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Forgotten One



3. life as it was

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Carlisle POV Its been two days and Alice is still unconcious and what makes it even worse Edward cant hear her thoughts."Arte,come with me please." I asked and she followed i took her to my study where i could ask her some simple questions."Arte how do you know Alice?" I asked her and she flinched and her eyes went blank,I woke up in a big european style mansion and Arte was standing beside me she took my hand and led me to a younger looking girl with long black hair and ocean blue eyes she had a pretty blue dress almost similar to the one arte was wearing when we first met her."Mary Alice , will you come here please?",Alice looked around like she was lost and then ran up the large marble stairs stumbling a little bit as she reached the top and then i noticed a woman standing there who was similar to Alice exept she had blonde hair and blue eyes and had a little girl holding onto her skirt who had blonde hair and green eyes."Coming mama!"Alice said with a strange accent and then i realised where we were we were in England!A tall man came through the doors behind me and Arte he had black hair and green eyes he walked up the stairs almost to be knocked down when Alice gave him a bear hug it reminded me of Emmet in a wierd way. "Alice my little Alice where is Cynthia may i ask?" he asked and Alice pointed up the stairs and then her eyes went blank and her father just asked her if she was okay,she shook her head and ran out the doors.I woke up as soon as Arte let go of my hand,"why did she run out Arte?"I asked but then when i turned around i was met with an angry Alice sending a death glare at Arte. ARTE POV "If looks could kill I'd be six feet under " I muttered as she asked if i could speak with her 'alone well now im walking to my own funeral great' "sure"i said as i got up and followed her to her car "A Porshe no way" , "Yeah now get in"she said 'as though i have a choice' before the others could say eanything we raced off leaving a frowning Jasper and a smiling Edward ALICE POV "What did you show him?"i asked trying to keep my temper i could hear the rest of the family running in the woods trying to keep up i knew i had to lose them it was the only way i could talk to Arte without every question hitting me in the face like a roller coaster of emotions . i turned on to the interstate as fast as a bat out of hell and looked at arte again, "What did you show him arte" i said in the calmest voice i could muster "well just you as a kid in london, i think he knows your british now." she said sheepishley then stared straight ahead with a blank face thats how i knew she was astral projecting , 'great whats she going to show him this time' CARLISLE POV arte appeared as a translusive blue form in front of us and we just all stared at her i had never seen anything in my life so amazing then everything went blank and i was back in the european mansion and jasper and arte were beside me arte looked at us both '' when i show you this dont be mad at her just because of where she comes from or what she can do she forgot all about this place i could tell, you promise?" she asked me and jasper promised and went along with arte and then saw alice's father and mother and cynthia JASPER POV "Mommy were is sissy?" the blonde little girl asked in a BRITISH accent! "I don't know my darling cynthia she may be in her room or the kitchen helping the maids again."the woman said and the little girl took off and we followed. we arrived in a garden behimd cynthiaand thats when i saw her it was alice she looked about nine years old and she was wearing a light blue gown that matched her blue eyes that seemed to change with every move she made "SISSY!" Cynthia yelled an ran up to alice who just sighed and looked away as a boy who looked about twelve came up to them "maryalice, cynthia how are you doing today?" he asked as he bowed thats when i looked at carlisle who seemed shocked at what the boy did."oh we are absolutely fine rigth ali?" cynthia asked and alice looked at her with her big blue eyes and simply said "yes" in a british accent that i have heard her speak in before.She paid no mind to the boy and walked into the mansion we followed her and she led us to a giant room it was painted with doodles and things alice most likely did her self even the ceiling held traces of her art her furniture was at leat ten different colors but the oulines of the doors and windows were black around the edges with white swirls and stars.it was amazing when i turned back around carlisle and arte were gone and so was alice so i decided to go back the way we came and make it to the plaza of the mansion were the big long staircase was CARLISLE POV alice left her room and me and arte and i thought jasper did but here we are missing him we decided to go back to the garden cause arte wanted me to see somthing she did not want jasper to see. right away i smelled blood so i held my breath and thats when i see alice staring blankly with her arm stuck in a thorn bush. she was reaching for somthing then i saw somthing in the bush it was a small plush tiger she had tears streaming down her face and she was muttering somthing i could not understand arte pointed to a tree and i saw caius perched there smiling then he ran towards her alice brought her hand out of the bush and looked like she was going to run for it but turned real quick and hit caius with a flame that appeared out of nowwhere her eyes were now gold then they turned back blue as soon as a big glob of water floated right above caius's head and dropped when alice lowered her hand "I spared you i wont do it again" she said so harsh her accent coated every word she said.i saw the rest of the gaurd behind the fence looking quite shocked exept for aro who was smiling.then they left and jasper came out as soon as they were gone and everything went black.