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After Breaking Dawn from Bella/Jacob's perspective. Things go a little crazy a couple months after the Volturi came to fight the Cullens. As it turns out they aren't the only ones going after Renesmee.

Sorry if there is spelling errors! Tell me in your review and I'll gladly fix them. Thank you so much if you review. It's my first time and I plan on writing many more chapters! I'm sorry this one was so short, I'm going to make it longer.

2. Chapter 2

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CHAPTER 2: Bella's perspective

We hear Jacob walk into Renesmee's room before us, and we give him a minute to tell her goodmorning. I can hear her laughing from our room. Suddenly, Edward tenses and he gets into a protective crouch in front of me. I don't see anything, but then the smell hits me.

Another vampire. Outside of our house, close by. Another thought goes through my head. Renesmee. A crash sounds from her room, and I hear her scream. Edward and I are in her room in a milisecond. Jacob has her pressed into a corner, his stance protective in front of her. Glass sparkles on the ground by her window. I immediatley rush to Renesmee and sweep her into my arms. She lets out a gasp and starts sobbing into me. In the next 10 seconds, all of the Cullen's are inside our small cottage. Jasper and Emmett are outside tracing the vampire's scent while the rest of us are trying to console Renesmee.

"What happened?" Carlisle asks Jacob quietly. Jacob lookes torn, worry etched into his face and he can't keep his eyes off Nessie. Edward is still standing in front of us, refusing to move.

"I had just walked in and scooped Renesmee up. I smelled something, and it didn't smell familiar like any of you. It felt wrong and I put Renesmee into a corner to shield her. He came crashing in half a second later, sending a shower of glass. He was a vampire, with fiery red eyes and long black hair. I'd never seen him before and he said, give her to me, looking at Nessie the entire time. I think he must have smelled or heard Bella and Edward coming because he fled a moment before they were in here." Jacob shuddered at the thought.

His eyes were dark and heavy with anxiety. My eyes pricked, realizing how close my daughter was to being taken from me. She wimpered into my chest and I hugged her closer to me. Edward knelt down, taking my chin in his hand. He looked long and hard into my eyes, comforting me just by his gaze. He opened his arms for Renesmee, and she rushed into them. Another wave of tears came from her small body. Just seeing her like this made me heartbroken and furious at the same time. Everyone filed out of the room, but I knew they would be standing outside the house, protecting us. Jacob had slumped by Renesmee's bed, looking at lone piece of glass that hadn't been scooped up.

"Jacob, are you okay?" I asked faintly. His eyes flashed to Renesmee, still huddled in Edward's arms.

"How can I be okay, when she's like that?" He gestured to Renesmee, "I'm supposed to protect her at every moment. I should've seen or heard him. She should feel safe with me." His head drops into his hands.

I leave him for a moment or two, knowing he needs a little time. Thinking about what he said, I realized I felt the exact same way, only stronger. I'm her mother. It is my job to protect her every moment of every day. I got up and sat down next to Nessie and Edward. He looked at me worriedly. I knew he was concerned about how I was feeling. Renesmee's face was red and blotchy from crying, though she was only sniffling now. Jacob got up abruptly, and left the room. Knowing him, I knew he wouldn't be far from the house and Renesmee. Her eyes followed him as he left, looking even sadder than I knew possible after the door closed.

"Honey, what are you thinking?" I whispered to her. I wanted to take her worries and fears away, for she was only a child and needed reasurring.

"He scared me Mommy. He just came out of nowhere and broke my window. What if he comes back? Is Jacob mad at me?" She choked out. My heart broke again from hearing the words spoken from her mouth.

I promised myself at that moment, I would not let her be scared for her life again. We would find this vampire. He was mine and I wasn't stopping till he was dead. Fury tinged the room red.