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Forgotten One



2. remembrance

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Alice POV "Carlisle?" , "yes Alice?"he asked from his desk and turned ever so slightly to talk to me "May i ask if you have anything by the name Forgotten one?",'why that just popped into my head i dont know but its important'. " UM i have this book" he got up and in a second returned with a big old book "would you like to borrow it?" "Yes ,thankyou"i said to him as i grabbed the book i had a flasback and ran outside to find Bella.When i found Bella i told her about the book and how it related to me and my secret,the one i could never tell the rest of my family in fear of in dangering them but Bella was different she could protect her thoughts when the others could not.''Alice shes coming this way she tried to escape"Bella said to me and put her phone up i had another flashback "Alice what are you doing here " Arte asked me as i walked through the door of her house "i wanted to ask if you wanted to borrow this"i held out my second favorite dress the one that matched Artes grey/blue eyes"SURE!"she said to me as she grabbed my hand and pulled half drug me to her room upstairs "Can you help me put it on?",''sure'' i said and helped her dress right as her betrothal knoked on he door "hold on James"she said as she pulled her hair up and gave me a hug and skipped out the door before i knew what i was doing i started running and collided with arte with so much force if we were human we would both be in the er before she could try escaping again a overly larged muscled vampire stepped out of the woods ARTE POV If Alice hadn't stopped me i would have ran sraight into that man she saved me.as we both stood and the others arrived the man looked at alice and the one named bella and they went flying through the air with just a twist of his wrist "NO" I screamed as if he'd killed them i knew they were fine but something came over me and i turned and ran towards alice and bella while Carlisle tried reasoning with this man that had just made alice and bella fly through the air like they were miniture puppets Edward and Jasper got there before me BELLA POV "Alice!Alice! snap out of it look at me please Jasper shes in a vision she wont respond Edward what is she seeing","Arte who is that?" i asked as alice snapped out of it just to be hit again this man must have a grudge or something alice hit the side of the mountain so hard it should have killed someone who was invincible."STOP PLEASE STOP"Arte was yelling at this man and while she yelled i noticed she had an accent but i did not recognise it. Alice POV "ALICE!ALICE!WAKE UP TALK TO ME PLEASE"I could hear Jasper but everything was black (Time Pass )