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come to you

Jacob and Renesmee were sepertated by a dark force and both forget eachother. It's a story about how they finally come into each other's life, and fall in love again.


2. chapter1: their new life

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Two years later…

"Today, we gather here to celebrate our resurrection…" the president's speech echoed on the square. Two years ago, their country suffered an earth quake. Many building had been ruined during the disaster, and left many people homeless. After two years of struggle, the country finally recovered most of its original scene. However, to many people, the earth quake had already changed their life forever.

"Has it really been two years?" a nun murmured. The nun's name was Ann, principal of a Catholic girls' school. Behind her, a group of young girls were giggling over a joke, but quiet down soon after they discovered Ann's attention.

Ann shook her head, sight trailed through the young faces, than came to stop at a girl who was standing in the corner of the group. Noticing Ann's vision, the girl gave Ann a sweet smile. The girl's name was Elisa.

The day the earth quake struck, Elisa was brought here by a man known to nobody. During the earth quake, the man was killed. And though Elisa only suffered some minor injury, when she woke up in the hospital, she could remember exactly nothing. It was as if her memory was completely wiped out by some sort of magic. Elisa had her passport with her, but it appeared that she had no other living relatives, and so Ann took her in.

Two years had passed, but there was still something that kept bothering Ann. Elisa was a sweat, gentle, kind-hearted girl, and possessed a delicate, beautiful appearance at the same time; one in a million of combination, if somebody asked Ann's opinion. However, Elisa always seemed transparent among all the students. Wherever she went, she left only vague image as if a dream that dispersed in the morning light. How strange! Ann thought.

Elisa got along well everyone well, but it appeared she had no close friends. Ann was worried about Elisa, but Elisa didn't seem understand her qualm. At first, Ann tried to encourage Elisa to take the lead and asked some of the girls out, but Elisa, who had promised she would try when the timing was right, had never really set it into motion-Elisa, though tame at the look, has a tendency to do what ever she thought was right no matter what everybody says.

"Don't you want to fit in? Don't you want to feel accepted?"

"Of course I want!" Renesmee replied. "I just don't want to force it. And I don't want to change myself to be accepted either."

And Ann, having tried every possible way to make Elisa mixed in, had finally given up.

At the fringe of the square, two young men were unloading some boxes from a truck.

The taller of the two had an outstanding feature about 6.10 feet high, dark skin, and an exotic, roughly handsome face.

"What are these girls here for?" the tall young man asked.

"they are from near by Catholic school, and were arranged to sing a hymn for those who died from the earthquake." The other young men, a stocky one answered. "it's hard to believe it has been two years since that day…"

"Yeah…" the tall man's eyes suddenly darkened.

"What's wrong? Jack?" the stocky man asked.

"Nothing. I just…"

"Still got the feeling that someone is waiting for your salvation?" the stocky man said in a pitiful voice.

Jack kept silent. Two years ago, he woke up and found he had no memory except for a strong feeling that he must go to a place, and save somebody that's very, very important to him. He had kept finding any clue that might lead him to the answer but grown more and more desperate with time passing. Two years had passed, but he still didn't remember anything except that was someone he can't afford to lose.

Jack turned his head aside to avoid further questions, and saw one of the girl just about to move to the stage set for their performance. A sudden feeling of familiarity flushed over him, making him almost tear up at once. For a long time, he just stared at the girl, dumbfounded.

"Don't get ideas, Jack." The other one's voice suddenly dragged him back to reality. When Jack focused again, he had lost trace of that girl. On the stage, young and noisy girls were like happy birds chirping here and there, but that slender, delicate figure was no where to be found. She was like a phantom in the sunlight, an illusion, or a dream…

"What idea?" he said roughly.

"girls, Jack! Those girls won't set their eyes on earth. To them, we are second class citizen as well as well as second class men. No one would consider us objects of love."

The two young men were not citizen of this country. The earth quake had destroyed some small countries around, and left many people homeless. The refugees rushed in to this relatively preserved land. Later, when the government had settled their own issues and was about to deal with these illegal immigrants, their number had become so big that complete elimination would definitely cause riot in society. At last, the government only took refrain strategy- let them stay in the country but limit their resources, living area and job opportunity. They had become second citizen of the country, and the place they clustered had become the nest of crimes.

Jack snorted slightly, but it's hard to tell if he was snorting at his companion or what he said.

"they are not the worst kind, you know; they just ignored you, thinking that you are breathing different air with them. They are not holding any grudge to us, not like those…" the other man shook his head slowly.

"what? What are you talking about?"

"you still don't know? There had been about 20 attacks in the past one month, and all the victims are all refugees in the earth quake. they all claimed that a group of young men out of no where smashed them with bats."

"those bastards…" Jack balled his hands. "If only I could…"

"there's nothing you can do, Jack! You might as well try to grow a pair of eyes on at back! Don't talk about this…what do you say helping hand with discharging fish-catch the next Friday morning? I have to warn you first, though: you have to get up really early!"

"you know I would, thanks, Dean. If I bring Tim could I take double payment?" Jack asked.

"Tim is what? 10?" Dean tilted one eye brow.

" he can pass for a 15 no problem. please, Dean, I would make up for his part."

"you really won't let go any chance of making money, would you? I have heard that the you have got a job in the garage and are doing really well. I assume you should have gathered a small fortune by now."

"If I am a legal citizen, and they paid me as one, then I would. But…"

"still trying to save money for Kelvin's surgery?" Dean asked.

"Of course. Still get a long way to go, but I would never give him up."

Dean shook his head, as if trying to say something, but swallowed it down after seeing the solemn expression on Jack's face.

"Fine, just come at 5, don't be late."

"Thanks, bro."

Jack had already heard Tim's voice before he opened the old garage's roller shutter.

"can I call it up? I'm tired and hungry …Jack!"

Jack walked into the door, and saw Tim prostrate on the floor, dust all over his shirt.

Jack held out one hand, grabbed Tim by the arm and helped him get up.

Tim had spiky black hair and black eyes like Jack, and though he was tall and stout for his age, his round eyes made him look even younger than his true age.

"Now what?" Jack asked with one eye brow slightly lifted.

"Me and Kelvin were playing high and seek, but I can't find him!"

Jack shook his head and yelled, "Kelvin, get out! Or we'll eat dinner without you!"

A boy about same age slowly crawled out of a wooden chest with reluctant expression on his face. Unlike Tim, this boy, Kelvin was lanky and with pale skin, blue eyes and golden hair reaching his ear lobs. He had a pretty face and smart looking, kind of like Macaulay Culkin in "Home alone" series.

"this can count for cheating, you know." Kelvin gave Tim a mean look.

"I have surrendered!" Tim protested.

"and I did not agree!" Kelvin replied.

"Correct me if I am wrong… I remember the chest was filled with groceries not very long ago!" Jack frowned.

"Yeah, that's why I know Tim won't suspect that I was hiding here!" Kelvin answered without second thought.

"and those things?" Jack asked.

"I have emptied it this morning."

"and they are now…?"

"In the refrigerator." Kelvin answered.

"Refrigerator?" Jack Kneaded his eye brows, and walked to the refrigerator, opened the door.

"I forget to fill the refrigerator…" Jack's shoulder slumped as he saw the inside of the refrigerator. So that's why the boys didn't sit at the table yelling they had been waiting for him with empty stomachs.

"we'll have to settled for some bean cans tonight. Tomorrow, I would…"

"that won't be necessary, my dear brother." Kelvin said, obviously elated.

"and why is that?" Jack asked.

"there's a bakery just opened, and the owner's wife gave Kelvin a whole bag of bread for free!" Tim filled him in.

"that's…amazing. " Jack rolled his eyes

"I can turn on my charm whenever I want, you know." Kelvin ginned.

"old ladies all like Kelvin."

"Please don't say such awful thing with that innocent face…" Jack rubbed his temples slightly.

"don't envy me, it's a gift."

Jack made a face which made him look even younger.

"you should eat more, Kelvin. Don't you just yelling you were hungry?" Jack looked at Kelvin, who just put his share of bread into the plate.

"but I am so full I feel I am going to puke." Kelvin wrinkled his nose.

"Your body need nutrient to fight the disease." Jack pushed the plate to Kelvin.

Kelvin made a disgusted expression.

"You know what? I think I don't need nutrient to do that. I just have to grow up and change into a big wolf like you and the cancer cells would die themselves- I've heard that cancer cells can't survive high temperature!" Kelvin said nonchalantly.

Jack's face changed for a second, but recovered quickly.

"Ok, then how about this: you might not need the nutrient to fight disease, but you need it to grow up and changes into a warm-blooded wolf so that the cancer cells can die their horrible death as you said."

"sounds much better. I'll eat the bread later, how is that."

"…much better." Jack signed.

After the dinner, Jack left the table and picked up a big, black backpack.

"Where are you going? It's pretty late!"

"Yeah, it's late, and it's time for you kids to go to bed. I have something to deal with, but I I'll come back pretty soon."

"you are going to the elephant's graveyard, aren't you?" Kelvin cut in. Jack gave Kelvin a dangerous look, which is pretty much ignored.

"the elephant's graveyard? " Tim rounded his eyes.

It's said that elephants can sense their death, and would leave the elephant group and go into the secrete shrine to die. And what they called the elephants' graveyard was a huge open field full of car wreckages, most of which were involved in some illegal activities.

"why are you going there?" Tim asked.

"It's for the car parts, right?"

"I'll come back very soon." Jack promise.

"but I've heard that place is really dangerous! Many gangsters would go there and…" Tim was obviously worried.

"gangsters or not, I don't think whoever encounter a giant wolf would dare to fight it."

"Can we go with you?" Kelvin asked, eyes glistening..

"you have to ask to know my answer?" Jack narrowed his eyes.

"killjoy." Kelvin snorted.

"that's because your joy is most likely my nightmare!"

On an old, small bunk laid the two brothers.

"Tim, would you please quiet your head down?"

"ah?" Tim staggered, "Why…why can you…"

"I can percept your feeling, remember?" Kelvin said in a nonchalant tone. "It's a twin thing."

"But I can't sense yours!" Tim protested.

"in your case, the antenna is probably blocked."


"don't dwell on this small things…you're worried about Jack, right?"

"yeah…" Tim admitted reluctantly.

"Me too. He's a bit distracted today. I think something must have happened when he went to work…" Kelvin mulled.

"that's not the only thing that I was thinking." Tim said.

"Iknow." Kelvin pursed a little.

"Kelvin, do you think we should tell Jack that we are not his brothers?"

Two years ago, the day of the earth quake, the two boys find a young man on the beach, unconscious.

When he came to, and the boys found that he had lost all of his memories. Kelvin, who decided to made him their protector, persuade Tim to tell him that he was their big brother, and gave him the name of their father, Jack.

"Kelvin? Why don't you talk? And why did you tell Jack that you will transform? You know we are not Jack's true brothers and would never change into a wolf like him… "

"How do you know that?" Kelvin cut him off.


"you don't know that for sure." Kelvin repeated.

Kelvin would never forget that day, when he saw Jack changed into a giant wolf.

It was one and half years ago, when the whole island was in the aftershock, a big chaos, and he was suffering from the first attack of his leukemia. He was in high fever, too weak to move a finger, but his head was strangely clear. He believed he was going to die. He wanted to cry. He wanted to yell that he was afraid, that he didn't wanted to die, but he couldn't find the strength. He remembered Jack holding him and rushing to the hospital. Jack, who was stone-tough, begged the doctor to save his little brother, but only receive a toneless answer that the drug for leukemia was extremely expensive, and since that they were no citizens, the country would offer no help.

Jack was so desperate that he almost jumped at the desk to fight the doctor. Kelvin tugged slightly at Jack's sleeve. He wanted to tell him the truth, to tell him that he was sorry to lie to him, and asked if he could still go to the heaven…but Jack just cupped his face, staring into his eyes, telling him again and again that he promised that he would not let him die.

Then, things had a strange twist. Someone pay the first protocol of chemotherapy for them and Kelvin was admitted. Later that night, a man in black stepped into the ward, told Jack that Kelvin had no chance to survive but the man's boss, whose son was born blind and in need of the donation of cornea, were willing to give Jack a fortune, if only he would leave the hospital, telling other family that Kelvin had die on the spot.

Kelvin was so afraid he almost found the strength to cream. To die was a vague concept, but to have his eyes dug out was too vivid a scene for him to even think about.

Jack immediately rushed to stand between the man and Kelvin and bid him to never come back. Just at the moment, a group of men, everyone with a gun in hand, broke in and had Jack surrounded. Kelvin recoiled in bed, shaking all over. Jack was not shaking. Jack was furious. Then, quick than Kelvin could register what's happening, Jack jumped forward and turned into a giant wolf.

Everything happened after that was quick and straight forward; the men either knocked down unconscious or run for what they worth.

Kelvin remembered the red wolf turned into human once again, and remember Jack holding him telling him everything was all right now. At that moment, Kelvin started to believe that Jack was sent to his side by god.

"I don't understand, Kelvin." Tim's voice sounded really puzzled, a little frustrated even.

"Just think this: would Jack be better of knowing he had no one related to him in this world?"

Silence extended a little longer.

"No." Tim finally answered.

"that's right. He is better of with us. We are going 13 now, pretty soon we will become his help instead of his burden. Right?"


"so, we'll continue to be Jack's little brother. Agree?"

"yes…" Tim said reluctantly.