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Learning to Fly

Kayla has terrifying power... she just doesn't know it yet. Kayla always knew there would be an uproar when she returned home to the insolated La Push reservation after training in Europe for four years, she just didn't think it would be THIS big. Senior year is hard enough but add a spiteful sister, a new imprint, a best friend she hasn't spoken too in four years who has anger issues, and auditions and company contracts coming up.... She has a lot on her plate. Kayla doesn't know it yet but her return started a ripple effect that will destroy everything and everyone in it's path.

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1. Homecoming

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I haven't been home in nearly four years.

I haven't spoken to anybody from home in almost three.

Why am I so nervous?

Why do I care what they think of me?

I watched the rain slide down the window of the taxi. I had been watching the raindrops race for the past hour or so, pretty much since I got in. I was nervous as much as I hated to admit it and the reek of vomit, cigarette smoke, and Jack Daniels wasn't make it any better. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I got there and since there was no way to get out of it I guess I would just have to suck it up.

The taxi pulled out in front of my house. I wasn't really sure why I kept expecting some significant change but never the less I felt relieved that nothing too drastic had happened in my absence. The sturdy little cottage still stood looking as absolute as ever, the forest still invaded our yard and the weeping willow still ran wild partially blocking the house from view. Besides the fresh paint job, the rotten middle stair that had been replaced, and the removal of our wind chimes and the potted plants on the front deck everything looked the same.

I walked around the back of the taxi and popped the trunk as the driver made no move to help me. Asshole... But I guess I would be an asshole too if I had to ferry people around all day, And from the smell of it drunk slimy people, poor bastard. I heaved my suitcase out of the back and grabbed my messenger bag before trudging down the path in a cloud of low quality exhaust fumes.

I finally made it to the door way. With each step I took the suitcase seemed to get heavier until all my clothes seemed to be made of waterlogged cotton and my pointe shoes seemed to be made out of lead. I barely had the courage to hit the doorbell. But I did and within a minute I was being pulled into a warm bear like hug.

My mother quickly ushered me inside.

"I'm so sorry Kayla but we weren't expecting you until a week from now or else we would have all been here to great you."

That's odd my mother is a nutcase when it comes to dates and I could have sworn I sent my sister an email with todays date.

" Your father is at a conference and your sister is up in Port Angeles with her friends, if I had known I would have asked her to pick you up. Its a good thing we decided to clear out the crafts room early. ohm here it is!"

I surveyed the room before me, It was formerly used for schoolwork and crafts back when my sister and I were homeschooled but had been cleaned out to use as a bedroom. The walls were a warm shade of minty green and the wood floor was worn and scratched and creaked with every step. A queen sized bed no doubt bartered from the week long garage sale the Littlecreeks were having was planted in the middle of it. It was fitted with my faded purple sheets that I insisted on as a child even though it was far to big for my bed just because it made excellent forts. My great grandmothers patchwork quilt was folded up and placed on the desk in the corner where Lindsay and I used to do our homework. The old leather couch was placed across to the sole window in the corner and adjacent to the small closet.

" I really hope you enjoy it!" my mother said beaming at me

I allowed a small smile and plopped my suitcase on the bed and my laptop on the desk.

"Well I guess I'll let you unpack." she gave me a million watt smile before retreating closing the door behind her.

I simply stood there in the middle of the room lost in a rush of long forgotten memories.

It didn't take me that long to unpack and by the time I had eaten lunch with my mom, filled her in on the last four years of my life, and checked my email it was just brushing 2 o'clock.

So I decided to go wander a bit and maybe run a few of my old trails.

I simply told my mom I'd be back by six and off I went, simply giving my feet a direct feed to my head and letting my memory take charge.

It was about an hour and a half into my walk before I made it to the beach. There wasn't much special about La Push and our beaches were rarely ever warm but our blue flame bonfire always stopped traffic. Or at least they would if we got any traffic down here. I was heading down to the water when I got knocked over by a huge towering giant of a man. "Get the fuck out of our way would you" He spat viciously at me hardly even turning to me before picking back up the football and running to join a group a boys I blatantly ignored earlier.

I should have yelled at him or slapped him or even just kept walking. But I didn't I just stood there in shock I probably looked like a ghost my natural half Quileute skin paling under my tan until I swear I looked like my classmates in NY who had to use up several bottles of tanning lotion to get as tan as me. I can't believe he didn't recongnize me!? I mean he shot spitballs into Missy Grey's hair when she pushed me into a puddle on picture day once in 4th grade! How could he forget me?

I don't ever remember turning around or anything from the walk back to my house all I remember after that is my sisters disgusted face as I walked in soaked from my walk in the woods and my mothers concerned voice telling me to go lie down and that they'll bring me my dinner. I can't even remember if I stayed awake that long. All I truly remember is my revelation.

The reason that everything around me is so strange and forgn is not because it was out of place.

It was because I was.