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Forgotten One



1. best friend?!

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ALICE POV It all started on a normal day I hadn't seen any threats in the coming future."Jasper"I called knowing my true love could hear me."coming"he said to me as he reached the stair case relief flooded over me i knew it was his amazingly strange gift. He thought it a curse,but I knew he was special.I am Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Cullen and I see the future but this day was strange."Alice what do you see"Jasper asked sorta frustrated. A flasback I've never had one like that i did not want him to worry I lied "I can't see Nessies and Jake are coming". Relief washed over his face as he went to find Emmet,I had a vision it scared me I saw the person from my flashback although i dont remember my past ive saw this person before. Jasper must have felt a change he and Emmet were back in the house in seconds by my side. Arte that was her name,and Maria i saw them both in my flashback and future. Damned mind reader,Edward was already telling them what i saw.I wanted Jasper not to know I dont like it when he worries.One of the only people i remeber from my past was Arte she was my bestfriend before i got sent to the asylum for my powers.."Alice who is this Arte?"Edward asked me the way no one else could hear through mind, confusion was all i could see in his eyes. "She was my cousin my best friend and then she was murdered but i guess it was a rouge" i told him trying to keep calm Jasper sensed my uncomfort and demanded us to let him in the conversation.As Edward told Jazz everything i had another flashback. "Hey Arte,guess what?"I asked her while jumping up and down with exitement "I finally get to borrow your blue dress"she asked "No dont be silly.we are going to Italy mother has arranged it." she stared at me like i was the only friend she had which was not true she had so many friendswhile i only had her and my sister Cynthia. The flasback ended right when the future began."I dont remember ever going to Italy " I mumbled to myself unaware of my familys' stares until i looked up just in time to see the windows shatter."Arte!"i said shocked to see her but not Maria.She was wearing my old blue dress she asked to borrow its silk lining once white was stained red and the fabric ripped."Pity your dress turned out like this and it was so lovely "Arte said to me in a harsh childish tone"Say Alice what do you remember of your past huh,do you remember how you got to that assylum come on talk to me Im your bestfriend"she said it like nothing had changed i stayed silent i dont remember any of it or at least that she was concerned about,Jazz could tell i was confused "Why should she tell you anything and how did you know she doesnot remember"edward said thank goodness for a mindreading brother for once."Oh you want to know realy?"she asked "ARO"he gasped kind of shocked "Thats who you work with"he added clearly ready to defend all of us if it came to that."I was talking to Alice you stupid mind reader"she said i lost it Jazz could not calm me if he tried.I dont lose my temper easy but once i saw what she had planned i attacked "HOW DARE YOU i thought you were dead what did i ever do to make you decide on this why do you want to punish me why would you not tell me why WHY!"i yelled it took Jazz and Em and even Bella to pull me away before i decapitated that little bitch."Let me go"i screamed until peace came over me and i could not resist peace right now "How dare she "i thought last thing i remember was Jasper used his gift to knock me out when i woke he was laying beside me playing with my short pixie like hair."Hey"he said sending me that grin i couldnt help but smile.Then my good mood was killed when Arte walked in,i was about to start a fight until Jasper almost literaly got on top of me to hold me down.He knew i would not hurt him but i would hurt her.when i calmed he got off me and Edward walked in "She was being controlled Alice she does not remember a thing past or present."How is that?"i asked im not going to trust her they could allm just forget that one."Alice,is that realy you?"she asked me shocked"Is that my dress?''I asked with so much sarcasm i heard Em's booming laughs from outside somewhre. Arte POV "Um yeah, i guess this was your dress before i ruined.im so sorry"i said to my former best friend as she looked away and ignored me like she used to do before id say something totaly ignorant."Go away please."she said to me as calm as she could then i realized that the ones she looked to was not me but the rest of the family exept for two of them."What do you want?" she asked me, no not asked me commanded me, it was strange ive only heard her talk that way after that big fight that led to my death.My suicide."Alice please dont talk to me like that, do you even remember anything?" i asked her in a mannerly tone and tried not to be harsh about it "Why do you ask?'' "Because i need your help" i said and she laughed she was clearly upset,she started to walk out of the room but she stopped ,the one who had calmed us both down and the mind reader rushed to her side.It was the mindreader who screamed at me this time,his words were harsh but i did not care i dont know what she saw but i wanted to ''get out"he said"NO!" she said whatever she seen she was worried this shocked them both " if she leaves she will die and then we will be atacked by whatever the hell that thing is" she explained "so i can stay?" I asked her with a big grin "I guess we have no choice " she said to me as harsh as she could then walked out of the room to ask the one named Carlisle something.