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Love only brings pain

This is a reneslec story. Renesmee isn't the sweet, innocent, little girl we all know and love, she's different, she's been through a traumatic time, she goes to Volterra, she needs to be somewhere safe, the only place she could think of was, what will happen? Will Alec see her for who she really is? Will he be able to mend her broken heart? That's all she is. Broken and damaged. All in Renesmee POV. A couple of chapters are in Alec's POV. Enjoy :D.

I know the summary is terrible but it's my first fanfic x

1. chapter 1 - escaping

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Renesmee's POV I'm six years old and a half. I look about sixteen though. I loved my family so much, it breaks my heart just thinking about them and Jacob, my sweet, lovely, considerate, loving Jacob, they're all gone now, I'll never see them again, I have a bit of money left and a valuable necklace, but I'll only trade it for money if I absolutely have to, Jake gave it to me, Jake imprinted on me when I was a baby, but we had just started having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and now he's been took away from me. I only have one choice, I have to go to the one place that I'm terrified of, but if I don't go there then I'll always be worried about the powerful nomads, they could be following me for all I know and they could strike at any time. I don't want to have the same fate as my loving family, the memory is haunting me, it happened a couple of months ago. Flashback I was in the back garden, uncle Emmett was telling me a joke, I started laughing, I think Jake was on patrol, being the alpha of his pack. Mum was sitting on dad's lap, they looked like the perfect couple, that's what I want for me and Jake, auntie Alice was bouncing up and down with joy, she probably had a vision of me and Jake, auntie Rose was talking to grandma Esme about something, grandpa Carlisle and uncle Jasper were talking about something. All of a sudden, auntie Alice screamed, we all turned and looked at her, dad had a look of horror on his face, "no! No! Stop it! Stop! Make it go away! No! Jasper! Noo! Run ness run! Jasper! You'll be killed! Please run!" auntie Alice screamed, she was on the floor writhing about trying to get the vision to go away, "Renesmee! Get out of here! Now!" I heard daddy shout. Uncle Jazz went over to aunt Alice and tried to comfort her, within a few seconds the vision ended, "get Renesmee out of here! She can't watch!" I started panicking, "auntie Alice, what's going on" I asked her, dad came over, "baby, listen to me, whatever happens, just know that I love you and apart from your mother, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me" "daddy, you're scaring me, what's going on? Why was aunt Alice screaming? Is something bad going to happen?" "Renesmee! Concentrate! Listen to me, you're going to have to run as far as you can and don't look back, no matter what, even if you hear screaming, just get out of here" "Daddy?" "yes sweetie?" "it's-it's r-red e-eyes" I manage to tell him, he looks around and notices the pair of red eyes in the forest. "run! Run now!" he tries to tell me, but I freeze, the group of nomads attack, my family try to fight them off but it's hopeless, one of them rips my mum's head off, "mum!!! Nooo!!!! Mummy!!!" I scream, I start crying, but that doesn't do any good, next goes my auntie Rose, uncle Emmett notices and I can see the heartbreak on his face, he goes mad and attacks the vampire that killed her, he kills the vampire but gets ambushed and gets killed. One by one I watch my loving family die, all that's left by now is my uncle Jazz, dad and grandpa Carlisle, I'm still in the same spot, I don't even notice the vampire heading towards me, Jacob comes out of nowhere and pushes the vampire out of the way, "nessie?! Look at me, okay, I just want you to know that I will always love you no matter what, just remember that for me please" he tells me and then presses his lips against mine, I kiss him back but he breaks away, "now, go!! Run!! Run as far as you can!!" he tells me and then I see the rest of my family being torn apart, I finally come to my senses and make a run for it, I run as far as I come. I eventually come to a stop, that's when I feel it, the pain, the pain of losing Jake, I know straight away Jake is dead, my family are gone, I have no one, that's when I scream as loud as possible, little did I know that, that was the last time I would ever make a sound, I would cry of course, never again would I speak. End of flashback So, now I have to go to Volterra, Italy, to be honest, I'm terrified, but I have to do this, I need to feel safe and secure, even if it means joining the guard, so I get up and grab the few possessions, I had got from my house, after the fight, I had snuck into my house to get some of my prized possessions, it was dangerous, I know, but I couldn't leave without them. I then headed out of the room and called a taxi, I wrote on a piece of paper where I wanted him to go and apologised for the inconvenience and I told him I was a mute. We drove in silence, it took us twenty minutes to get to the airport, once I got there I purchased a ticket to Italy. I then sat and I waited. Eventually, I boarded the plane, after going through security and customs. I decided to get some sleep on the plane, I awoke because of the announcement, I then left the plane and grabbed a taxi, I told him where to go, eventually, we came to a stop, I paid the man his money and walked through the streets, I then saw a cloaked figure, I walked up to him, taking my chances. He heard me coming and pinned me up against a wall, he was big and strong, "what do you want?" he told me, I put my hand on his face and showed him the memory of his coven going against mine when I was only a few months old, he looked shocked but quickly composed himself, "Renesmee?", I was relieved and nodded my head, "don't you talk and sorry", I felt sad, I miss laughing and giggling and spreading cheer by talking to people, just the sound of my voice would cheer people up. I lifted my hand, as if to ask permission to show him, I'm a mute, I haven't spoke in months because of something that happened, I told him with my thoughts, "oh ok, come on, I'm sure Aro will be pleased with your arrival", I then felt my mouth stretch into a smile, he then started to walk down an alleyway, I followed him, eventually, we were in the castle, he led me down a hallway, I noticed a receptionist, "Adriana? Can you tell master Aro he has an important guest?" he asked her, she did as she was told and the vampire led towards a set of doors. He pulled them open and I noticed three vampires sitting on thrones, I recognised the one in the middle as Aro, I smiled weakly at him. "Felix, who is our guest?" Aro asked the vampire who led me here, "well, she's a hybrid, a Cullen" Felix told him. "Renesmee?" Aro asked, Felix nodded, "ahh, Renesmee my dear, how is my dear friend Carlisle?", that was it I broke down, tears were running down my face, everyone was looking at me questionably, but I couldn't care less, I had lost my family and that was the worst feeling in the world. I walked towards Aro and put my hand in his, straight away he removed his hand, "what is it, brother?" the blond king asked. "it appears my good friend Carlisle and his coven are no more" he said sadly, I heard gasps and a snicker, I turned to see who made that horrible sound, it was a young girl with blonde hair, I immediately hated her, I glared at her, she glared back and immediately I fell to the floor screaming in pain. "Jane!" Aro shouted, the pain went away and I was able to sit up, Felix helped me up and I gave him a weak smile, "you are welcome to stay here, mia cara, Alec can show you to one of our guest rooms" Aro told me, thank you, I projected into his head, he gave a gasp, "your talent seems to have progressed since we last saw you", I nodded my head. "Alec" "brother, are you sure about this? I don't think we should have her kind here" the blonde vampire told Aro. "Caius, she is grieving, she has lost her family, she is most welcome here", somehow I don't think Caius agreed with him. I followed Alec to the room, "this is where you'll be staying" he told me, thank you Alec. "Don't you ever speak?" No I don't, since I watched my family get killed, I haven't spoke a word to anyone, I sighed. "what is wrong?" I miss my family so very much, I don't expect you to know how that feels, as far as I know you have your family, a sister, right? "yes, Jane" Imagine if someone killed her right in front of your eyes and you could do nothing at all, that's what it was like for me, I watched my family die and then I ran for my life. "I'm terribly sorry, I couldn't imagine losing Jane" Well, from what my grandpa taught me, oh my lovely grandpa, you and Jane are the deadly witch twins, so you will never have to worry about losing her, it was nice meeting you, Alec. I said as he gave him my hand to shake, but instead of shaking it, he kissed it and I giggled for the first time in months. Do you wanna come in? "Do you want me to?" I guess I wouldn't mind, I mean your not too bad, your nicer than I thought. "yeah sure, why not?" he said as he followed me into the room, I need to do something, please don't think I'm weird or anything, but I need to pray, to my parents, I like to think that they're in heaven and that they will be able to get my message even if I'm only thinking it. He gave me a sympathetic look and said "it's fine, I know this must be difficult for you", I gave him a weak smile and went and sat on the bed by the window, I looked up at the sky and started my prayer. Hey daddy, I thought I'd give you a message first, I love you so very much, I'll try to not have another nightmare, I know you wouldn't want me to blame myself, but I do, I just think that if I'd let the nomads take me, you would still be alive with mum and uncle jazz and auntie Alice bouncing around for no reason with uncle Emmett telling some lame joke and auntie Rose being spiteful to Jacob, my lovable Jake, and grandpa in his study with grandma baking and cooking. Anyway daddy, I love you so very much and I am so sorry for coming to the place you hate the most, I'll never forget you. By now I can feel the tears sliding down my cheek, but I don't care, I just carry on with my prayer. Hey mum, I miss you so much, I need you and daddy so very much, I need you to guide me, to help me, to show me the way. I miss you all so much, especially you and dad, oh and Jake, I hope you're in heaven, I can imagine auntie Alice bouncing around the place, having her own private mall, where she gets her new clothes and accessories. Anyway, I love you so much mummy, never forget me. Hey, uncle Jazz, I hope you're doing okay, I can imagine everyone being really upset about not being able to be with me and help me, but I'm fine and I hope you're trying to calm everyone down, but I love you tons, I'll always be thinking of you all. Hey, auntie Alice, I hope you're not terrorising mum by taking her shopping, I miss you so much, I miss you bouncing around, trying to organize a party or taking me shopping and spending hours at the mall or even just dressing me up, I miss our times together, but sadly, our time together came to an end, which I hate so very much. I will always be thinking about you and your lovely personality, I love you. Uncle Emmett, I hope you're cracking you're jokes, I hope you're not sad, I want to think of you cracking jokes and I hope you're in heaven, you and the family deserve to be and make sure auntie Rose isn't too mean to Jake and tell him I miss him so much. Auntie Rose, please be nice to Jake, for me please, I love you tons and miss you so much, I will always be thinking of you. Grandpa, I miss you, I miss you teaching me, I love you soo much. Grandma, I will miss watching you cook and bake, I will miss your kind personality, look after everyone for me please. Jake, my lovely, considerate, kind-hearted Jake, I wish we had more time together, I wish we could of been together for longer and I can't thank you enough for protecting me. I will write to Seth soon, explain to him everything, I'm sure he knows about your death, I will try to be strong for you, I love you so, so much, take care and know that I am safe. I turned to Alec who had a sympathetic