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The New Girl, My Mate

When Bella changes schools it cements her destiny what will Edward do when she becomes miss popular

Thanking my prereaders and betas

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“Edward I have huge news for you!” Alice said happy while bouncing up and down.

“What is it Alice?” I asked, not knowing if I really cared or not. It was probably just to tell me about some new clothes she had ordered, it wouldn’t be the first time.

“Your mate just decided to move to Forks and go to the same school that we are at now. The girls there are going to hate you both so much.” Alice explained a little less excited this time around, but she was right this is great news. I have been waiting a long time for her and I really don’t want to wait too much longer. Thanks to whatever God there is out there that she would be arriving in the next few days.

Once I got Alice too stop bouncing, she looked a little more into the future and we had a timeline of when my mate would arrive. I started to prepare myself for her as she will be human when we meet so I had to get my room ready for her and feed everyday. I hope she will want to become like me soon so that I won't lose her ever.

It was a week before school started that I was with my siblings in the shopping center buying all the things that we would need for the first term of school, this time around anyway. My mate was supposed to be here in town any day now and I could hardly tolerate the delay any longer.

We were on our way to some clothing store when I smelt my mate walking past. I didn’t think I just acted out of instinct and blindly reached out and grabbed her hand. She didn’t see me as I moved at vampire speed, I heard her gasp in shock, so going with that impulse I pulled her with me in to the closest bathroom. She was following me willingly like she already knew to just trust me. Once in the bathroom, that I knew was empty, I made it so no one could enter the room by barring the door. Then I pushed her against the wall right next to it.

“I’m Edward.” I told her in a deep voice while pushing her tiny skirt up, groaning at the site of the dark blue panties that she was wearing before pulling them down. Fuck she was beautiful and bare and I just had to have her, and have her now! Nothing and no one was going to stop me from taking my mate, I would kill anyone that would even think to try.

“Bella” She said. Beautiful just like my mate, her name fit her so right. She was breathing harshly and reached down to unbuckle my belt. She never took her eyes away from mine as she undid the button so that my jeans fell down around my ankles.

“Ohh!” She said as she saw me hard and ready for her for the first time. Not to brag or anything but I was well above average. I moaned when she touched it, dragged her little nails up my cock and over my very sensitive head. Her little fingers felt like fire flowing up and down on my steel rod, but I stopped her from doing too much more because I could smell that she was ready for me. I removed her hand from my leaking cock and I picked her up off the floor so she wrapped her legs around me. She looked straight into my eyes as I braced her against the wall with nothing in between us, not even air.

“You ready to become mine?” I asked her but thrusted my cock into her, not waiting for her to answer since I already knew it would be yes. We both did. I let out a low growl as I felt the thin barrier break that told me she was mine and only mine, and now she would always be.

“Yes Edward make me yours!” She moaned out each word as I withdrew out to go deeper into her tight little cunt over and over again. I wanted so bad too just let loose and pound like no tomorrow, but I would never hurt my mate so I thrusted as hard as I knew my kitten could handle. By the sounds coming out of her I knew she was more than enjoying it.

After only a few minutes I could feel her start to squeeze and milk my thick cock, which activated my orgasm. I took one of my hands from her hips and reached up to cover her mouth so that her scream was muffled. I placed my lips on her neck hard and left her with a perfect impression of them as I shot my cum deep inside her. Once she had gotten her breath back, and I was sure she could stand, I placed her feet back on the ground. I then knelt down to place a kiss on her clit, as I pulled her panties up and her skirt down. Once that was done I stood, pulling up my jeans and buttoning them. I shoved my tongue into her mouth and gave her a deep and passion filled kiss that would have to hold me over until I could see her again. With my hands still on her neck, I tilted her head back so that she would look at me as I spoke to her. I want her too know that I was not playing games.

“You are mine now! I want you to buy more panty and bra sets in that colour, maybe even a few night gowns as well. Something soft and silky just like your skin.” I tell her handing her the 500 dollars that I just took out of my wallet .

“I don't want to see any other colour and I will know if you do.” I told her unbarring the door and opening it up for us to leave.

“I am yours, and ok only dark blue panties, I understand. No problem.” She told me in this sweet voice as she looked me in the eyes. She already knew not to disobey a direct request and with that answer I knew she would be the perfect mate.

We left the bathroom and I watched her walk into Victoria Secrets to do as I had asked. Then I found my family and acted like nothing had happened.