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Love only brings pain

This is a reneslec story. Renesmee isn't the sweet, innocent, little girl we all know and love, she's different, she's been through a traumatic time, she goes to Volterra, she needs to be somewhere safe, the only place she could think of was, what will happen? Will Alec see her for who she really is? Will he be able to mend her broken heart? That's all she is. Broken and damaged. All in Renesmee POV. A couple of chapters are in Alec's POV. Enjoy :D.

I know the summary is terrible but it's my first fanfic x

5. Chapter 5 - shocking revelations

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Jacob's POV It's been a month since those blood suckers attacked the Cullens, I can still remember the day so perfectly. I was on patrol, it seemed to be a normal night, that's when I smelt it, vampires, I could smell their horrible stench, I started to trace it, I eventually came across the Cullen's house and what I saw horrified me, Bella, Rosalie, Alice, Esme and Emmett were all laying in the garden, they had been torn apart and Nessie was frozen, obviously horrified with what she was witnessing. Paul!! Get Sam to the Cullen's now!! They're under attack!! Most of them have been torn apart!! Only Edward, Carlisle, Jasper and Nessie are alive!! I need to protect her!! I told him in my thoughts, I quickly phased back into my human form and got dressed into the pair of shorts that was always waiting on the forest outskirts. I was about to grab Nessie, when I saw a leech approaching her, my instincts took over and I quickly pushed him put of the way and made my way to Nessie, "nessie?! Look at me, okay, I just want you to know that I will always love you no matter what, just remember that for me please" I tell her and then I press my lips against hers, she kisses me back but I break away, "now, go!! Run!! Run as far as you can!!" I tell her and then I see the rest of her family being torn to pieces, that's when she runs. I quickly focus on my target and I take one down but one of them gets his arms around me, I start to panic and I try to bite him, but I can't, he squeezes me, crushing my ribs in the process and I phase back to a human, the pain in my ribs is evident, the rest of the night is blurry, when I finally was able to see straight, I saw Bella looking at me with pain in her eyes. I give her a puzzled look and she says "the venom allowed us to heal once we had been put back together, Carlisle treated your injuries yet again, do you know where Nessie is?", I could hear the pain in het voice as she asked me that. "Bella, I'm sorry, I just told her to run, couldn't you track her?" "yeah, to town, we lost her scent there, I guess we taught her too well, she's probably terrified" "what happened?" "the pack came and killed the nomads and then put us back together, so Carlisle could treat you and I think it was for Nessie's sake, everyone loves her, I just hope she's safe" "so do I" That was the last of our conversation, no one has any idea where Ness could be, Alice hasn't seen Nessie's future for some reason, I just hope she's alive and well. I'm on my way to the Cullen's house, maybe they found out something, I walk into the house and Carlisle is on the phone. "thank you Aro, we'll be there as soon as possible, goodbye", he hangs up the phone and I give him a questionable look. "you'll never guess" he tells me. Carlisle's POV We hadn't seen my granddaughter since the fight with the nomads, she saw us get ripped to pieces she probably assumes that we are dead, I can't imagine how she feels right now, I just hope we find her soon, Esme isn't doing too well, she misses Renesmee so much. The family is falling to pieces without her here, Jasper spends most of his time hunting, but I assume that's just an excuse to get out of the house. He can't deal with all the emotions in the house, I don't blame him, I would get out as well. Edward, Bella and Emmett spend all their time trying to find Nessie, it's starting to seem helpless, Alice doesn't even go shopping anymore, she just lounges around in whatever she can find, which means she's falling to pieces, Rose doesn't seem to care about her appearance, she just spends her time watching telly, even if it doesn't interest her. Esme seems to be going the same way, I just feel helpless, I wish I could help my family, but I can't do anything. I miss the way my granddaughter used to cheer everything up just by talking about something that is just a simple topic, whether it's clothes or cooking with Esme, she used to love helping everyone, she would often help Esme in the kitchen, she would go shopping with Alice or laugh and joke around with Emmett or get Rose to do her make up or just sitting in between Bella and Edward and cuddle up to them. She was the light in everyone's life, especially Jacob's, he misses her so much, Jasper can't even be near him because he can feel his pain and sorrow. I've decided to call Aro today, he might know something about Renesmee's whereabouts, the family are hunting, they'll be back soon and Jacob will be round soon. I pick up the phone and dial the familiar number to Aro's study, "Aro speaking" he replies. "hello Aro, it's Carlisle", there's a pause. "Aro, are you there?" "yes, my friend, I'm just shocked considering I've been told you were dead" "really? Yes, well we were attacked but the pack of werewolfs that live close by put us together" "oh dear, well I'm glad you are alright, my good friend, I'm sure my guest will be happy" "may I ask who your guest is?" "of course, my guest is none other than your granddaughter, when she thought you had died, she was very scared and came to me for a safe place to stay, I assume you would like to come and see her" "yes, definitely, we have been looking for her since that awful night, my family and myself never guessed that she had come to you, we will be taking her back with us unless she wishes to stay with your coven" "yes Carlisle, I understand, I can imagine Bella and Edward are missing their daughter, you are welcome to come" "thank you Aro, we'll be there as soon as possible, goodbye" I hang up the phone and I turn to see Jacob giving me a questionable look. "you'll never guess" I tell him, that's when my family walk in, "family meeting now, it's important, it's about Renesmee" everyone immediately follows me into the living room, just as I knew they would. "okay, I don't want any interruptions, is that clear? You can ask me all the questions you want to once I am finished with what I have to say, okay?" I ask them and they all nod. "okay, well after Renesmee left, apparently Aro tells me she was really scared and wanted a safe place to stay and having nowhere to turn, she went to the volturi, she's been there ever since, so we are all going to Volterra to get her back and I expect her to be completely shocked because she believes we are all dead, Jacob you will not be coming with us" He tries to argue with me, but one look from me, shuts him up, my family are completely shocked, "Edward, book a flight", he just nods obviously still shocked that his daughter went to the volturi of all places, but I don't blame her, she was terrified. Edward books a flight and we all get in our cars and head to the airport. We wait until it's time to get on the plane and we board the plane, we all sit together, I spend the remainder of the plane journey looking out of the window, when we get off the plane, I rent a couple of cars and me and my family get in them. We drive to Volterra, once we get inside the building, I walk up to the receptionist and I say "can you tell Aro the Cullen's have arrived?", she nods and calls him and tells him about our arrival, we then walk up to the large set of doors, leading to the throne room. I pull the doors open and walk into the room with my family and Aro exclaims "ahh, my good friends, I am glad to see you are alive and well, poor little Renesmee was distraught, I have to warn you that you will be lucky if she says a word to you" "why do you say that Aro?" "she hasn't said a word to anyone since she arrived, except from Alec" I was just about to question Aro about why she would talk to Alec of all people, when the doors came open and in came the fragile form of my granddaughter.