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After Breaking Dawn from Bella/Jacob's perspective. Things go a little crazy a couple months after the Volturi came to fight the Cullens. As it turns out they aren't the only ones going after Renesmee.

Sorry if there is spelling errors! Tell me in your review and I'll gladly fix them. Thank you so much if you review. It's my first time and I plan on writing many more chapters! I'm sorry this one was so short, I'm going to make it longer.

1. Chapter 1

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I raise my arms above my head, stretching and breathing in the early morning. Edward turns and looks up at me from our bed. Falling back, I lay with his arm beneath my head. He turns to me and lightly brushes his fingers across my nose, then jaw. It sends tingles down my body, all the way to the tip of my toes. I close my eyes and savor every moment. It was warm outside, though fall is just around the corner. I have on shorts and a light running shirt. Being Alice's sister, she has a much better idea of what I should wear to bed. She has her own idea of what I should wear 24/7, but I always find a way to wear what I want. Now being a vampire, I can change just as fast as she can put clothing on me. Edward delicately kisses my nose and I open my eyelids to find his bright topaz eyes staring right into mine. It feels like he's looking right into my soul. Suddenly, I hear the door creak open and the dainty sound of feet on the wood floor. Renesmee comes flying over Edward, right in the middle of us. She lets out a giggle, looking at us to see if we are suprised. Edward laughs and starts tickling her. I watch the two of them with a huge beam on my face. He finally lets her go, and she lays on the bed breathless from laughing. Her big chocolate eyes look up at me and she throws her little body against mine. I hug her back, with less force of course. Outside I hear a howl, but it sounds more like a chuckling guffaw from the gigantic wolf staring at us from the outside window. The russet wolf gives us a short bark and an almost smile, and takes off running. Renesmee's eyes follow him until he's out of view.

"Someone's up early," I say to her. She sleeps in for a long time, giving Edward and I time to get out of bed and prepare for the day.

"I heard you and Daddy awake, so I thought I'd come surprise you!!" She gives a look of triumph, looking so much like Edward I can't help but laugh. She takes so much after him, especially with those bronze ringlets. They fall to her lower back in curls which no one has the strength to cut.

"You sure surprised us," Edward slyly lies with a grin. He probably could've heard her from a mile away, but I for one had been busy focusing on him. I jump out of bed, ready for another day with my family.

"Well little Renesmee, why don't you let Mommy and Daddy get dressed and then we can do whatever it is you want to do today." I I promise her. She squeals, exiting the room in a flash. I could already hear her changing into her favorite t-shirt and boots that seem to big for her small frame.

"You shouldn't t have done that. She has an interesting idea in mind for today." Edward revels. His eyes shine with love. He looks excited, which tells me it must be new. I would soon find out, so I focused on finding something to wear. After pulling on jeans, a long sleeve black t-shirt and boots, I turn around. Edward stands there already waiting, dressed in a light blue shirt and long khaki pants. He looks gorgeous, almost like he came from a magazine. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't do a double take at him. He looks at me with the same awe, which would make me blush if I was still human. I flit to him and take his hand in mine. Now it's time to see what Renesmee has in store for us today.