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Concrete Angel

When he was 10 years old, Edward had to leave his best friend Bella behind in the hands of her abusive mother, a secret only the both of them knew. Now, 7 years later he hasn't heard from her or seen her since his departure, but still thinks of her daily. But now she's back in his life and he wants nothing more than things to go back to the way they were between them, there is only one problem. Bella seems like a completely changed person. Not only that, but she seems to hate Edward. Will things ever be right between them? What happened to Bella in those 7 years? Read and find out.

This will be a very emotional story, there will be depictions of abuse in it, so to be on the safe side I am rating it an 'adult' story.

1. Chapter 1: Goth-Girl

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'Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar,' Samual Griswold Goodrich

Chapter 1: Goth-Girl

Edward POV

I held my sweet Bella in my arms as she cried more than she ever had in her entire life. It was not the first time she cried in my arms, but it would be the last time… at least for a while. I had just told her that my family was moving away the next day, that I was leaving her.

I was scared to leave her behind, scared for her safety. Her dad had died when she was 4 - he was a cop and was shot and killed in the line of duty - and ever since then, her momma had been hurting her. I was the only one who knew, and she had made me promise not to tell anyone, ever! I made the promise and felt guilty for doing so, even though we were only 10, I knew that making this promise was a mistake. But you can't ever break a promise, at least, that's what my mom always told me.

"I-I... don't leave m-me," Bella sobbed against my chest. I felt like crying myself, I didn't want to leave her, but I had no choice. All I could do was put op a strong front before my best friend one last time, then go home and cry like I usually did after visiting her.

"I'm sorry, Bella," I said in a small voice, sadness dripping from it. I could be strong, but I couldn't hide the pain in my voice as I spoke to her knowing I wouldn't get that chance again soon. I knew Bella wasn't allowed to use the phone, or send letters, or have a computer, so we wouldn't be able to reach each other again.

"I-I'll die i-if you l-l-leave...," she cried even harder as she said this, and I knew she thought I was abandoning her, just as everyone seemed to do. She had no friends at all, except for me and my twin sister, Alice. But Alice and Bella weren't as close as we were, and she had no idea what Bella went through, so she thought Bella was stuck-up and anti-social.

I sighed and unhooked my necklace - a small, silver cross I had gotten from my parents at birth - and put it in her hands. She looked at me with a tear-struck expression, her face all blotchy and stained - she raised her eyebrows.

"I want you to have it, so you'll always have a part of me with you. Just put that on and think of me and I'll protect you from the bad, even if I'm not here to protect you from your mom, I can from your mind,' I said, knowing that her mom wasn't the worst part of her life, but her nightmares and flashbacks were ten times worse for her.

She threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly. "I'll never, ever, EVER, forget you, mind-freak," she said, using her nickname for me - she called me that because she thought I always seemed to know what was going through her head.

"I'll ALWAYS think of you, accident-freak," I replied, now using my favourite nickname for her - I called her that because she always fell down and had little accidents, she was such a cluts.


"Edward, get your but down here! We're leaving for school in 5 minutes!" Alice broke me out of my reverie. I sighed, today was the first day of our junior year of high school here in L.A.

I loved school, I did. I had lots of friends, but I just missed Bella so terribly. I never stopped thinking about her, and never told anyone her secret either. For all I knew, she could be dead by now. I didn't realize that was a possibility back then, but as I grew older, I learned more of life and realized that stuff like that happened daily.

I should have told someone 7 years ago, when I moved here with my family, but I made her a promise, and stupid as it seemed now, I didn't want to break that. I didn't want to betray her trust like that. Now, I wish I had.

Alice, and our new friends who knew all about Bella (except for the abuse), all thought it was silly I still thought of her when she clearly hadn't given me a single thought, because she hadn't contacted me in all these years. If only they knew the reason why.

Reluctantly, I stopped my train of thoughts and went downstairs, before I unleashed the wrath of Alice upon me. Seriously, that girl could throw a fit if she didn't get her way.

"Finally," Alice said when I reached the hallway. "Thinking about her again?" She asked, purposely avoiding Bella's name. Alice was concerned for me, afraid I would never get over her, but she was also a little annoyed that it was all I ever seemed to think about.

"Let's just go, okay?" I said, avoiding her question and instead walking outside to my silver Volvo, my all time favourite car. Alice walked over to her flashy, yellow Turbo 911 Porsche and climbed into the driver's seat. Our parents were loaded with cash, hence the expensive cars.

When we reached the school, Alice and I went over to our usual bench to greet our friends, who were already waiting for us there.

Alice greeted her boyfriend of 2 years, Jasper Hale, with a full on kiss-fest. I looked away and turned toward Rosalie Hale - Jasper's twin sister - and Emmett McCarty, my best friend since I moved here. I quickly regretted my decision to turn to look at them, since they appeared to be seconds away from ripping each others clothes off. I cleared my throat, hoping they'd stop.

"What's up, bro?" Emmett asked, I rolled my eyes - he was such a big buffoon. Rosalie gave me a small smile - we didn't have the best relationship; I thought she was shallow, she thought I was moody.

"I'm so exited for this year, it's gonna be so much fun!" Alice exclaimed; she was such a peppy person, I had no idea how she did it. Not soon after her little statement, she and Rosalie started chatting away about what clothes to wear which day and Emmett and Jasper began talking about some movie they all went to a couple of days ago - I didn't go, I didn't want to feel like the fifth wheel again like I always do when they end up making out during the movie. How they were able to review it when they hardly saw any of it, was beyond me.


The day progressed slowly as the classes held little to no interest to me. The only subject I enjoyed so far was music - I loved to play the piano and guitar, and occasionally sing even. Calculus, Bio and French were a drag; I could hardly stay awake, it was all way too easy and well, just plain boring, there was no other word for it.

After my final class before lunch, I headed toward the cafeteria, letting my mind drift away to old memories of my once best friend, yet again. I wasn't paying any attention, so it was no wonder when I bumped into someone.

I looked down a little and came face to face with a pissed off, brown-eyed, black-haired, black clothed girl. She was shooting daggers at me - if the expression 'if looks could kill' were true, then it applied to this girl.

I didn't recognize her at all and even though it was a big school with about 3000 students, I knew almost everyone in my year and the senior, I was rather popular, and since she looked to be about my age, I figured she was new.

She seemed to have this sort of Goth-look going on about her. She was wearing black pants, a black tank top and a long, black coat which almost came to her feet, and black boots. Her face was covered with black make-up and it appeared her black hair-colour wasn't her natural colour. Her entire outfit was completed with large, round, silver earrings, silver bracelets and a-a silver cross as a necklace? A cross I would recognize anywhere. A cross I gave my best friend 7 years ago. Now I was the one shooting daggers at her - where did she get that?

"Will you move already?!?" She said, her voice the sweetest I'd ever heard, though covered with annoyance and bitterness, it seemed.

Without thinking about it, I grabbed her by her upper right arm and took the necklace in my other hand, gripping it tightly. "Where the hell did you get that?!" I shouted so loud that half the kids present in the cafeteria turned to look at the scene playing out at the entrance doors.

"None of your fucking business! Now let go, before I make you!" She said, in a very calm, yet cold and threatening voice. She looked so angry, though I thought I saw a flicker of pain in her eyes. I let go off her immediately, not because I was scared, but because of her eyes - I had seen that look many times before when I was a child.

"Good boy. Now stay the fuck away from me!" She said before she pushed me aside and left the cafeteria, seething.

In a dazed state, and with the eyes of half the student population on me, I walked over to my sister's table, where everyone was looked at me with a shocked expression on their faces. I wasn't known for making scenes or grabbing and yelling at random girls. That just wasn't me. But I could have sworn that that was my necklace, though, now I thought it through, I realized there were probably a lot of necklaces like that. I guess all my thoughts of Bella really were driving me insane.

"What was that all about?" Emmett asked as I sat down at our usual table. I just shook my head, I had no answers to give them, or myself. Something inside me just snapped and the only thing I knew was, that it was because of my reluctance to let go of Bella. But now, I realized I had to, I had no choice.

"Don't shake you head Edward, we all saw it and it was NOT nothing," Alice said, probably afraid I somehow tainted our perfect reputation as the most perfect people alive. If I didn't know her better, I'd say she was as shallow as I thought Rose to be.

"It. Was. Nothing." I stated each word separately so they would understand to back off. Apparently, they did understand, because they ignored me during the rest of lunch.


After lunch, I made my way to my next class, English, slightly exasperated. I liked English, but my mind was all over the place right now. Sure, it was all over Bella, and I didn't understand why. Okay, so I had been thinking about her a lot during these past years, but never as much as lately. It was like she was near to me somehow, but still so far away. I couldn't shake that feeling, I couldn't forget about her. I could try, but I already knew I would fail. I would never forget her, but I could try to not think of her as much as I did. It would be hard, but possible.

As I entered the classroom, I noticed the girl I grabbed during lunch was sitting in the back, writing something down. Just as I walked in, her head snapped up and her eyes met mine. She glared at me, and I noticed her hands were bawled into fists, but most of all, I noticed her eyes - they were red and puffy; it looked as if she had been crying and had to re-apply her make-up. Did I do that?

I sat down at an empty seat with a guilty conscious - I never wanted to make anyone feel bad or cry because of me. I would apologize to her later for making her feel that way, I had to!

Soon, the class filled up and the teacher, Mr. Scott, began with a name-call, probably trying to remember all the names, but not succeeding. When he said my name, I just raised my hand, I was in his eye-sight so he would see.

I kind of zoned out as he called out the rest of the names, until he reached one name that instantly got my attention.

"Isabella Marie Swan." Was the name he called out and I would know that name anywhere; it was the name of my Bella. She was here? In L.A.? In this school? In this very same room? Where was she?

"Marie," A sweet voice called out, a voice I recognized from earlier. I turned around and stared at the girl who I had grabbed before, the Goth-girl that identified herself as Marie. She met my stare, glared at me some more, then looked down and began to write again. Wasn't she happy to see me? Had she been here all along? What had happened to her? Was she still with her mom? Why did she go by Marie now?

So many questions circled around my head, and I desperately wanted some answers. I needed some answers. I was jumping up and down on the inside because I had finally found my Bella again, but only, she didn't feel like my Bella, not anymore. I would talk to her after class, I had to!

Finally, after one agonizingly, long hour, the class ended and the students stormed outside. I was one of the first people out and was waiting by the door for Bella to come out. I waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity as student after student came out, but never Bella.

Eventually, the last person exited the room, Bella, my Bella. She saw me, but ignored me - I wouldn't have that. I ran after her as she walked away from me, grabbed her by the arm and spun her around so she was facing me.

"What do you want?" She sneered with so much hatred that I was taken aback by it. Why did she hate me so much while I still loved her so?

"Bella, it's me, Edward. Don't you remember me?" I asked in an almost inaudible tone, hurt that she seemed to aggressive toward me.

Her next move surprised me and hurt me at the same time - she yanked her necklace, my necklace off and threw it at me where it fell to the floor. I had to hold back tears as I looked from the broken chain on the ground to her.

"You can have that back, I don't need it anymore. Should’ve thrown it away years ago," She said, her words were like a knife to my heart, so painful.

"B-Bella, w-" I stammered, unable to finish what I was trying to say. I didn't even know what I wanted to say.

"My name is Marie. Leave me alone Cullen, I mean it," she said while I just stood there, staring at her, shocked, trying to figure out where the person I knew had gone.

"If you don't, I'll kill you," She finished in a whisper before stalking away, leaving me standing there in the middle off the hall, dumbfounded. I was vaguely aware of a course of whispers breaking out, probably from people who had witnessed our little encounter, but I didn't care. All I could think of now was how my life was crumbling down as I watched the one person I had longed to see again for so long, walk away from me.

I bent down and picked up my necklace with shaking hands, my whole body was shaking, I realized, as I stood back up. But I couldn't move, I couldn't stop the trembles, I just stood there, staring at the now empty spot where Bella had stood just moments earlier.

The hall emptied, but I remained frozen in the same spot, as if I were glued to the ground. At one point or another, a teacher came across me, reprimanded me for not being in class and asked me what I was doing here, but I gave no answer. I think I freaked her out a bit as she walked away from me with a wary expression.

Several minutes after that encounter, I felt someone's hand slip around mine. "Edward?" A wary voice asked, which I recognized to be Alice'. So the teacher had called for my sister, thinking something was very wrong with me, which was true.

"What's wrong?" She asked, her voice a little scared for my well-being, it seemed. I just shook my head and raised my hand, which was in a tight fist around the silver cross necklace with a broken chain. After some effort, Alice managed to open my hand and gasped at the sight of the necklace - she knew what it meant.

"Uh, he's not feeling too well. Can I take him home?" Alice asked a third person I didn't even know was there. There came no reply, but she must have nodded, because Alice began to pull me away from my spot, to her Porsche. I was in no condition to drive, so I got into the passenger seat - I would leave my Volvo here until tomorrow - as she got in the drivers seat and raced away from the school, from Bella...