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Forgotten One



4. accident?really!

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ALICE POV i was pulled over cause arte accidently brought me in her astral projection of the past i saw everything she showed them and stayed out of their sight as arte was waking up i did a highly illegal u turn and sped back to forks remembering every thing i used to could not.I soon got back to forks and back to hte house only to be asked questions here and there then arte spoke up and said she wanted to speak to me, jasper, and carlisle in private and that edward could come if he wanted .the first question i got that i could actualy hear was from carlisle he asked me why i never spoke of being british before."i did not remember it" i said as jasper came up to me and smiled and put his arm around me JASPER POV what i did not tell either arte or carlisle was that when i was walking i saw alice and i could tell she was pulled there like me and carlisle but i dont think arte knew that so i followed her and stayed out of her sight as she walked through big double doors feeling confused she saw cynthia and automaticaly frowned and probably had a flashbackshe saw cynthia playing with floating fire which was realy odd.and then she turned around and ran up the stairs and entered her old room i took that chance to wonder around some more and went to the garden after i saw her mother and father or should i say Marie and charles that was their names they seemed to give both of their traits evenly to their children when i got to the garden i saw alice hiding behind a curtain watchin arte and carlisle and staring at herself as nine years old she looked shocked so i pretended not to see her and walked out to arte and carlislethen everything was black . everyone was still asking alice questions she did not know how to answer so i asked her if she wanted to go huntingand she said yes and gladly took my hand ALICE POV jasper asked me to go hunting with him i did not need to but i wanted to get away from the questions for a bit though i knew jas had somthing he wanted to ask me but he was hiding it