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Bella's Back

This is the part of New Moon where Bella finally goes out from Jessicca's pov. Usually, I would write something like this in a oneshot, but I couldn't stop myself on theis one :)

I own nothing....I'm pretty sure we all know exactly who this stuff belongs to.....

2. Zombies

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“What do you want to see?” I asked, surprised at how well the conversation was going. I wouldn’t have expected to be able to talk to her this easily after the months of no correspondence.

This question seemed to stump her. “I’m not sure what’s playing,” Bella explained. I could tell she was wracking her brain for ideas. “How about that one with the female president?”

I stared at her. Was she serious? That movie had come out in October. I guess she really hadn’t seen anything since her precious boyfriend and his family left. What was wrong with this girl? “Bella, that one’s been out of the theater forever.”

“Oh,” she frowned. “Is there something you’d like to see?” Nice, put it on me instead. I sighed. At least she was being agreeable. There had been a few movies I’s been wanting to see. I started to think out loud to her.

“Well, there’s that new romantic comedy that’s getting great reviews. I wanted to see that. And my dad just saw Dead End and he really liked it.” That title seemed to perk her up.

“What’s that one about?”

“Zombies or something. He said it was the scariest movie he’s seen in years.”

“That sounds perfect,” she replied. That caught me off guard. I wouldn’t have taken her for the scary-movie type of person. But, if she wanted to see it, it was fine with me.

“Okay. Do you want me to pick you up after school?” I offered, hoping I wouldn’t regret it. If she was acting like she was this afternoon, it would be fine. But, if she went back to how she was acting before, I would be bored out of my mind during the hour drive to Port Angels. She agreed, and I smiled at her. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw her smile back as I turned to meet Angela on our way to Spanish.

I honked the horn twice and waited for Bella to come out to my car. I pondered over whether or not this was a good idea. Angela had seemed thrilled that Bella was acting semi normal, and gushed about how much fun we would have and how good I was for Bella. Lauren thought I was crazy to even look at that girl, but, Lauren never had liked Bella. I myself wasn’t sure how to feel. It really all depended on how Bella acted. I had really like being with her before she became this living zombie, but I wasn’t sure now. After all, she had brushed us off and been totally antisocial for way too long. I wasn’t even sure if she remembered how to react around normal teenagers. I was guessing that the only person who’d really made any effort to get her to talk was her dad.

Bella came out with a phony smile on her face. At least she was making an effort. “Thanks for coming with me tonight,” she said as she slid into the passenger seat.

“Sure.” I replied, before letting my curiosity get the better of me. I knew I really shouldn’t rock the boat, but I wasn’t going to be stuck wondering for the rest of the night. “So, what brought this on?

“Brought what on?” she replied, practically in a monotone.

“Why did you suddenly decide,” I paused, searching for the words. Become alive again? Start acting like a normal human? Get over your boyfriend? I had a feeling she wouldn’t respond to any of those too well. I finally settled with “to go out?” hoping she wouldn’t be offended.

She shrugged. “Just needed a change.” Bella stared emptily out at the road. I almost groaned, but stopped myself. There was no reason to make it any worse than it already was. I concentrated on the radio. The song change to one which I didn’t recognize, but one the chorus came, Bella cringed. She reached for the dial. “Do you mind?” she asked, although I could see that she would probably change it even if I said yes.

“No, go ahead.” She flipped through several stations before settling for one which I would have never expected from her. I narrowed my eyes, trying to figure out her intentions. “Since when do you listen to rap?” In my brief time with her, she had never once mentioned liking rap.

“I don’t know, a while,” she said unconvincingly. I had a feeling there was another reason for the change in station, but I decided not to push it. However, the music was already starting to make my head throb.

“You like this?” I inquired, hoping she would admit to her real reasoning behind changing the station. Unfortunately, I had no such luck. All I got was a weak “Sure” as she bobbed her head, hopelessly off the beat.

“So, what’s up with you and Mike these days?” Bella asked me, deliberately changing the topic. Yet she had chosen the one topic I didn’t want to talk about. Mike and I had broken up over the summer, and he was obviously interested in her again, although I could not fathom why.

“You see more of him than I do,” I said shortly, stopping the conversation in its tracks.

“It’s hard to talk at work,” she mumbled, pausing only momentarily before trying again. “Have you been out with anyone lately?”

“Not really. I go out with Conner sometimes. I went out with Eric two weeks ago.” I rolled my eyes in disgust. Even Bella, at her worst, was ten times better than a date with Eric.

“Eric Yorkie? Who asked who?” I groaned, glad that the conversation was going this way. I wasn’t sure how much more of the silence being filled by that awful rap music I could handle.

“He did, of course! I couldn’t thin of a nice way to say no.”

“Where did he take you?” she demanded eagerly. “Tell me all about it.”

That was all I needed to here. “He took me to Port Angeles, to the Café Garden. It would have been so romantic if it had been with anyone but him. You have no idea how uncomfortable the ride there and back was!” I began, continuing to tell her about how he spent the entire time talking about some science scholarship her was hoping to get, and all of his other nerdy stuff. She seemed to be paying close attention, so I told her all about my dates with Conner which was a thousand times better. I hadn’t talked so much all day. As we reached Port Angeles, I suggested we see the twilight showing, and get dinner afterward, which she gladly agreed to.

Bella asked questions which kept the focus on me until the movie started. Then we both stared at the screen, watching a couple walking on the beach. I was watching intently until Bella interrupted me.

“I thought we picked the zombie movie,” she hissed. I couldn’t see why she was being so impatient.

“This is the zombie movie,” I replied quickly, turning back to the screen. Bella still wan’t satisfied.

“Then why isn’t anyone getting eaten?” I looked at her in alarm. Since when had Bella been bloodthirsty? If I remembered right, Mike had said she fainted that the sight of blood. What was going on? Had she snapped?

“I’m sure that part’s coming,” I whispered, alarmed.

“I’m getting popcorn. Do you want any?” she announce, far too loudly.

“No thanks,” I said, as the person behind us shushed us loudly. I turned back to the screen as Bella climbed over me to get some popcorn. It only took me a few minutes to get into the movie. Only the smallest part of my mind was wondering where Bella was.