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Love only brings pain

This is a reneslec story. Renesmee isn't the sweet, innocent, little girl we all know and love, she's different, she's been through a traumatic time, she goes to Volterra, she needs to be somewhere safe, the only place she could think of was, what will happen? Will Alec see her for who she really is? Will he be able to mend her broken heart? That's all she is. Broken and damaged. All in Renesmee POV. A couple of chapters are in Alec's POV. Enjoy :D.

I know the summary is terrible but it's my first fanfic x

4. Chapter 4 - start of something new

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Renesmee's POV My eyes flutter open, "no nightmares?" I hear someone say, I look around and I spot Alec looking at me with adoration in his eyes, "I guess not" I tell him. "good" he tells me. "at least they're finally gone" "well, it has been a month since you first came here" "already? Time seems to be going so fast" "yeah, I know" "I love you" "I love you too, I want to ask you something" "ok, go ahead", he then got on one knee and pulled out a velvet box, what is he doing? He's not going to propose is he? No, he can't be. He then said "Renesmee Carlie Cullen, I love you with all my heart, I promise to love and cherish you forever, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?", he then opened the box and inside it was the most beautiful ring, it was a silver ring with a diamond on top with a sapphire on either side of it, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. "yes! Oh god yes!" I squealed, I flung my arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss, I then broke the kiss and said "give it to me then", I was so excited, he then took the ring out of the box and put it on my finger, I looked at it and couldn't stop admiring it's beauty. The next thing I knew was tears were falling down my cheeks and Alec being Alec instantly started worrying "what's wrong?", "I just wish my family could be here", he then pulled me into a hug, I squeezed him tight. "we should tell Aro the good news, I'm sure he will be pleased" Alec tells me, I nod my head and we walk out of my room and to Aro's study, Alec knocks on the door, "come in" we hear a woman say, which I'm guessing is Aro's wife, we walk into the room, "ahh, Alec, Renesmee, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?", I show Aro my hand and his eyes are immediately drawn to my engagement ring. "is that an engagement ring?" he asks me, I nod my head eagerly, "well, this is a surprise, I assume you will start organizing the wedding shortly", I nod my head. "well, I will send Heidi to help you out later" he tells us and waves his hand as a sign of dismissal, we walk out of the room and back to mine, as soon as we're in my room, I start kissing Alec's neck and he starts to moan, "ness?" he asks "yeah?". "should we really be doing this because I don't think I will be able to stop" "that's the point baby, I'm ready" "well in that case, come on" He leads me to the bed and I start kissing him, he kisses me back just as passionately, I end up straddling him and I grind my body against his. He then rips my clothes off and I in turn pull his top off, I stop and start to look at his chest, just looking at his body makes me wet. He pushes me off him and onto the bed, so he's hovering above me, he kisses me passionately, he then kissed my jaw, then my neck, to which I moan, then moves onto my bare breast, he starts suckling on my nipple, I moan loudly. I'm pretty sure half the castle can hear me, but right now I can't give a fuck, I just want Alec inside me but he's obviously going to take his time, torturing me in the process, he picks and nips at my nipple causing me to moan louder, "oh Alec..." I say, then moves down to my stomach, he starts to kiss and suck at my navel, he eventually gets to my core, his tongue finds my clit, he starts to lick it, his tongue then finds my opening, he pushes his tongue inside me, I moan loudly. He continues to flick his tongue around causing a shiver of pleasure to go through my body. I don't know how much longer I'm gonna last for, it's then that I cum, Alec laps up my juices, he seems to take pleasure in it. He then stops and removes his tongues and gets up, I give him a pout, he takes off his trousers and boxers, I know straight away what he wants me to do. I grab his manhood and I flick my tongue at it, I put it in my mouth and I begin to suck, to which I hear a moan from Alec, I swirl my tongue around the tip and begin to suck faster and faster, he's constantly moaning, which makes me more wet, after a couple of minutes, he cums in my mouth, I lap it all up, I then remove him from my mouth and he pushes back onto the bed. He hovers above me and positions himself at my entrance, I feel him enter me, I give a gasp of pain, I never thought it would hurt this much. He stays there for a minute, so I can get used to it, he then begins to move out of me and then in, once I stop feeling the pain, he starts to move faster and shots of pleasure go through me and I start moaning. Pretty soon he's pounding into me. After a while, he pulled out of me and got dressed into his boxers, whilst I put on my underwear and a t-shirt, we laid together for the rest of the evening and soon I found myself drifting off.