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Free fall

Imagine falling. I'll tell you this. It sucks. You want to catch yourself but you can't. You then realize you need to wait. Wait for that one person who was made for for you. Made to catch you and take you away from the world. So only you and him remain important. The one person made for me, made to make me feel special. Like the only girl in the world, was, well, Embry call

Mature content at times, but viewers will be warned before hand.

1. Chapter one: first sight

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1 Joyce Benae's POV I felt my tan feet touch the cold hardwood floor. Usually I'd be annoyed about how I have no slippers or how I should've gotten a carpeted room. But today, I just wanted to complain about how much I wanted to deal with the cold hardwood floor, with no slippers to keep warm or carpet to comfort my cold toes. I would rather have to deal with all if that than have to move all the from my cold, rainy town in Nevada, all the way to La Push, Washington, an even more cold, rainy place. That thought was less comforting than the floor I was currently standing on. Matter of fact,this was very comforting to me. This is the last time I'll have to deal with This dark , scratched up hardwood flooring again. Mom and dad promised me a nice fluffy rug I could keep in my room. The catch was not in my current room, but a completely different one that is never seen. Michael, my stuck up, jock brother, may have been even more upset than me. Leaving behind Chanelle, his cheerleader,Barbie girlfriend. But in reality he was probably happy to have a change of sex life. Not having to mess with the same girl for more than a month or two,yeah, that sounded like him. now he had a reason to dump her instead of "I'm just not into it anymore," or "it's complicated". But he really shouldn't worry about the move. He's social, athletic,popular easily, and attractive to many.unlike me. I may be attractive and athletic, but I'm stubborn, unsocial. I only have two friends. Kathryn and Stacy. Kathryn the 'nerd' and Stacy, the 'boy magnet'. Yes were all different but we even each other out perfectly. Well we did, I haven't talked to them in a week. It would make it harder to move. I started walking to my dark wood polished dresser. I pulled out my high waisted denim jeans, with a flowing floral silk blouse, with a cream colored cardigan. My black combat boots, slid onto my feet. My naturally dark chocolate, hair flowed down my back, I just left it their, my 17 hour ride won't be with anyone worth impressing so why get dolled up? I grabbed my already packed suit cases and dragged them outside. The moving truck was opened in the back and almost filled. I threw my mint suitcases In the back after my dad slid in my mattress. He turned to look at my still tired face. Still against this whole movin' idea Joycy?" I nodded, just wanting to get out of here before I changed my mind and rebelled. He nodded understanding I didn't want to talk about this subject much. Well, you can just take a seat In the car then alrighty hon'?" I smiled at my father, walking over to our silver Nissan Armada. I pulled out my white headphones and slid them in my ears, 'counting Stars' came on by one republic. I love this song. I hummed along to it as I felt the car start up and drive. This will be a long drive. ******17 hours later******** I was woken up by Michael, "get up lazy ass," he said into my ear. It's exactly midnight and I'm awake as, a vampire at night! Wow, good one, Joyce. I rolled over and hopped out of the car. I wobbled into the new house. It was pretty it had one if those big windows in the front of the house. You could see the jewel chandelier dangling from the ceiling. I must admit the house is beautiful. I walked into my room. We had already payed people out here to do the house, sending out exactly what we wanted done. My room is a light gray color, with white highlights. My bedding is a black and white print. I looked at all the boxes set in my room. I pulled out my posters. There was a variety of music on the posters. Paramore, Juicy J, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone. My 55' inch flatscreen hanging on the wall. I stripped from my clothes and switched them out for a tight white v neck and gray drop crotch sweatpants. My hair was lifted into a messy bun. The new white rug felt soft between my toes. I sighed, this isn't the only thing that's going to be new to me today, it's already 12:30 am. I should be going to bed, seems I have school in the morning. I laid my head down on my black pillow, closing my eyes. Maybe this will be fun? Maybe I'll meet some friends. I bit my lip. I started praying to god that this won't be so bad. ******7am******* My alarm went off making me slam my hand onto the top, canceling the noise. It's the middle of May We only have a few weeks of school left. God only knows why I have to go for the last few weeks. Then, I'm a senior. This means there are cliques like no other. Groups already formed. I pulled out acid wash jeggings with a navy blue sweater and my favorite black combat boots. I grabbed any random necklace and threw it on, along with some bracelets and a ring. I patted on some concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and eyeliner. I don't really need the mascara. My family back home along with my few friends knew me for my long lashes. I bit my bottom lip out of habit. It's obvious to the dumbest of people that I'm nervous. It's not like me to be nervous. I sort of felt like something is going to happen to day. Not necessarily something bad, but something. I walked down stairs giving my mom a hug, same with dad. I scanned the room for Michael. But he was no where to be found. "In your car," I nodded. My car was towed out here, they didn't trust me to drive for so long so late. I didn't blame them. I walked out to the car forgetting about breakfast. I hopped in the driver seat, sticking in the key, turning if and backing out if the driveway. "Excited?" Michael asked me. "Pft, uh how about no? Are you?" He nodded. "Get to meet new people," I shook my head "more like f*ck new people," he laughed at my joke. "Hey, I'm changing my player ways alright!" I laughed at him trying to defend himself. "Sure," I said slurring the 'u' . I pulled into the parking lot of the school l, getting a decent spot. "Come on we gotta get our schedules," he said I nodded and followed his confident stride into the front door of school, failing at trying to copy his confidence. We walked into the office. I let Michael do the talking, he turned around a minute later handing me my schedule. Well we have lunch together at least. I smiled. "Sit with me?" He asked I nodded. "Make friends so we won't be loners," he chuckled, "well duh I can't leave that up to you!" I punched him playfully, "shut up!" We laughed and walked out if the office. "Have fun! See you at lunch," "You too!" I shouted at him turning around running directly into someone. "Oh god I'm so sorry," I heard a cute little giggle, "don't worry about it! Can I see your schedule?" Before I could answer she took it out of my hand. "Wow we have 6 out of 9 classes together!" I smiled awkwardly at her, I don't know who she is but she seems nice enough to be friends with. "I'm Samantha, the eyes and ears of the school, your Joyce Benae, sister or tenth grader Michael Benae. Nice to meet ya, I'm Samantha Jones! We're gonna be best friends!" I nodded, for some reason wanting to trust her and have a friend right a way. Let's go to your locker, section C locker 187, let's go! That's near mine. She pulled me around a few corners into the section with blue lockers. I checked my schedule with my combination on it, I spun the three numbers, and pulled my locker open. I took out a bag out of my backpack. Taking out my locker stand, putting my books in it. Also adding a mirror across from my face. I took out my biology books for my first period. I noticed her biology books I. Her hands, "same first period?" She nodded. This class won't be so bad as long as I have Samantha. "Shall we go then?" I agreed as she led me to Mrs.Farells biology class. I walked in with her suddenly nervous. "You'll be fine," she whispered to me. I smiled in appreciation. "And here she is,Joyce please introduce yourself." I bit my lip, thinking of what to say. "Well I'm Joyce, from Nevada, I have a brother in soft more year, I like volleyball and lacrosse, and my favorite color is turquoise, good?" The teacher nodded, I walked over to where Samantha was sitting. "See everything's fine." About quarter ways threw class the door flew open and in walked two extremely attractive boys, but one of the boys was beyond attractive. He was like a sex god. I would do so many dirty things to him.... Shut up Joyce! You don't know him! You dont really know anyone! Like every other time, I bit my lip. His golden skin was flawless, his fake brown hair just grazing the middle of his forehead. His deep chocolatey eyes were beautiful. Sam elbowed me. "Stop staring!" I raised a brow at her, "who are they?" She sighed, "they're in like this 'group' bad boys. On the left is Quinn. He's cute and funny I guess but can turn serious and like a dick in seconds. He's really cute..." She turned really dreamy for a second. I waited for her to continue. "Anyways, the other one is Embry. He's hot too, but he's a total hot head, which I find sexy." I don't know why but I wanted to punch her for saying that. Sexy?! They scanned the room.the desks were in squares of four. And the only two were at me and Sams table. And she was sitting across from me. One would have to sit next to me, same with her obviously. Embry and Quinn walked over to our table. Practically slamming their stuff on the desk. I got butterflies in my stomach. Worse than ever before. I turned slowly to see Embry sitting next to me. I blushed. Throughout class, I was staring at him. Studying every beautiful detail of his body. His arms were fairly muscled. His tight black shirt hugged his abs. He has defined cheek bones. After studying every small detail I couldn't find one blemish. He moved in his seat, trying to get comfortable. The way his muscles moved, made me moan. I thought no one would hear that. Apparently I was wrong. He turned and looked at me. As soon as our eyes met, I inwardly gasped. His stare was so intense. They were to die for. I licked my lips. He smirked and turned his head back to the board. I felt something in me twist. I felt a need for him to look at me. What's happening? The bell rang and I jumped out of my seat and started walking to my next class but for some reason I wanted to turn around and leap into his arms. Wow, I'm a freak....