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Bella's Back

This is the part of New Moon where Bella finally goes out from Jessicca's pov. Usually, I would write something like this in a oneshot, but I couldn't stop myself on theis one :)

I own nothing....I'm pretty sure we all know exactly who this stuff belongs to.....

3. Betrayal

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I shrieked and attempted to cover my eyes, but I wasn’t fast enough. If I’d been here with Conner, I’m sure I would have had my have buried in his shoulder the entire time, only slightly taking advantage of the fact he’d let me under the circumstances – most of it would have been out of terror. Unfortunately, my neighboring seat was still empty. This slightly annoyed me. Bella had asked me a favor to come here with her, and now she abandoned me to watch the horrifying film on my own. As the zombies attacked yet another helpless person, Bella slid back beside me.

“You missed everything,” I whispered, trying not to let my irritation – or terror – color my tone. “Almost everyone is a zombie now.”

“Long line” was all she muttered as she offered me some popcorn. I took a handful and turned back to the movie. As the zombies attacked, tortured, and killed the decreasing number of people, Bella sat stiffly, not showing any emotion. While I was screaming along with the majority of the audience, she never made a sound. When there was just one survivor left, Bella abruptly got up and started to leave.

“Where are you going? There’s, like, two minutes left,” I hissed at her. It was absurd to leave at the climax, and she had already missed more than enough of the movie.

“ I need a drink,” she replied in a monotone, already racing for the exit.

I watched the heroine barely escape, and hurried out the theater doors as soon as the credits started rolling. I might be annoyed with Bella, but I couldn’t leave her in Port Angels. I needed to find her. I stopped, scanning the area. I didn’t see her at the snack bar. Perhaps the bathrooms? As I started to turn, I saw her sitting on the bench ten feet in front of me. I sighed in relief, but quickly felt my earlier irritation seep back into me. Why had she left me to sit out here? Apparently she had changed her mind about the drink – she sat empty handed.

“Was the movie too scary for you?” I asked suspiciously when I reached her.

“Yeah,” she replied, to my surprise. “I guess I’m just a coward.”

“That’s funny,” I frowned. She has never screamed during the entire movie. It seemed like she just took off. I tried to put my thoughts into words which would coax the truth out of her. “I didn’t think you were scared – I was screaming all the time, but I didn’t hear you scream once. So I didn’t know why you left.”

She shrugged. “Just scared.”

Maybe I had been over reacting. Different people dealt with their fear in different ways – I’d never really seen Bella scared, so I had nothing to compare it to. And it was hard just to get her to talk. I could hardly expect her to scream to show emotion. Even though it’s what most normal people would do, Bella had been far from normal the last months.

“That’s the scariest movie I think I’ve ever seen. I’ll bet we’re going to have nightmares tonight,” I giggled.

“No doubt about that,” she answered, but her tone was off. It seemed to be almost a monotone. I glanced at her quickly, trying to figure out what was up with this tone. It seemed to have been used a lot tonight.

“Where do you want to eat?” I asked.

“I don’t care.”

“Okay.” Quickly, I tried to think of something to talk about. I hated these silence. What would she be willing to talk about? What about the guy who played the non-zombie lead? Although he had absolutely nothing on Edward, he was so hot, she’d have had to notice him. Even with her precious Edward gone, she would still notice other guys, right? However, even as I gushed about him, she only murmured polite responses, never contributing anything of her own. Eventually, I stopped talking. This conversation was too one-sided, and I needed to pay attention as we went through the next two blocks.

This was my least favorite part of Port Angels at night. During the day, it was a really cute area with a few clothing boutiques and a café Angela and I loved. However, they all closed before it got dark. This stretch had no street lights, and the only light came from the bar across the street. I hurried towards the McDonalds. The street lights started again just half a block ahead, and I was anxious to get there.

Unexpectedly, the foot steps beside me stopped. “Bella?” I whispered. “What are you doing?” This area made me uneasy, and there was absolutely no reason for her to stop.

She shook her hear, looking unsure. She was looking at the bar. I followed her gaze and saw a small group of young men, probably in their mid-twenties. “I think I know them…” With that, she stepped out into the road, pausing for a second before she seemed to make up her mind.

“Bella, come on!” I whispered again, this time more urgently, although, my voice still managed to crack in panic. She ignored my words and continued toward the bar. There was something wrong with her. Anyone in their right mind would be hurrying away from the bar. Just a few months ago a girl our age had been disappeared in an ally in not far from here, and the police suspected she had been murdered. Bella must be insane to walk towards the bar. For all we knew, the murderer was in there! I was torn. I wanted to leave and got get dinner, but I couldn’t just leave her here to get herself killed, especially if she was mentally unstable. I ran toward her, quickly catching up.

“Bella! You can’t go into a bar,” I hissed.

“I’m not going it. I just wanted to see something.” She took another step toward the bar, shaking me off.

“Are you crazy? Are you suicidal?” I pleaded, hoping she would understand how dangerous this was.

This made her turn and look me in the eye. “No, I’m not,” she retorted defensively. The way she said it made my jaw drop. Was she suicidal? I couldn’t let her kill herself – or let someone else do it for her, but I couldn’t see how to stop her.

“Go eat. I’ll catch up with you in a minute.” She waved toward the McDonalds, turning her back to me. My instincts screamed to follow her directions. After all, it was her life, and staying her was too dangerous. However, at one point, she had been my friend. Even though she had hurt me by her silence, I still cared about her enough to want her to live. I couldn’t just leave her to go into the shabby bar.

Suddenly, Bella froze. She glanced at me and then the strangers at the bar. I too was frozen in place, hoping she had come to her senses. What had made her stop was a mystery, but hopefully she realized how stupid she was being. Unfortunately, Bella quickly snapped out of it and continued away from me, shaking her head as she went. I watched her talk to the men as I stood in the middle of the street. I wasn’t going to follow her, but I still couldn’t convince myself to leave. This situation made me so mad I could scream. Who did she think she was? I came to the movies with her even though she ignored me for four straight months. I even drove her up here, listening to her crap music, and this is what I got.

Finally, she walked back to me, offering no explanation for her actions. “Let’s go eat,” was all she said. For some reason, this bugged me.

“What were you thinking?” I snapped. “They could have been psychopaths!”

Bella only shrugged. “I though I knew the one guy.” This was so wrong. She could have got us both killed so she could she someone she thought she might know.

“You are so odd, Bella Swan,” I said icily. “I feel like I don’t know who you are.” Somehow, I was almost positive the Bella I had known before the Cullens left would have never done anything like that.