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The Ghost

Why did I do something so stupid?? My life was finaly looking up and then I had to fuck it up, so now am on the run..trying to save my life..my pathetic stupid good for nothing life!!! So am going somewere I KNOW they won't look..la push...little did I know my whole life was going to turn upside down and make me question everything I ever knew....

I own nothing..only my. Own oc talya

4. the nightmare called high school

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Iv been in la push for a month now, and today is the day I start school yeaaa ( note the sacrasim), cause I'm only 17 and I don't turn 18 till june the 4th next year I sadly have to go to school, but atlease I will know people like the boys. This last month I have got really close to paul, embry jake and belive it or not leah as well, I'm close with the rest of them I have even meet kim jared girlfriend and little clair the girl wuil babysits all the time. Me and emily are not that's close as she once gave me a row for saying bloody cause she will not have swearing in her house so that lead to me walking out side the house and screeming every swear word I knew. So its safe to say me and emily won't be pals in the near future. Anyways I really have to get ready as jake picking me up in a hour. Me and jake has got really close but this bella chick keeps on phoneing him and getting him to come to hers all the time so I don't think anythings going to happeing between me and jake. Walking to my walk in wardrowb I picked out a pair of skinny white jeans with my tight fitted t-shirt that shows a wee bit of my stomac and the words 'am not a bitch am THE bitch' across the boobs with my light coloured leather jacket and and my light pair of ankle boots, I finished the look of with red white and black ( my three fav colours) braclets and my dangling hoops with my gold neckless with M&P on it. It stands for mafia princess, that's what I was before I moved here yea I know I was in a gang so I must be bad, yea well your wrong my family (my choosen family) was decent people that's fought for what they belived in and made sure no one dared to mess with them. Thinking of my boys back home made me miss them even more josh, david,alex and mark were my brotheres. Giveing myself a mental shake I finished straighting my natural bloned hair and took a look in the mirrow, I was medium height 5ft 4 slimeish haha well I had 36d cups boobs and a nice ass I was not a super skinny girl I had a flat stomac. I have small hands with long skinny finger and longish nails, my nose was small my mouth abit big and my eyes were big and green with long thick eyelashes that surrounded my eyes and seemed to give me a mystery look. So all in all I may not be a stunning looking girl but I liked they way I looked so who care what anyone else thinks. Hearing a beep comeing from outside I turned off my hairstraighters and grabbed my bag and run out the door only pausing to lock the door and run to jakes rabbit ( I found out he fixed it himeself that lead to a very hot day dream of jacob black shirt less working on a car really hot if you ask me ;) ) jumping in the passanger seat I gave jake a hug and sayed hi to quil and embry. Soon we were parking in the school parking lot..I think I'm going to be sick..wish me luck I will need it!