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Carlisle and Esme Cullen are happily married. They have 3 children, Emmett who is 7 years old, and the twins, Alice and Edward who are 5 years old. Their lives are as close to perfect as can be. Then the unthinkable happens. Edward is kidnapped, right in front of their own house. For 12 years there is no sign of Edward, nothing to indicate what could have happened to him. Then a young, teenage boy shows up at a police station. A boy with the name of Edward. Nothing will ever be the same. Edward won't open up to anyone in his family, but maybe he'll open up the the new girl in town, Bella Swan. (off course I had to put Bella in this story).

I'm gonna rate this story 'adult' just to be on the safe side, cause it does deal with some serious issues. I got the inspiration for this story from the old movie 'I Know My First Name Is Steven' which is based on a true story. I hope you'll like it.

1. Chapter 1: Lost and Found

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Chapter 1: Lost and Found

It was a nice, warm summer day in the small, usually rainy, town of Forks, Washington, and everyone was revelling in the warmth, including the loving Cullen family.

Carlisle Cullen was the head of the family, a handsome doctor with movie star like features and 27 years of age - he was a very compassionate man and always had the best interest of others at heart. He married his high school sweetheart, Esme (same age), who was a beautiful woman with long, caramel colored hair and had an extremely warm and motherly nature towards all living creatures, human or otherwise. She dealt with antique restorations, part-time.

They had their first child, a son named Emmett, when they were 20. Emmett was very muscular for his young age of 7, and sported a nice head with thick, brown curls. Anyone could see that he was going to turn out extremely handsome once he grew up.

Two years after Emmett came in their lives, they welcomed the twins Edward and Alice in their lives. From day one, the two twins were attached to the hip, never doing anything without the other. Emmett loved them and quickly took on the role of big brother/protector. Edward had piercing, emerald green eyes - exactly like Esme's - while Alice had grey eyes - the same as Carlisle's and Emmett's. Edward was slender and lean and had very unruly, bronze-like hair, while Alice was rather small and had short, black spiky hair sticking out everywhere.

They were a very close family and loved each other more than anything. Their lives were perfect... until that one fateful, sunny summer day changed everything and turned their worlds upside down.

Alice was inside, making lemonade with Esme, while Carlisle and the boys were playing catch outside. Everyone was having fun, but then a scream erupted from inside the house and all went quiet. It seemed as if time had frozen, and no one could move an inch.

After what seemed like decades, but in reality only were a few seconds, Esme ran outside, shouting for Carlisle, though she seemed calm enough to show that nothing too serious had happened.

"Alice cut her hand on a piece of glass," Esme said, and at this Carlisle sighed a sigh of relief and smiled at his lovely wife.

"Of course. I'll fix it right up. Emmett, take care of your brother and stay on the lawn," Carlisle addressed Emmett, who simply smiled, showing his dimples, and saluted. Carlisle went back inside and Esme followed.

"Alice will be okay, right?" Five year old Edward asked his seven year old brother. He may be only five, but he understood that Alice was hurt, and he didn't like it.

"Yeah, buddy, she'll be good as new after dad does his mojo. It's just a cut, no biggy," Emmett said in true Emmett style. Edward smiled, but it turned into a frown when he saw an unfamiliar car pull up right before their house.

"Emmy?" Edward turned to his brother, hoping Emmett would know who was coming here today, but Emmett held the same uncertain and curious look as Edward, which meant no one was scheduled to come by today and that these were strangers. They had always been taught to stay away from strangers.

A man with long blond hair in a pony tail, icy blue eyes and a scary smirk on his face stepped out of the car. Emmett stepped in front of Edward, not liking this at all. He wanted to call for Carlisle, but he knew Alice needed him more at the moment, so he didn't.

"Tsk tsk, you just won't do," The blond guy frowned at Emmett before pushing him out of the way. Emmett was furious and immediately stood up and charged at the man, who simply rolled his eyes and when Emmett got too close, punched him in the face, definitely giving him a black eye. Emmett fell back and groaned. He tried to get up again, but his head hurt so badly and only seconds later he was unconscious.

Edward looked at his older brother in pure horror, tears blinking in his eyes and fear rising fast to the surface. He wanted so badly to scream, but his throat was dry and his voice long lost. The man smirked at Edward, then, so fast that Edward never saw it coming, he was in the man's arms, struggling against his tight hold and screaming for his father, having finally found his voice again in his moment of panic.

"Daddy!!! Mommy!!!" He yelled as loud as he could, but it was too late, he was thrown in the car by the time his parents came running away as the car sped off. The last thing Edward saw was the horrified looks of Esme and Carlisle, and then they were gone - or, he was gone.

Edward cried then, and in a way, he never stopped crying. His tears were everlasting, just hidden beneath the surface. His family was gone, he was gone, taken by a nameless man who had the coldest eyes anyone had ever seen. He was simply gone.

12 years later

A young boy, about 16/17 years old stood a few feet away from the Seattle police department, hidden in the dark, smoking a cigarette. His face was swollen, black and bruised, his left eye shut tight and several cuts on his face bleeding. He was shaking, not from the cold, but out of fear.

He had almost died tonight, had he not gotten away in time. He knew why his so-called father, James, wanted him dead. He was getting too old, so it was time for him to get away, once and for all.

There was only one thing that stopped him each time he tried; he had nowhere to go. He was all alone in the world and that scared him more than anything else. He was only 17, yet, he had no hope in him, none at all, only basic survival instincts. His hope had been taking away a long time ago, when he was still a little boy.

He didn't remember much of his years before James adopted him, only that he seemed happy. But then something happened - according to James his parents died in a car crash - and he ended up with a sadistic monster. One that he knew would find him, no matter where he went. Going to the police would be a very foolish thing to do.

He was about to turn and run back 'home', when two uniformed cops exited the police building and went to one of the cruisers and stepped in. The young boy stood back, hoping they wouldn't see him in the dark, but when the car turned, the front lights were upon him and the cops saw him, or at least his silhouette. They parked the car just several meters before him and got out.

He wanted to run, but something in him refused, so he stood still as a statue as the cops approached him, flashlight in hand, temporarily blinding the boy. The cops froze when they saw what state the boy's face was in.

"Fuck," the female cop muttered, while the male cop stepped forward. The boy took a step back when the male cop approached him. Did the cop want to hurt him, too?

"Take it easy kid, we're here to help," The male cop said, but he didn't move closer. When he saw the boy was visibly shaking, only wearing a long sleeved shirt and nothing else, he took off his jacket and held it in front of him for the boy to take.

"I'm not cold," The boy said, not daring to say more. It was true, he wasn't cold, and even if he was, he didn't feel it.

"You're shaking and it's freezing out here. Take it," The male cop said as the boy sighed and hastily took the jacket from him, avoiding all physical contact. Both cops were content when they saw the boy slip the jacket on and the shaking lessened slightly.

"What's your name?" The female cop asked, her voice soft and friendly. The boy shifted uncomfortably and decided whether or not to give out this piece of information. Then again, why wouldn't he? He wanted to go to the cops, after all, he was just too scared to go in when it came to it.

"Edward," he murmured, looking down at the ground.

"Hello Edward. I'm Stacey, and this is my partner Masen. Would you like to come inside with us? You look like you could need some medical attention," The female cop, now known as Stacey - first name or last? - asked. Edward felt his fear grow and he shook his head.

"I'm fine," he croaked, despite the obvious pain he was in, pain that came from more places on his body than just his face. Stacey sighed; it was clear to her that this boy needed more help than he seemed to realize himself. She wondered what happened to him to make him look so broken, inside and out.

"Please kid, you sure as hell don't look fine and I'm not gonna leave you out here to freeze to death," The male cop, Masen said and Edward's breath hitched - he was on the verge of tears.

Finally, Edward nodded and walked - well, limped - alongside the cops across the street. When they entered, it was clear that no one had expected these cops to come in with a bloody kid.

"Back with the coffee al- OH!" Another female cop exclaimed mid-sentence when she saw Edward and his face.

"I'll go get Marty," The cop said and disappeared, leaving Edward with the two cops from outside and other cops staring at him. Edward was wondering who Marty was.

"Sit down kid. Sophie'll be right back with Marty, the medic," Masen said, Edward gave a slight, tight nod and sat down. They offered him water, but he refused - he was taught not to accept anything from anyone, ever, or there would be consequences.

Sophie came back with Marty, and much to Edward's surprise and relief, Marty was a woman. Sure, woman could hurt you, but they usually did so with words. Marty frowned when she saw Edward and her eyes filled with sadness.

She took Edward to one of the empty interrogation rooms, accompanied by Stacey and Masen. There, she asked him to sit down and she began cleaning his face while Edward tried his best to stay calm and not flinch from her, though he did startle by her touch a few times.

"Jeez kid, someone sure did a number on you, but your face'll be fine given time. Does it hurt anywhere else?" Marty asked. Edward hastily shook his head, hoping they'd just leave it at that, but of course they didn't. He wasn't that lucky.

"He was limping, earlier," Stacey said, and Edward inwardly cursed himself and his damn leg.

"Okay, well, I'm going to need you to take off your clothing so I can see where all the damage is," Marty said and Edward's panic began to rise. He knew it was a mistake coming here. He vehemently shook his head, pleading with them not to do this.

"Look kid, we don't have time for games. Either you strip or we do it for you," Masen barked, hoping to knock some sense in the kid, but seeing it didn't do one bit of good. Edward awkwardly stumbled out of the chair, backed up against the wall, shaking and looked at Masen with nothing but pure horror in his eyes. And as much as he wanted, Edward couldn't look away.

"Masen, you ass! See what you've done," Stacey voiced, looking at the poor boy with nothing but sadness in her eyes. He was like a scared animal in a cage, focussed only on the object of his fear, this being Masen.

"You should go. You're scaring him," Stacey continued. Masen mumbled an apology, ashamed by his sudden outburst and left the room. Edward relaxed a little, but he was still tense and shaking heavily.

Marty raised her hands before her, trying to show Edward that she meant him no harm, and stepped forward, slowly, until she was only a few inches before Edward.

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but if I am to examine you for any serious injuries, you'll need to take off your shirt and pants," She explained, carefully, hoping he wouldn't panic again. She saw the tears lingering in his eyes, waiting to fall, though they never did.

Edward didn't say anything, but he knew they would make him do it anyway, so with shaking hands, he slowly removed his shirt and pants, ignoring the gasps that came from the two female cops, and oblivious of the gasp that came from behind the mirror, where Masen had gone to watch in silence.

Edward's entire body, from head to toe, was covered in scars, cuts, bruises, burns and even one scar that resembled a gun shut wound. Who had done this to him? This clearly weren't injuries from a fight, this was abuse. Edward closed his eyes, feeling even more ashamed and vulnerable now that they saw his body. He could only pray that they wouldn't find out the full extent of what was done to him.

He could feel gentle hands on his legs, his arms, his torso, but he didn't dare open his eyes. He didn't dare think of anything; he didn't want to relive things. He was told to sit down then, because he had sprained his ankle and Marty wrapped it up, carefully. Finally, he was told to put his clothes back on, which he did in a hurry.

Marty left and Stacey sat down on the other side of the table; Edward knew that she was going to ask questions.

"Edward, I know this is hard, but I need to ask you some questions. I'll start easy, okay?" Stacey asked, Edward said nothing; talking back was not allowed and to be avoided as much as possible.

"How old are you?" She asked, starting very easy, as she said.

"17," Came Edward's reply.

"Can you tell us your last name?" Stacey asked.

"I c-can't," Edward stuttered. If he told them, they'd contact him and he would know and Edward would be dead for sure then, or worse. Because, despite all that was done to Edward, he was still alive, though he shouldn't be.

"Okay..., we'll save that one for later then. Er..., due to the extent of your injuries, I need to ask you this one question and I sincerely wish I wouldn't have to ask, but I do," Stacey began, and a lump formed in Edward's throat as he stared at her with fearful eyes.

"Did..., has anyone abused you in any sexual way?" She asked, tentatively. Edward didn't answer and avoided his eyes to look anywhere but at the female cop. Though he didn't answer, his reaction only conformed it for her.

"How long?" She asked, maybe he would just give her a number, anything. Edward didn't want to answer, but he didn't want her to keep asking these questions, they were simply too painful.

Stacey feared that he had shut down, but then he spoke, "Five," he croaked.

"Five years?" Stacey asked, horrified. How could anyone hurt a poor defenceless boy? That was beyond her knowledge. Edward shook his head - no. Stacey's eyes widened. My god.

"Since you were five?" She asked, forcing back tears when Edward nodded. He was only a baby then.

"Did it happen recently?" She asked, continuing now that she was finally getting some answers, even if all he did was nod most of the time. It was as if he was afraid to speak. Again, Edward nodded.

"Today?" She asked, already knowing the answer before Edward nodded. She had to stop this interrogation now. She needed to take him to the hospital first.

"Edward, I have no choice but to contact your legal guardian and take you to the hospital now for an examination," She said, but the words hardly left her mouth and Edward had jumped out of his chair and backed up against the wall.

"You can't. H-he'll kill me. Please, d-don't...," Edward begged - begging was something he was very familiar with in his life, something he was required to do often, to no avail.

"Who will kill you? Your father?" I asked, repulsed that a man could do something like this to his own child, his own flesh and blood.

"He's not my dad. H-he adopted me when I w-was five," Edward mumbled, stuttering a few times.

"But you won't give us your last name? His name?" She asked, hoping he'd break in his resolve to remain silent about this piece of information. Edward shook his head. Again, no.

"Okay, then we'll just have two doctors sign the consent form for the examination, since you're a minor. Is that okay?" Stacey asked.

"They'll hurt me," Edward whispered, scared to death.

"No, they won't. I won't let them. I'll be there the entire time, okay?" Edward looked into her eyes and saw nothing but honesty, and even though he knew people were not to be trusted, he nodded.

"Okay, but I'll need to take your fingerprints and have Marty draw your blood first. Standard procedure," She lied then, she wasn't required to draw his blood, but she wanted his DNA to find out who he was. With any luck, either his DNA or his fingerprints would be in one of the many databases they had access to.

It didn't take long for her to have her DNA and she brought it straight to forensics and told them to start searching and contact her if they had any news. Soon, they arrived at the hospital and she was speaking to one of the attending doctors while Edward was waiting in an examination room, terrified of the things they could do to him here.

"I'll have my colleague sign off on the form and I'll let her perform the exam. I'm guessing he's slightly more comfortable around females?" Dr. Brewer asked, Stacey nodded.

"Indeed. Thank you doctor," Stacey shook his hand and went to tell Edward to take off all his clothing and change into the hospital gown. She saw his fear and again assured him she would be there the entire time and that his doctor would be female, not male. It seemed to ease his mind - not much, but a little.

A woman walked in with a white, lab coat on, a stethoscope hanging around her neck and a chart in her hands. She looked up at Edward and smiled sadly at him.

"Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I'll be doing your exam. I'll just draw some blood first," she said and took Edward's arm in her hands. Edward frowned - the police already drew blood, so why did they need more? He wanted to ask officer Stacey about it, but he didn't want to make her angry, so he kept quiet.

Elizabeth finished drawing Edward's blood and then looked at him with sadness and pitty in her eyes. "I need to do a physical exam now, so I just need you to lie on your back for me. It may hurt a little, but I'll be as gentle as I can," she said, gently, seeing Edward's fear.

Edward complied and bit his tongue when he felt the pain sear through him. It wasn't as bad as when James hurt him, but it did hurt. Stacey held his hand the entire time. When it was finished, Edward was allowed to dress himself, which he did as quickly as he could, just like before.

"You have some tearing, but it seems to be healing on its own, so you don't need stitches. I won't know the results of the blood tests for a couple of days, but I'll call you as soon as I know, officer Stacey." Stacey nodded, then led Edward out of the hospital and drove back to the station. Edward was quiet the entire time.

When they arrived, Edward followed her back to the interrogation room so they could continue the many questions that Edward did not want to answer. But, before Stacey could begin she received a call on her phone.

"Stacey," She stated, then listened to whoever was on the other side.

"You got a match? I'll be down in a sec, you can tell me then," Stacey said, exited. Truthfully, she hadn't expected a match, but still, they found one.

"I've got to go for a few minutes, but I'll be right back. Would you like something to drink?" She asked, Edward shook his head, but he didn't remain silent as usual.

"Can I smoke in here?" He asked, hoping she wouldn't be angry for asking. Stacey smiled, nodded, placed an ashtray before Edward and left. As soon as he lighted the cigarette, he felt a little bit better, despite everything that had happened so far. For some reason, smoking calmed him when he was feeling too much angst and panic.

He was already smoking his fifth cigarette when Stacey finally came back, carrying a thick brown folder in her hands as she stared at Edward with an unreadable expression. She smiled sadly at him, then sat down in the same chair as before. She pulled out a piece of paper from the folder and placed it in front of Edward. He gasped when he saw what it was. It was a sketch of James, younger than now and not exactly with all the right features, but it was him.

"Is this your adoptive father?" Stacey asked and Edward just nodded, not trusting his own voice at this moment. Why did they have a sketch of James? How? Had they known all this time what James did to him? Were they playing a game on him?

"What's his name? What's your last name, Edward?" She asked, but Edward looked away, afraid. Stacey sighed, but she kept on trying.

"Listen Edward, if you tell me, then he'll be arrested and I promise he will never hurt you again. But I can't promise if you don't tell me the name." She was persistent, Edward could see that and maybe she would even keep her promise if he told her. Maybe.

"Santiago. My name is Edward Santiago and his name is J-James Santiago," He finally confessed and Stacey wrote down the name immediately. She then stepped outside for a minute, and when she came back, she smiled brightly at Edward.

"He'll be in a holding cell within the hour. We have a fix on his location and a team is getting him as we speak," She relayed the information to the young boy before her, while he just sat there, unsure of what to feel. Suddenly, Stacey's expression turned more serious, more dark again.

"Edward, I have some news and I don't quite know how to tell this, but you need to know," She explained. Edward sat there, feeling very uneasy as he lighted another cigarette. She pulled another paper out of the folder and placed it before Edward again.

This time, it was a picture of Edward taken around the age of five, when he still had light in his eyes. Above the picture, there were letters in bold print.

Have You Seen This Boy?

On the picture itself was a name.

Edward Cullen

Beneath the picture was a phone number, but Edward didn't understand any of this. Why was he on a poster? Why did the name Cullen seem so familiar to him, yet so distant at the same time? What was going on?

"I-I don't understand," He whispered, staring at the picture of a boy so carefree and happy you would never know it was him if you didn't know already.

"Edward, how did James adopt you?" Stacey asked, avoiding telling him the truth so directly.

"I don't remember. I was one place, happy, and then I was gone and J-James was with me. H-he told me my parents died in a car crash." Stacey nodded.

"Edward, your parents aren't dead and you were never adopted. James Santiago kidnapped you when you were 5 years old," Stacey said as Edward's eyes filled with shock, horror and more unshed tears. The tears wouldn't fall, he hadn't cried in such a long time and he had vowed he would never cry again.

"You don't remember any of this?" She asked, sorrow in her heart for this poor boy and his family. Edward sighed.

"I don't remember a lot. I remember a man and a woman. I can't recall their faces, but I think they were warm, kind." Stacey smiled and pulled out a photo from her folder. A photo of a handsome man and woman in their twenties.

"Do you recognize them?" She asked, hopeful, though all that hope was gone when she saw him shake his head in a daze.

"I'm sorry. I don't remember a lot," He apologized, Stacey nodded, though she didn't think it was anything to apologize over.

"Their names are Carlisle and Esme Cullen. They are your parents and your real name is Edward Cullen." She pulled out two more pictures and placed them besides the one of Carlisle and Esme.

"The boy is Emmett Cullen, your big brother. He was 7 when this picture was taken, he's older now of course. And the girl is Alice, your twin sister," Stacey said and when she looked at Edward, he was looking intensely at the picture of Alice.

"Is she hurt?" He asked, staring at the picture of the girl, who did seem strangely familiar to him. He felt an odd sense of pain when he looked at her picture, and concern, much concern.

"I remember a scream and something about a cut. Is she hurt?" He asked, still not taking his eyes off of her photograph.

"Yes, as far as I know Alice is okay. I think you're talking about the day you were kidnapped. You were playing football with your father and brother when Alice cut her hand and screamed. Your father and mother were taking care of her when you were kidnapped," She stated the events as she had read them in the folder, but thinking it wise not to give him the details of his kidnapping, since it wasn't something he needed to know.

"My parents aren't dead?" Edward asked, slowly, as if it was now only sinking in, which it was.

"No, they're very much alive and have been waiting for you to come home for the past 12 years," Stacey told him and Edward just sat there, shocked, his thoughts racing, not a single coherent thought crossing his mind. He just learned that he had been kidnapped from his true home, taken by a sadistic monster so he could have his pleasure, while Edward's life was ruined. And what, now they were telling him he could go home? To a real home?

He simply didn't understand.