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come to you

Jacob and Renesmee were sepertated by a dark force and both forget eachother. It's a story about how they finally come into each other's life, and fall in love again.


3. chapter2: attack

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"your work really have a magic touch." Jack's latest customer patted his black motorcycle, which had just been repaired, and marveled contently.

After the man was gone, Jack turned to his boss, the owner of a big mechanics shop and tossed an elated grin.

"Didn't you said I'll get 10% of what he pays you? I guess you still remember the promise."

"Here you are." The man gave him a couple of notes, "I still can't believe you did it in such a short time! Some of the pieces are really hard to find!"

"I have my way. It's business secrete!" Jack smiled.

"guess what, a man came to me yesterday, and pointed you to fix his bike."

"this keep happening, and you'll have to raise my salary." Jack joked.

"I'm not finished. He said he'll let you name your price, as long as you can prove you worth it. "

"it's…" Jack stared at his boss for a moment, and suddenly smiled broadly :"I'll do my best to make him gape when he sees it!"

"I know you will. There's one thing more. He said you can bill him whatever you need to do your job, and he insisted you use the most high-class pieces. " the boss added.

"is he up to some special occasion?"Jack raised one eyebrow.

"do you care?"

"not really." Jack shrugged. As long as he can save enough money for the therapy, before it's too late…...

" By the way, Mark won't be here for a couple of weeks, would you like to take over his current work? Of course it won't be a free job."

"you know I wouldn't say no to this…but why? Did he go on a vacation?"

"No such luck. He is at the hospital, legs wrapped in heavy casts. When he told me through the phone, he was sobbing, saying that the doctor said he might still be crippled even after the bone was set…"

"what? What happened?" Jack was shock about the news.

"He was ambushed by some young men with bats who goes around attacking foreigners. their previous coups had made them even bolder…they are totally out of control now! "

"Son of beach…" Jack balled his hands.

"Hey, don't do anything stupid! I know you are quite strong and tough, but they are not someone you can afford to piss off!"

"you may be surprise!" Jack smiled wryly.


A man walked in the chill wind, both hand tucked in his thin jacket.

Even with moonlight, the street was quite dark. The man pulled his jacket a little tighter, hoping it could help him fight the piercing cold.

"I don't expecting someone would be foolish enough to walk alone after what had happened to their companions." A young voice chuckled.

The man almost jumped at the words.

"who is this?"

The young voice chuckled again. Then a group of young people, all under 30, it seemed, walked out of the shadow of nearby buildings.

"please don't hurt me!" the man pleaded.

"that's not gonna work." One of the young people said. "you didn't ask your friend what kind of words had ever made us soften, so you?"

"what, what kind of words?" the man asked, trembling all over.

"that me think…no! ha!"

"please let me go! I have a whole family to support!" the man said desperately.

"you have the nerve to mention your family! then what about my family!" a boy, almost certainly below 20 yelled.

"your family? I…I don't know, I certainly didn't do anything…"

"didn't do anything? It's because you dirty refugees rush into our place, take over the jobs that supposed to be ours, and the resources that should be preserved for the native people that my father lost his job. His boss laid him off saying that he could hire 3 foreigners using less money…that bastard!" the boys choppy face twisted in the moonlight.

"but that's not my fault, you father can cut down his salary…" it was then did he realized that he had chosen the wrong words.

"what kind of joke is that? Why should my father do that? " the boy smashed a bat into the man's belly. The man cried and kneeled down. those boy laughed loudly. The man began to sob.

Just at then a giant shadow moved silently upon them all, like an ominous cloud in a dark sea.

"what…" a boy frowned.

"don't be afraid, it's just moonlight doing the trick!" another boy laughed dryly.

"Yeah, you see, the shadow has dog ears! It's a dog!" the boy said, trying to make his friends laugh with him. Then, as if getting the signal, a giant wolf swooped onto the ground.

Just a look into the wolf's eyes, the boys all knew that their position had been reversed in a second.


The next day, when Jack came back from work, the two kids were already waiting.

"Jack! That's you, isn't it?" Kelvin yelled, waving the newspaper in his hand. It was a byline about giant wolf attacking local kids who go around attacking foreigners.

Jack tossed himself on a hammock and grinned. "Unless you know another giant wolf who happened to live in this area."

"That's so cool!" Tim was also excited.

"the fighting part is cool, but not all of it. "Kelvin smiled wryly. "Hey, Jack, tell me one thing: where did you stash you clothes?"

Jack rolled his eyes.

"is that the way you welcome a hero?" Jack jumped forward, feigned attacking.

The two boys yelled and giggled at the same time.


At the same time, another person was concerned about the news.

"Red wolf…"Elisa murmured, reading one of the attacked boy's statements.

Something kept pricking at the back of Elisa's head.

She remembered it. She remembered a red, giant wolf, its intense, gentle eyes as well as its warm embrace. The memory etched so deep that it was as if she had known it since she was born.

Elisa opened her drawer and took out a necklace with a pendant of a red wooden wolf.

"You had been searching for me, right?" Elisa murmured. "Wait for me a little longer…I'm coming for you!"