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The Ghost

Why did I do something so stupid?? My life was finaly looking up and then I had to fuck it up, so now am on the run..trying to save my life..my pathetic stupid good for nothing life!!! So am going somewere I KNOW they won't look..la push...little did I know my whole life was going to turn upside down and make me question everything I ever knew....

I own nothing..only my. Own oc talya

2. what else can go wrong?

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I have been driving for hours before I saw a sigh with WELCOME TO LA PUSh. Thank god I thought, looking around I saw la push was really small with loads of trees that were GREEN...ew have I mentioned I hate the colour green ? 'Aww bloody hell!' Talya said I canny see nothing the rain is comeing down that hard..peering out the window I try and find out were I am. I started to reach over for my phone when I saw someone standing in the middle of the road.SHIT I shouted and hit the breaks but the roads were wet and I slide the car started going all over the place and final came to a stop after I crahsed into a tree. Sitting up I reached up to touch my head and felt something wet looking at my hand I saw it was covered in blood..grumbling and bitching under my breath I get out the car to see the damage. OMG are you okay a boy said well I think he's a boy anyway..he over 6ft tall bronze and has muscles but his face told me he was only about 16/17. After staring for a few moments I relised he was the person standing on the middle of the road..yes I'm fine no thanks to you I said the boy looked down and started to stutter..I..I'm sor..sorry no one drives around here in this weather the boy replied looking down yea well still what kind of idiot stands on the fucking road I could have killed you or worse myself are u stupid I shouted staring at the boy who seems to find his feet..wait what feet ? Omg why the hell is he not wearing shoes I wonders but before I could ask I heared a female shouting, turing around I came face to face with a very beatfuly and equa angry women, who do you thing you are shouting at my brother you stupid bitch you could have killed him you idiot..I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the groud getting myself together I quickley shouted back I'm stupid it was you brother that was standing on the middle of the road so shut up before I shut you up myself I scremed at her and it was then I relised there was a couple of boys standing behind her the biggest one steped froward before the girl can say anything else and started to speak..hello my name is sam please ignore leah over there she is very protective over her brother seth..the leah girl went to say something but sam gave her a look that shut her up I smirked when I was her looking at the groud ..yea well her brother almost got me bloody killed mabey she should fucking watch him and make sure he disny kill someone eh ? Remebering that I crashed into a tree I turn around to see the damage of my car and lest just say I was not happy with what I saw..ohh for all that's holy whould you look at my bloody car the whole front on the car was trashed the lights were smashed and the once stunning black bonnet is all smashe..turing around I find the boy that caused all the trouble stalking up to him I start screeming in his face you stuid moron look at what you have done to my car do you know how much its going to cost to get fixed I should have run your arse over you retared!!! Before I know it leah had grabed me and pinned me against the tree you ever talk to my brother like that again and ill kill you looking in her eyes I knew she was telling the truth but I still smirked and brought my face realy close to hers and wispered bring it. The sam dude grabed leah and told her to calm down one of the boys that were standing quietly spoke up hey miss you okay you bleeding..looking at my hand I rembered that I smacked my head of the dash bored shrugging I repleyd yea my heads fine but my cars is NOT..then remebring my manners I steped forward and holded my hand out for him to shake..my names talya and you Are? The boy took my hand and said sorry my names embry and this is quil, paul, jared, there is another one of us but he is doing something embry said and someone I think paul muttered yea moping over leach-lover before he got a smack across the head witch made me laugh nice to meet you all well apart from leah and seth that is I smiled. Look am really sorry I never ment for you to get hurt and I will pay for any damages if you want seth whispered..looking at his face you can see he ment it so me being the grown up I am (yea right lol) I smiled and. Holded my hand out for him to grab, when he did I gave him a firm shake and said truce ? Seth face broke out in a smile so wide I thought his face was going to crack and nodded really fast laughing I let go of his hand and looked at my car again groaning when I did so cause it was the same as when I frist looked at it ( yea well what did you think ? That magical farys were gonna fix it ??) Some times I really hate the voice in my hea. Erm look if you want you can come to my house my girlfriend can fix you head and we can phone jacob that's the boy that's doing something btw and he can fix it, he like playing about with cars sam said I shrugged and nodded cause let's face it am not going to get any were with my car as I looked about I noticed there was no other cars looking at sam with a frown I asked how we were gonna get there and the boys laughed and said we are wlking. Okayyy but wants going to happen to my car ? I was really confused to how we were going to get the car to sams house, the boys just started walking over to my car and put started pushing and yes I said PUSHING. Don't worry you pretty little head we have it said the boy that I think is paul but I don't know cause they call look the bloody samem so we started walking to sames with the boys pushing the car the whole way , and all I was thinking was what the hell have I got myself into ?