Renesmee's 3rd birthday, and the Cullens' spirits were high. To the Cullens, Renesmee was an angle down to earth. She was a living proof that even being a vampire does not necessarily deprive them of the love from god.

Renesmee was loved by the family from the first sight, and every day since only made them love her even more.

Still 3 days before 3, Renesmee already had the look of a 15 year old. If the Cullens could be unbiased, which they couldn't, they would admit that Renesmee was not a breathtaking beauty like other typical female vampire. Nevertheless, with her sweat face and dazzling smile, she always won everyone's heart at the first sight. Around Renesmee, there's an air of warm and pure. More often than not, people around her wanted to confide in her their innermost secrets and felt atoned after her gave them her angelic smile.

"Where's Renesmee? I haven't seen her since breakfast!" Bella asked.

"Alice took her out…again, saying that she wanted to buy her the most stunning outfit for her birthday party." Edward said.

"Last time I check, Renesmee's already had some 20 dresses for the party."

Edward smiled a faint but charming smile, teasing. "Didn't they said there are always one piece missing in woman's closet?"

"If Alice keeps buying clothes for Renesmee in this speed, pretty soon we'll have to buy her a whole new closet…or even had a walk-in dressing room built for her!" Bella complained. Through Edward had been doing his best to spoiled her, Bella still felt that she would never get used to the way Cullen's tossed away their fortune.

"You told them that yourself. I don't want to be a killjoy." Edward snorted slightly.

It was a gift to snorted so elegant, Bella thought, dazzled.

"Birthday is something that can't be took easy in this ancient family." Edward continued. "Besides, this is her last birthday that would make differences on her look…"

How much did he wish that Renesmee could stay a little girl for a while longer!

"Yeah, I know I am going to miss her pump little fingers and her soft-as-little-bird voice…" Bella said with a dreamy smile.

But to Edward, there's more to it than that.

Just a week before, a man stepping by to ask for direction saw Renesmee, and hooted at her back. "My oh my, that's the real thing! I bet that girl must have received love letters from half of the lads around town! Whosever her parents must be worried to death to have a beautiful teenage girl like that!"

Edward almost wanted to rolled his eyes first time in his life. If this guy thought its horrific to have a charming 16-year-old daughter, try imagining having a daughter with the same look and actually aged only 3!

And, as if that's not horrible enough, his little girl had been "imprinted" just a few minutes after she was born by his previous rival of love!

"I'll have to see to it that certain giant wolf would stay put,,,,,," Edward murmured.

He knew he was being unfair to Jacob. With his special ability, he knew that Jacob had never thought of Renesmee in a sexual way. There were some moments, he almost let himself be half convinced that maybe "imprint" is no more than a spiritual thing. However, with the growth of Renesmee, Edward had noticed some tiny eddies under the tranquil surface.

Not only Jacob was dimly award of Renesmee's maturity, but Renesmee also sensed that she was holding something more than pure friendship toward her exclusive guardian angel…

"I can almost smell your animosity from here." Bella teased.

Edward tensed shoulder fell a notch. "do you think I'm being suspicious?"

Bella smiled tenderly. "No, I think you are just being a father."

"would you come to my birthday party?" Renesmee asked.

"Of course I would." Jacob answered.

"and the pack?"

"they should be jealous if I am the only one invited." Jacob joked.

Renesmee chuckled."I want them all to come. They are also very important to me."

"Also?" Jacob tilted one eyebrow.

Renesmee blushed a little. She blushed a lot these days, and almost all for Jacob. Alice would tease her about that, and her mom and dad would just pretend they didn't see anything.

"If you like, we can crush on your party all in wolf form." Jacob smiled.

"That would be very interesting. But I would appreciate if you won't turn my party into an arena."

Jacob chuckled.

"I would try to stay low-key then. So, I want to give you something before it."

Jacob opened his hand. Coiled on his palm was a necklace with a wooden miniature of a wolf.

Renesmee grinned.

"it's lovely! It…it's you!"

Renesmee blushed again, aware of some suggestion in her own words.

"I have given your mother a same one before."

Renesmee suddenly felt a vague pain in her chest. What's wrong with me? Renesmee frown.

"it's not a good hobbit to forge miniatures of oneself and send it out as birthday gifts, you know." Renesmee cocked her dead.

It's Jacob's turn to be awkward.

"I…" Jacob paused a few seconds, "this is not a gift. This is a token of my gift."

Rensmee could sense her heart pounding, and her knee slightly weakened.

"Nessie, this is my pledge that I would always be your side, protecting you, no matter what."

"How do you think this blue dress? I really like its brim!" Alice asked, dragging Renesmee out of her thoughts. Renesmee turned and saw that Alice was showing off a delicate chiffon skirt.

"It's lovely, but…" Renesmee cocked her head, imagining herself in that translucent material. Wow, her father would never let Alice pick clothes for her should he see this. "But I think this is not…not me!"

"don't decide so quickly! At least try it on! I bet it would make certain wolf boy go crazy at the first sight! "

Renesmee flushed a little.

"I…"Renesmee pursed a little, "Jacob is not like what you said. We are friends!"

Alice gave a devilish smile.

"you sure you have been growing in 5 times the normal speed? "

Renesmee flushed again.

"I'll go see if there's some shoes can go with my dress!" Renesmee said than turned to disappeared in the corner.

Alice still had her puckish, carefree smile on her face, wandering how she could get Renesmee to put the dress on. Then, all of a sudden, she sensed a dark pressure coming as rapid as a thunder storm.

"What…" Alice turned to the way Renesmee just disappeared, but what her saw was only twisting darkness.


"Renesmee!" Jacob blurred out.

It was the first time, Jacob sensed panic of Renesmee. Because of Renesmee's special power as well as their unique bond, he could some times feel emotion of Renemee from quite a distance when it was strong enough. He had shared her wander, joy, tenderness…but never like this.

"What? Are you going nut? " Embry stared at his friend.

"Renesmee is in danger!" Jacob balled his hands, muscle all tensed up.

Before Embry could respond, Jacob dashed forward like an arrow.

Jacob can sense something very dark, very evil was coming for his Rensmee. His heart was pounding hard in his chest, as if it would break his rib cage at any second.

His Nessie was calling on him. Though he couldn't know her whereabout for sure, he could feel her presence and her fear. And though the sense was weak at first, he could sense it was enhancing with time.

"Wait for me, Nessie!" Jacob growled through gritted teeth.

Jacob ran and ran, until his direction was blocked by a heavy iron gate. Jacob frown, and looked up.

He was standing in front of a deserted building. In the dim light, it casted an ominous shadow on the road.

Jacob narrowed his eye, glancing back and forth at the vacant street. Then, Jacob suddenly phased into wolf form and started to claim up the building.

When Jacob finally jumped onto the top, a helicopter was just about to take off.

"Jacob!" Renesmee stuck her head out of the door, but soon been dragged back into the helicopter.

"What's that?" the man who grabbed Renesmee frowned at the angry giant wolf.

Just as the helicopter was about to leave the building, the wolf jumped into the air toward the helicopter.

"What the hell…" the man cursed, afraid that the giant wolf would cause the helicopter to clash. But as the wolf leaped from the top of the building, it changed shape in the mid air. Next second, it had changed into a young man, and grabbed hold of one of the landing skids.

"Werewolf?" the man murmured. "the thing just get more interesting…"

"Jacob! Be careful!" Renesmee yelled. Even with the blessed super healing ability, Jacob would still be seriously injured, even killed, should he felled from this height.

The man tucked his hand into his jacket, and pull out a silver pistol. In the meantime, the helicopter kept flying under settled route.

"No!" Renemee struggled but to no avail. She was bestowed of the power much more great than usual person, but this man seemed to possess some strange power that had encountered her ability, and made her feel weak as a kitten.

Jacob tried to sway onto the landing skids but the man shot at the skids and cause Jacob to lose his balance and slipped. Jacob grabbed the skid in time, and stared back at the man.

"How long do you think you could last?" the man teased before fired again.

Jacob, whose rapid movement had been restrained by his situation could only narrowly dodged the first 2 bullet. The third bullet hit Jacob's left shoulder, and caused his left hand slipped from the skid. Jacob instinctively took a look at his feet, and surprised when he found the helicopter was now flying above an opening sea.

Jacob, blood seeping from the wound, painstakingly tried to get hold of the skid again.

"you better let go right now. With some luck, you might survive the fall. If you fell after we reach the full height, your family and friends would most likely have trouble finding your pieces…" The man grinned wryly.

"Jacob!" tears stung Renesmee's eyes, but she knew that Jacob would die before giving her up, even if she told him not to. It was something she knew long times ago.

Jacob bellowed, and, with a massive swing, swoop toward the helicopter.

A gum shot explode in the clear night sky.

"No! no!" Renesmee cried.

The bullet hit Jacob's chest, bringing him downward into the cold water…


"I can't see anything! I can't! " Alice said frustratingly.

"how could it even be possible?" Edward shook his head. Though with delicate appearance, Renesmee possessed strength and velocity much greater than human beings. Not to mention she was under Alice's protection.

"Nessie has never made enemy with anyone; whoever took Nessie is probably aiming at one of the family. If that's so, he'll contact us pretty soon." Jasper said.

Carlisle rushed into the living room, face stern like steel.

"I had received a mail. You'd better come here and take a look."


The mail had come from a man called himself "Black magician". The massage was quite simple, just saying that he would like to talk to them via internet at a pointed time and left an address.

"it was only 10 minutes later!"

"Dad, do you have any idea who this black magician is?"

Carlisle signed. "Unfortunately, I do. He was a strange man who was dazzled by ancient black magic. Somehow he found out my secrete identity, and come to beg me to change him into a vampire, so that he can have endless time dig into the world of wizardry."

"then what happened?" Edward asked.

"Of course I turned him down. His obsession about wizardry was dangerous and sick; just sit in front of him was enough to make me feel uncomfortable…"

"it is time." Alice said, "Let's check what he wanted from you."

Alice keyed in the address, and the computer soon linked to a personal website. And, just at the pointed time, a window jumped out. a man's face showed on the screen. The man has chiseled cheeks and a hawk-like face, but it was his deep grey eyes that give out an air of crazy.

"Long time no see, Dr. Cullen." The man grinned coldly.

"What do you want from me?" Carlisle asked.

"you have known the answer already." The man snorted.

"Where is Renesmee?" Edward asked, barely contained his anger.

"In a save place is all I could tell you. After you fulfill my wish, I'll give her back to you unharmed…"

"I can't trust you. let me see Rensmee first!" Carlisle stared at the man at the other end of the internet.

The man hesitated for a minute, and then, slow turned the camera to the other direction. After a brief sway, a girl sleeping in bed appeared on the screen.

"Nessie!" Bella cried out.

The man chuckled at Cullens' desperate expression.

"I'll contact again you soon. Make your mind then." The man smiled coldly. "and don't try to seek help from any of your supernatural friend. No one on earth will be able to locate your little princess!"

"How is that?" Alice frowned.

The man laughed with contempt. "you might think the existence of you kinds are the biggest secrete in the world, but there are still many things beyond your imagination."

"you mean you have done something to prevent us to locate Renesmee?" Carlisle tried to wangle out more information.

"How to put it to let you understand? Let's just say that everyone is the projection of a certain star. If you block somebody's star, than no matter how beautiful or smart of that person, he or she would still lose all the charm or attraction he or she once had. And any way on earth would fail to reach his or her presence…but you can just relax; I'll give her back her star once my wish was fulfilled."

"And," the man chuckled again, as if suddenly reminded something funny. "I'm afraid your little princess's wolf friend won't be able to come back with her."

"Jacob!" Bella suddenly felt chilled all over. "what did you do to Jacob?"

The man did not answer directly.

"the girl threatened me that her wolf friend would come to save her, and that he would die before letting me hurt her…and I have to give that credit to that wolf boy."

Next second, the screen turned black.


It felt so good to see Carlisle Cullen in such a shaky mood.

"I had gone through a lot of trouble to make this plan work, but turn out that the effort is well paid." The man smiled contently. Right now, he was at a country located on a big island on pacific. He had even forged for Renemee a fake ID so that no one would suspect the truth.

There's no way the Cullen's could reach her; He was sure they'll have to yield eventually!

Just as he thought he had almost complete his great plan, the land under his feet begin to shake…

"What the…"

But he never get the chance to finish his word.

On that day, the biggest earth quake on that island struck the land, and buried a man who had once dreamed of becoming the greatest wizard in the world…