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Human Ready

What if Carlisle changed Bella First,- - - my vampires are cannon with a slight twist on some things.

SM owns Twilight my standard disclaimer : my story my rules, I can make cats woof and dogs tweet. I would like to thank Jeni K for her help.

2. Chapter 2

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Bella POV

NYC July

"Bella," I found I liked being called that more than Isabella. I looked over at Dad.

"We need to move to a new place soon. I have a house in Watford City, North Dakota that I haven't used for 60 years, so it will be safe to live in for a few years." Carlisle informed.

"Ok sounds good Dad. I put my trust in you to keep me safe. When would you like to move and what do we take with us?" I asked eager to get started.

"Bella we need to be sure that you will be able to survive the trip over without the bloodlust taking over. You will just need to pack the little things that you don't want to leave behind." Dad told me.

It only took 6 months until I was human ready so we moved to Watford City. We moved into Carlisle's house, it was a gorgeous two story house with 8 rooms and 4 bathrooms.

"Dad can we go traveling now that I'm human safe?" I asked, eager to see the world.

"Yes we can, where would you like to go first, Sweetheart?" Carlisle asked, ready to help me enjoy this life.

"Can we spend year around Europe and then come back here?" I asked, not wanting to ask for too much, for my first time out in the world.

"Yes we can Bella, I would like to to take you to Paris. Then we can go where ever you would like." He said.

"We will go after I quit at the hospital, which should not take no longer than a two weeks." Dad replied, he wanted to make sure the hospital was covered when he left.

I spent my time packing for our year long trip, but I did not pack much because Dad said we would buy things over there when we would need them.

We got to the airport and headed to Paris. The plane was small but Carlisle had got the whole front of the plane for only for us. When we had been seated,Carlisle got the attention of the first class steward.

"We would like to be left alone the whole flight. we will not be needing anything from you, as we have our own drinks." Carlisle informed the man politely.

"Yes Sir, if you do need anything push the call button." The Steward told us.

"Thank you, you are welcome to go now." Carlisle said.

I breathed easier once he was out of my sight.

"Bella are you thirsty? How is your throat?" Dad asked looking concerned.

"Yes Dad my throat is hurting?" I said whining a bit, because it was really starting to hurt.

"Little girl, you need to tell me sooner." He reached into the cold bag and pulled out a flask. My venom started to pile in my mouth as I smelt the blood that was in the flask.

"Drink sweetheart, I have a lot more if you need it." I took a long drink, it felt so good when it hit the back of my mouth.

"Thank you, Dad, that feels so good. That removed the desperation that I had been starting to feel.” I told Dad.

It was half way through the flight, when Carlisle gave in and drank some blood.

"Dad what type of blood are we drinking?" I asked, still getting used to the different flavors.

"It is white tail deer." Dad enlightened me to what animal blood it was.

"Would you like to learn French while we wait for the flight to be over?" Dad asked, eager to teach me new things.

The flight was finally over and we had gone through most of the blood supply.

"What would you like to see first?" Dad asked.

"Can we go to the Louvre and spend hours there?" I asked, not wanting to waste a moment of our time here.

"Of course, Bella." Dad replied.

1920 Jan

Carlisle POV


We walked in to the Louver and I just stood back watching my daughter immerse herself in the amazing paintings on the walls. I was telling her about each painting in French in a voice that only she could hear. She was excited and had the same reaction to each painting, she was awestruck. Bella spoke fluent French now and could not get enough of each painting.

When she was done with the Louver, we just meandered down the streets stopping whenever we felt like it. We looked at the street stalls and walked around the Eiffel Tower. As we were vampires we chose to walk up the 1710 stairs to the top of the tower. After the Eiffel Tower we went to find a hotel to stay and shower.

We spent a week in Paris, then I pick the next destination to be Athens. Where we went to a museum and I continued her lessons in the language of Greek. We repeated this in every new country that we went to.

We would swap who picked the next destination. We went to Italy, Germany, Spain, Macedonia, Cyprus, Belarus, Sweden, Russia, and we made England our last stop.

As we had spent a year traveling around Europe. Bella was now fluent in all the languages of Europe.