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Human Ready

What if Carlisle changed Bella First,- - - my vampires are cannon with a slight twist on some things.

SM owns Twilight my standard disclaimer : my story my rules, I can make cats woof and dogs tweet. I would like to thank Jeni K for her help.

1. Chapter 1

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Carlisle POV

New York City

I have been working at the downtown hospital in New York for 3 months now, and I am loving the life. I spend my time at home, away for the hospital just reading. When my phone went off, I was told that I was needed at the hospital because there was a code red and there were casualties coming to the hospital. I was waiting for the call because I heard an explosion.

As I walked into the hospital, it was mayhem. There were doctors running everywhere. I walked up to the doctor in charge,

"How can I help Greg?" I questioned.

"Carlisle, thank God you are here!" I had a silent giggle at that, because if he really knew me he would be asking God to save him.

"Can you look after the family that is about to come in, it’s a family containing mum, dad and daughter?" Greg informed me.

"Sure." I said happily.

As I waited for the family, I helped with the small wounds. People were coming in with cuts and burns from the explosion. I was told that the family was at the ambulance bay. I walked up to the back of the ambulance and saw that the dad had passed and they were working on the mum and daughter.

When I got them situated in a private room. I was able to get the daughter stable quickly, so that I could try and save the mother.

When I got to the mother, I saw that I was only going to be able to manage her pain. When I went to give her more painkillers, she motioned to me to come closer,

"Look after her please? Her name is Isabella Marie Swan, I do not know what you are but my heart is telling me that you can save her!" She pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"I will, she is my daughter now, she is in safe hands" I told her, with as much sincerity as I could muster.

I was sitting next to Isabella when Greg walked into her room.

"Carlisle, I am here to inform you that the mother has just passed.” He said with little feeling, like most doctors had to because of the frequency of death we dealt with each day.

That night when most of the staff were either occupied or not at the hospital, I went to Isabella's room.

"Good evening Isabella." I said tenderly.

"Hi Carlisle, how are you?" She asked unsure of what was going to happen next.

"I am good, I am here to take you home Isabella. You will always be looked after." I told her.

"I'm ready to start my new life with you Carlisle." Isabella said without hesitation

I took Isabella home with me that night. I chose to change her now because she was still in pain from her injuries.

When she woke, she was a newborn vampire. I needed to know how she was feeling, it took 3 days for her transformation to be complete. On the third day, her heart stopped and she opened her red eyes.

"Hello Isabella, do you remember anything that happened?" I ask hoping that she had lost most memories.

"I think there was an explosion and our car got hit. Then I remember seeing you, then it gets fuzzy. Please tell me what's going on, what happened to my parents, where am I, why can I see everything?" she asked sounding slightly scared.

"I will answer all your questions, first I need you to answer some for me, ok?" I said trying to calm her.

"Yes." She nodded slightly, still unsure.

"How are you felling? Is your throat burning?" I asked her hoping that it wasn’t hurting.

"No my throat is just a tickle, like I'm not able to clear it. I feels weird." Isabella said looking like she was hoping that she gave the correct answer.

"Just a tickle, that's good. But I will take you out to feed soon, it's ok to feel weird. That feeling will go soon. Stand up for me, good girl, again but slower." I said instructing her.

Isabella POV

Carlisle had to reteach me to move in my new and improved body, the aim was to act and move as a human would.

"Isabella lift your arm, please, good, now slower." I could control at the speed that an average human was capable of doing, I was starting to get to know my new body better. Carlisle walked away a few minutes later he came back with some objects.

"I have a task for you, I need you to tread this needle for me. This will help with your concentration and super fine motor skills. This might take a few days, it might not, depending on how quickly you pick it up." Carlisle explained patiently.

"Thank you, Dad." I told him.

I took the needle and thread and was successful by the next day at threading the needle. I ran to find dad to let him know of my success in the task he had required of me to complete.

"Dad, I did it!" I showed Carlisle that the thread was through the eye of the needle. Dad took it from me.

"Well done Little girl, do it again for me." He said with a smile full of pride.

"Ok," I did it a few times in front of him. He had a huge smile on his face.

"The next test is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Just remember to be gentle and if you need anything you can always come and get me. I am here for you, always.” He told me, giving me a fatherly kiss on the forehead.

It had been two days since I woke up, after my change, Carlisle took me hunting. My first meal was a cougar but that wasn't enough, so I caught three white tailed deer. They weren't as nice as the cougar, but I knew I would have to feed from other animals so that I would not kill off a whole species.

"Isabella, whatever animal has the highest population will be the thing we will choose to eat more of, understand?" Carlisle explained.

"Yes Carlisle" I replied.

"That doesn't mean that you can't spoil yourself with other animals, every now and then, as a treat.” Dad explained.

"Ok" I told him understanding my options

I was able to complete a different puzzle this one had 10,000 pieces, in two hours without breaking any pieces.

"Carlisle what happened the day Renee and Charlie died?" I finally got the nerve to question.

"Isabella, that day there was an explosion near Parrot Island. It sent shrapnel all over New York. The media are calling it “The Water Front Explosion.” They also reported that the fires that started the explosion were started by a man called Michael Kristoff, who set alight to the warehouse which had stored two million pounds of ammunition and a lot, a lot of TNT. That is what exploded and sent the sent fragments all over New York. There was glass windows broken in the town hall.” Carlisle informed me.

“Your dad died on the way to the hospital and your mother died during the night with no pain felt." He said.

"Thank you Dad, for looking after my family and changing me." I said gratefully.

"Isabella, we will need to move houses every few years. I use to move every 10 to 15 years. I would like to keep that routine, there are possibilities to move before the 10 years is up." He told me.

"Where have you lived before?" I asked very curious.

"I have lived in USA, Canada, England, Brazil, Russia and most of Europe." Dad said looking like he was reliving each place.

"Which one was your favourite place to stay?" I asked, curious to know the answer.

"I liked Europe the best because I could travel to many different countries in the one continent and learn about different cultures." He said with a wistful smile on his face.

"Dad can we go traveling soon? I would like to learn lots of things.” I asked, excited to start my education in the ways of the world.

"Yes, little girl we can go on a trip.” He said delighted with the opportunity to share this amazing life with someone else.