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The Ghost

Why did I do something so stupid?? My life was finaly looking up and then I had to fuck it up, so now am on the run..trying to save my life..my pathetic stupid good for nothing life!!! So am going somewere I KNOW they won't look..la push...little did I know my whole life was going to turn upside down and make me question everything I ever knew....

I own nothing..only my. Own oc talya

3. well hello sexy ;)

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Sams house was warm and cosy I liked it..to bad I can't say the same about sams girlfriend emily cause she was surroundeing me and cooing stupid shit like aww you poor think and shit its like bitch please shut up I have a mum and I don't need another. I would have left already if it was not for the fact that A) my car is fucked and I have to wait on jack no wait jermy wait nope jacob that's it I have to wait on this jacob guy comeing back from crying over bella fucking swan or that's what paul said anyways and B) I still don't know were my new house is yet. So am stuck in this cosy wee house with a women that does not understand the word personal space and another girl glareing at me but to be honest ill rather put up with leah than emily. I felt something wet hit my head and sliding over my face to hit the groud..a pizza someone threw a mother fucking slice of pizza at me looken up I find the culprit also know is paul or as I like to think of him as no balls paul. Paul was doubled over laughing but quickly shut up when I stood up but sadly just before I could make an example out of him the front door slamed open and a god came into the kitchen were we were all sitting . He was the tallest even taller than sam and way hotter than any of the guy. Hey emily the god like man said looking over everyone but his eyes stoped at mem as I looked into his eyes I swear my heart stoped. He was fucking sexy was all I kept thinking. After awhile the whole staring thing was getting old so I jumped up and waved my hand infront of his face hello is anyone there heloooooo oye paul I think he is broken. after I said that the whole kitchen apart from emily burst out laughing the boy who was staring at me like he was seeoing the sun at the first time, got out of his wee daydream and started smilying so wide..he stuck his hand out and sayd hi am jacob black but my friends call me jake takeing his hand in mines I gave it 2 ups and down shakes before I let go . Hi I'm talya smith and everyone calls tal or smithy and is you face hurting ? This made jake and the rest of the boys look at me confused erm no why ? Jake asked ohh no reason just that you smiling so bloody wide I was afraid you face would crack, after saying that once again the boys laughed but jake looked down at his feet ( what do these boys have against shoes ) blushing. Well anyways since your jacob and pretty sure your the one fixing my car ? Cause I really need to get home. Jacob started looking worried when I mentioned going.erm were do you live and yea I'm the one fixing your car.well I don't really know were live cause I can't find the bloody house, I have just moved here, I never knew it was possible but jakes smile seemed to get bigger well what's the address he asked fishing out the piece of paper with my address on it I handed him it. He started to laugh and I mean deep loud laughter that seemed to shake the house and made my stomac flutter. Ehat are you laughing at boy I asked cause I really don't like not getting in on the joke, jake just shaked his head and tried to calm down..I'm sorry ..laugh..its just..laugh..you like across the road hahaha and with that the boys, leah and (shocker) emily started to laugh I started mubling about how I was new and I almost died before I could find out were the house was feeling embarresed. Anyways I shouted are you jst gonna sit here or are we gonna fix my car get get me all sorted in my new house across the street? I looked at everyone. Sma stood up and slaped his hands together okay let's get stared then shall we boys. ( Leah gave same a glare at the point) and girl he added as an after thought. Tonights going to be a long night I thought to myself as I followed the boys to the door well aware that jake eyes never looked away from me.