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Bella's Back

This is the part of New Moon where Bella finally goes out from Jessicca's pov. Usually, I would write something like this in a oneshot, but I couldn't stop myself on theis one :)

I own nothing....I'm pretty sure we all know exactly who this stuff belongs to.....

1. She's Alive

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Mr. Varner stopped lecturing as the door opened to glare at whoever had just walked in. I almost looked back to see who it was, until I noticed the empty seat next to me. It was just Bella.

Bella had been different ever since the Cullens moved. I had known it would never last, her and Edward. He was just too perfect for her – for anyone here in Forks. I had known that eventually he would decide to go date a movie star or something. I was actually surprised that I hadn’t seen him with any of the stars in a magazine. After all, he was living in LA, with perfect access to them. I couldn’t figure out why Bella had never realized that she was hardly anything special, and that he was obviously going to move on after he had had his fun with her.

As she sat down next to me, I didn’t even bother to look up – I knew exactly what I would see. Next to me would sit a tired, thin, too-pale face, concentrating absurdly hard on her Calculus book as soon as she got it out. She would seem lifeless, simply only speaking when spoken to, although it would be impossible to get more than three words out of her at a time. I’d given up trying to be friends with her months ago. Sure, she had the right to be heartbroken, but it had been four months! I had gotten over Mike in two weeks. After seeing how closely she was attached to Edward, I would have expected it to take her about a month at the most, especially when, from what her dad had told Mom, there had been no contact whatsoever. Her precious Edward was obviously over her, but she didn’t seem to be able to move on.

After the Cullens moved, she didn’t come to school for a week. Mom said they almost had to hospitalize her, for she wouldn’t eat or sleep or anything. Then she came back, and went through her normal routine, although she had no energy. We tried to comfort her at first, calling to invite her on girls-night-outs and stuff that Angela and I had though would help her get over her ex, but she never was able to make it. Eventually I gave up. If she wasn’t going to make any effort, why should I? Angela had stopped trying as hard, but she was much more forgiving of Bella than I was.

As Mr. Varner wrapped up the lecture, I looked down at my note. Even with the time I spent spacing out, I still though I got it. Mr. Varner let us out five minutes early, so I decided to pack up and go wait for Angela to get out of her class. We had Spanish together next, and we would be able to talk more about her date tonight with Ben if she didn’t have to wait for me.

“Jess?” a familiar voice said softly. It took me a second to realize that the voice was one I hadn’t heard speak to me in a long time – Bella’s. What did she want from me? If she wanted help with Calculus, she was going to have to ask someone else. I turned slowly to see her wrinkling her nose, like she smelled something disgusting. This made me angrier.

“Are you talking to me, Bella?” I snapped, my voice a little sharper than I’d intended, but it was still better than the ‘What do you want idiot?’ I’d almost said.

“Of course,” she said, her eyes widening in fake innocence. God, this girl needed acting lessons. Then again, maybe she just hadn’t tried to show emotion since her little boyfriend left. Still, I was suspicious.

“What? Do you need help with calculus?” Because if you do, you are talking to the wrong person, I added to myself.

“No. Actually I wanted to know if you would,” she paused, and took a deep breath, before continuing, “go to the movies with me tonight? I really need a girls night out.” Her voice sounded like an old piano which hadn’t been play in a dozen years – weak and out of tune. So, after all this time she wanted me to help her? She couldn’t just ignore me for months and then one day decide to bounce back to the way things used to be. And why didn’t she ask Angela? She had always like her more. I looked at Bella’s face, and saw something I hadn’t seen since the Cullens left – hope. I couldn’t crush it, but there was no way I was going along with this.

“Why are you asking me?” I finally said, figuring it would probably be better to be kind to her. She smiled at me – another first since September – and hesitated before answering.

“You’re the first person I think of when I want girl time,” she said sincerely. This surprised me. I still wasn’t sure what was going on her head, but how bad could it be going with her? I was planning to go to Port Angeles soon to see a movie, but I would definitely prefer Angela or Lauren to Bella.

“Well, I don’t know,” was all I could think to say. Maybe she would take a hint and ask Angela instead. She had always seemed to like her better.

“Do you have plans?” She caught me. The only way I could get out of this now would be to lie or shut her down by saying that she had no right to ask me to go with her. I wasn’t too keen on either idea. Besides, Angela and Lauren weren’t around today, so if I didn’t go I would just be watching TV at home.

“No,” I paused, making my decision. “I guess I can go with you. What do you want to see?” I could instantly see the relief on her face.