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Vampires, Were-wolves and Humans

Alice forsees a vampire coming to town co-incidently a human arrives all the while peace between the wolves an the Cullens is about to be shattered


1. Chapter 1

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My name is Leon Redgrave and I am a twent-one thousand year old elementally gifted vampire, I did for sometime work with the Volturi but after being betrayed by them I cut ties to wander from place to place. I barely remember my human life.

Forks Washington

A young vampire sat up and a radiant smile spread across her face

"Mom I've found him"


"My mate" the woman smiled warmly

"What does he look like and when will he be here?"

"His name is Leon Redgrave an elementally gifted one of us" Alice replied her excitement obvious "he'll be here in exactly three days"

"What direction is he coming from?" Esme asked

"The forest at about midnight on the third day" Alice replied

"Well then we had better tell Rosalie and Carlisle"

"Tell us what?" the two blondes asked from outside as the pair returned from hunting

"I found my mate" Alice repeated to the pair who both smiled the pixie like vampire paused"and it appears that your's is also arriving a day before mine" she pouted

"What?" Rose cried

"And she's human" Alice added then giggled at her sister's dumbfounded expression Carlisle standing beside Esme smiled at their kids