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Love only brings pain

This is a reneslec story. Renesmee isn't the sweet, innocent, little girl we all know and love, she's different, she's been through a traumatic time, she goes to Volterra, she needs to be somewhere safe, the only place she could think of was, what will happen? Will Alec see her for who she really is? Will he be able to mend her broken heart? That's all she is. Broken and damaged. All in Renesmee POV. A couple of chapters are in Alec's POV. Enjoy :D.

I know the summary is terrible but it's my first fanfic x

3. Chapter 3 - kindness

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Renesmee's POV I felt someone shake me, then I heard my nickname, "Nessie?", I smiled, all I could think of was Jake, oh, how I loved him, then I remembered Jake couldn't of been the one that spoke because he died along with my family. My eyes shot open, I must of had a panicked expression on my face because I noticed Alec looking at me with concerned eyes. What did you call me? "err.. Renesmee" No! No! You didn't! You called me nessie! Why?! Who told you about that! "it doesn't matter right now, Aro wants to speak with you" Yes, it does matter, you couldn't possibly know about that nickname that Jake.." I couldn't finish my sentence, I felt a pain in my chest, I put my hand on my chest, over the place where my heart is. He just looked at me with regret in his eyes. "I'm sorry for calling you that but Aro will think I've killed you if we don't start making our way to the throne room" Never call me that again, capiche? "yeah", I then got out of bed and followed Alec towards the throne room, I notice Aro looking at me with concern. Morning Aro, what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?, "I heard screaming last night, in fact, we all did, may I ask why that is? I hope Alec was being a gentleman?" he asked. Yes, Alec has been great, I actually had a nightmare last night, but Alec came and woke me up, he stayed with me until I fell asleep. "Did he now? Well, at least he has been welcoming and may I see this dream of yours?" Yeah, sure, I said as I walked over to him, I placed my hand in his and he held it for a few seconds before he let go. "I must say my dear, it must have been hard for you to go through, especially re-living it" Yes, it wasn't very pleasant, may I be excused? "Of course, my dear, in fact you are all dismissed except for Alec, I wish to have a word" I could hear Alec gulp, he must of thought that I had said something bad, don't worry, I didn't say anything bad, I just told him the truth, I thought to him, he gave me a smile as if to say 'thank you'. I walked out of the throne room and went to my room, I sat down on the bed and began thinking about my nightmare, was it a sign? Did my family and Jacob really hate me? No, they couldn't, it was probably just my conscience. I decided to take a bath, the bath was massive, it was twice the size of the one at home. I turned on the tap and when it was full, I stripped and got in it. I washed my body with red berry scented shower gel and I shaved, I also washed my hair with red berry scented shampoo. I then got out of the bath and dried myself, I then went back into my room and got dressed into a short skirt and a thin strapped top. Then I heard a knock on the door and Alec came in, "I know you don't talk but I thought I'd knock to let you know I was gonna come in", it's fine, what did Aro want?, "promise you won't get mad or think this is why I talk to you or anything" I promise "well, he wants me to convince you to stay by becoming your best friend" Are we friends? "only if you want us to be" Why are you being so nice and kind to me? "I can't tell you but I can show you" Ok, show me He walked right up to me and I was just looking at him wondering what he was going to do and then I felt his lips on mine, I kissed him back, I couldn't help it, we kept on kissing and soon it got pretty heated. Then I jumped and put my legs around his waist, he moved us to the bed, he was hovering above me, he then put his hand under my skirt. He then moved his hand along my left thigh, he kept moving his hand higher and higher until his hand reached my knickers, he then put his hand inside my knickers and pretty soon, he found my clit, the next thing I knew, he had one finger inside me. I moaned in pleasure, I couldn't help it, I'd never been touched like this. He kept moving his finger in and out, soon I moved my hips in rhythm with his hand. The next thing I knew he had two fingers inside of me. I was loving it, pretty soon I was wet, completely wet, I hoped he felt the same. I then broke away from the kiss gasping for air. "what's wrong? Didn't you like it" he asked me, the next thing I knew the words "I love you" were spoke, he looked shocked, it took me a couple of seconds to realise I had spoken those words, I had actually spoke for the first time in months. I quickly put my hand to my mouth and he removed his hand, "you what?" he asked me in a soft voice, I started panicking thinking he didn't want anything to do with me now, but his next words shocked me, "you love me? Ness I'm not mad, I have really strong feelings for you, I don't know if it's love but I want to find out if you let me and second of all, you spoke!", I just nodded my head. "will you be my girlfriend?" he asked me, I nodded my head, I gave him a big grin, that was the first time in months I have smiled. He laid down next to me and I snuggled in next to him. We stayed like that for an hour talking. He started playing with my hair, I giggled, "don't you ever laugh?" he asked, "only when I'm tickled", I quickly shot my hand to my mouth, "Alec, don't you dare", his hand then moved to my stomach and he started tickling me, I started to laugh. He was doing this for a good five minutes when Jane barged in, "what is going on in here?!", "sister, what are you doing?" Alec asked her. "what are you doing with IT?!" "now, now, didn't mother always tell you to play nice?" "you didn't answer my question" "that is none of your concern" "I don't trust IT" "sister, she has a name", Jane glared at me, Alec still had his hands around me from where he was tickling me, Jane then walked out of the room. "I thought she was going to kill me" I tell him. "no, I wouldn't let her, at least your talking now" "only to you", he just smiled at me and gave me a soft kiss, I turned it into a pretty passionate one, to be honest, I wanted him inside me, so we could be one, I knew we would be together forever, but I had a feeling he wouldn't go that far yet. After kissing for twenty minutes, he pulled away, "you should rest ness" I flinched when he said that nickname, "what's wrong?" "it's just my best friend Jake used to call me that, he died with my family" "I'm sorry" "it's fine, I just miss him so much" Alec kissed the top of my head and laid down next to me, we stayed like that until I fell into a deep sleep.