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This was written for the cupcake contest. But now that I think of it, it's probably too long for the contest! I hope you like it anyway! Summary: Bella thinks that her life was weird enough, but her views of the world change when she goes on her honeymoon...


1. Mermaids

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I honestly thought my life couldn’t get any weirder. Between having a vampire boy friend and a werewolf best friend, I thought my life couldn’t handle any more mythical species. Oh boy was I wrong. It seems that the world is more then what meets the eye. I don’t know how many different species of mythical creatures are out there, but one thing’s for certain, they are very few in numbers. So how is it that I managed to stumble upon another species? I came up with only one theory. I am Fate’s guinea pig.


We were on the beach, with tropical trees dotting the grass behind the sand. Parrots flew over head, and they sky along with the water was crystal clear. There was no cloud in the sky and I could see fish, coral, sea turtles and many other different kinds of creatures beneath the ocean’s surface. It was a picturesque moment, one that you would find on a post card. I was extremely happy that Edward brought me here for our honey moon. It was somewhere off in the Pacific, he wouldn’t tell me where exactly. He claimed that no one knew about it, no tourist or humans would be there. We could lay out in the sun with out any humans wondering why we were sparkling. It was a vampire’s paradise.

We were married after graduation. It was a little early to get married, but since I had an eternity on my hands, the age I got married at didn’t seem to make a big difference. But of course, Charlie and Renee had no idea of my future plans of becoming a vampire. They teamed up against me to try to talk me out of getting married. Edward won them over easily. I was amazed; was there something Edward could not do? I couldn’t think of anything at the time. I was relieved when changing me into a vampire didn’t make it on the list. He bit me after the wedding, like he promised. I was thankful that I married a man true to his word.

The surface of the water glittered like diamond; the sun was strait over head. Aside from the wild life, Edward and I were alone. Or so I thought. Let me just say that Edward was as clueless as I was. We honestly thought that no other creature inhabited the island. You can imagine our surprise when someone showed up on the beach one day.

Edward and I were walking hand in hand, not really paying attention to our surroundings. He was running his free hand up and down my cheek and I was fingering my wedding ring. It was covered in topaz and diamonds. It sparkled just like we did. It was perfect. The only sound on the beach was the tide breaking on the sand and the random cry of a parrot. That’s when we first heard her.

“Eeeeeek!” a shrill cry rang across the island, shattering the cone of silence around us. Edward and I immediately came to attention. We whipped our heads around, trying to figure out where the scream came from. “Innntruuudersss!” the same voice screamed. I began to get worried. I thought we were alone. Edward seemed to be confused, too. His brow was wrinkled and his eyes narrowed, peering into the distance.

“I can’t see anyone,” he said quietly. I turned my head in every direction I could move my head. All I saw was beach, palm trees and water. If I was human, my heart would have been beating crazily.

“What was that Edward?” I asked, my voice shaking. Edward shrugged and started to walk inland.

“I’m hearing someone’s thoughts, Bella,” he whispered. “They seem to be coming from the water,” he explained.

“What the Hell are you doing on our island?” an annoyed voice asked behind us. Edward and I turned around immediately. There stood a lovely woman, her skin pale with a hint of green and hair the same color but darker, dressed in a loose dress. Her eyes were a piercing blue and they glared at us with anger.

“What?” Edward asked, clearly as confused as I was. The woman narrowed her eyes.

“What are you doing on our island?” she demanded, her voice becoming shaper with each word. Edward glared at her.

“This island doesn’t belong to you,” Edward said, eyeing the woman cautiously. Who was she? I knew there was something about her that was different. I looked to Edward for any form of hint to what the woman was.

“Oh really?” she asked, raising an eye brow. That was when I started to sense that something was defiantly wrong. Edward gasped suddenly, his eyed widened to their extent.

“Edward what’s wrong?” I asked urgently, tugging on his arm. He glanced down at me, his eyes full of wonderment.

“Bella,” he whispered. “Did you ever hear of mermaids?” I blinked. What was he talking about? Of course I heard of mermaids. But they weren’t real…were they? I quickly looked at the woman again. She wore a smug smile on her face. I looked down and saw that a small child was hiding behind her legs. She also had light green skin and green hair. It looked like they were possibly mother and daughter.

“What?” I gasped. Edward couldn’t stop staring at the woman.

“How?” Edward could only say. The woman threw back her head and laughed. Edward and I both looked at the woman with wide eyes.

“I didn’t realize you two were vampires,” she said. She then held out her hand. “I’m Patricia,” she announced. Edward reached out and they shook hands. I did after Edward. Her skin didn’t feel human. It was like it was covered in small scales. Too small to see at first glance. I also noticed that the sun reflected off her, too, creating a sparkling effect, but no where near the degree as vampires.

“I’m Edward and this is Bella,” Edward said politely. I nodded my head. Patricia looked around the island with proud eyes.

“So what brings you to our small island,” she asked with the harsh tone out of her voice.

“Honey moon,” Edward said, still a little dazed. Patricia suddenly had a look of warning on her face.

“I warn you,” she said. “The rest of my family may not be as inviting as I am right now.” Her gaze traveled from Edward to I. “We don’t usually accept outsiders.” I nodded in understanding.

“I never saw a family of mermaids before,” Edward said to me. I smiled at him. I was curious, too. Edward turned back towards Patricia. “We would like to meet your family,” he said, his voice filled with wonderment. Patricia nodded and then took the little girls hand.

“This is Naomi,” Patricia said. Naomi held up her little hand in Hello. Patricia started to walk towards the water and we followed her. “I’m guessing you don’t need to breathe, right?” she asked us. Edward nodded. “We’re going to have to swim,” she said, “So just follow me.” She walked a few steps then stopped at the ocean’s edge and her legs slowly morphed into a classic mermaid fin. I was paralyzed in amazement. Edward tugged on my arm to get me moving again. Naomi copied Patricia and her legs also turned into a fin. They both dove under water. Edward and I followed.

We had to swim for a few moments; my hair was constantly getting in the way since it was floating around my head. I would always slip up and start to worry about running out of air. I remembered my vampire status quickly so I didn’t embarrass myself. Edward held my hand the whole time we were swimming.

I started to see holes in the rock then. No one seemed to be inhabiting them. It was when we got further along we started to see more mermaids. They peered at us from out of the small caves in the rock with either angry or curious faces. I was starting to get self conscience. I didn’t like so many eyes on me. But it was hard not to stare back. Their green hair floated around their heads like halos. It was a surreal sight.

There weren’t any furnishings in the caves. I doubted that anything could fit in anyway. The openings to the caves were small, just big enough for someone to see in and get in and out. I guessed that they spent time on land, too, since they seemed to be protective of it.

It seemed like forever, the swim into the mermaid city. When we reached our destination, I saw a small glimmer of light. When I looked closer, I noticed that it was a necklace. It had an elaborate arrangement of shells on it. It was beautiful. I then noticed the woman wearing it. Her hair was a dark green, her eyes such a dark brown they were black. She had a regal air around her. I immediately realized that she was the leader.

“Who are these people?” the woman demanded of Patricia. The woman glared at us, obviously angry that we intruded on her city.

“They’re vampires,” Patricia said confidently.

“You brought vampires into our city?” the woman asked outraged. Patricia rolled her eyes.

“They only eat animals. Look at their eyes,” she said impatiently. She was clearly high enough in social status that she could say such things to the leader. The woman glared at Patricia, and then glared at Edward and me.

“What are you doing on our island?” she said coldly. I cowered back but Edward stood firm.

“We didn’t know it was your island,” he said. “We were just on a vacation.” Even though Edward was acting calm, I knew he was starting to get worried about our safety. Patricia didn’t seem worried though, she rolled her eyes at the leader and then turned towards us.

“You should stay here a few days,” she told us. “You know the way down here, right?” she asked us.

“What are you doing?” the woman screeched. “Don’t make decisions with out my permission!”

“We should learn more about vampires,” Patricia said. “We hardly know anything about the outside world. It can help us in the future, Karen.” The woman seemed to be considering what Patricia said but she didn’t seem to like the idea that Patricia used her name.

“Fine,” she growled. “But if they hurt any one of us,” she warned. “Then they better consider themselves dead.” She then swam down towards us. “I can tell you are a new vampire,” she hissed in my ear. “If you loose control and endanger my family, then you will have to deal with me, cupcake.” I don’t think Edward heard her because his face didn’t change the slightest. The leader swam passed us and out of sight. I was left shaking, the water around me bubbling a little. Patricia immediately relaxed as soon as the leader was gone.

“For a second there I was worried that she would try to rip you to shreds then and there,” she said jokingly. It didn’t have the desired effect. I looked at Edward wearily. “Oh don’t worry,” Patricia said quickly. “The worst is over; Karen just has to warm up to you now.” I smiled the best I could and the grabbed a hold of Edward’s arm.

“I think we are going to swim back up to the surface,” Edward said. “We’re going to hunt some animals on the island. Is that okay?” he asked suddenly. Patricia nodded.

“Come down here any time you want,” she said. “We’re all going to hunt tomorrow. You should join us.” I was instantly curious. How did mermaids hunt? Edward seemed just as eager. “See you tomorrow,” she said before swimming away. A thought suddenly entered my mind.

“Patricia?” I called out. She turned around. “How are we able to talk under water?

“Mermaids have a magic around them. It allows us to talk underwater. I guess that magic applies to you, too,” she explained. I thought about that for a few moments.

“Thank you!” I said. She smiled and then disappeared from sight.

Edward grabbed my hand and we swam back up to the surface.

“That was…interesting,” I said. Edward laughed and kissed me lightly on my lips. As we swam back towards land, my thoughts were taken over by mermaids. I then realized how little I actually knew about the world.


After hunting and then spending the night on the island, Edward suggested that we go back down to the city. I was hesitant about the idea, considering that Karen hated our guts.

“Don’t worry,” Edward said, guessing my train of thought. “We didn’t do anything to upset her yet,” he whispered in my ear. I shrugged, I didn’t know what to expect from these creatures.

“Can they kill us?” I asked, my worry starting to bubble over. That would be horrible, killed on my honeymoon.

“I’m not sure,” Edward responded. “But they might be able to.” He didn’t seem worried at all.

“I don’t think I want to take a chance,” I said. I was just turned into a vampire, I didn’t want to die. I had an eternity on my hands and I wanted to keep it that way.

“It will be fine,” he encouraged. He stared into my eyes and all traces of doubt left my mind.

“Fine,” I snapped. “But if we are killed then it will be your fault.” I then stomped to the water’s edge with a snickering Edward trailing behind me. He grabbed my hand before we dove into the crystal clear water.

I prepared before hand and used a tough strand of seaweed for a hair tie. I just wished that my clothes didn’t have to get so wet. It took an hour to dry out, with my skin being freezing cold and all. Edward didn’t seem to mind it though. I started to wonder if we were going to spend our entire honeymoon in the water. I also wondered if Karen would ever warm up to me. I didn’t know what I did wrong. Maybe she was just very protective of her family. Maybe I would just have to prove myself to her.

I didn’t have long to ponder, though. Something sharp whizzed by my head, a few bubbles escaped my mouth when I gasped. Another object streamed towards us, but this time it hit Edward. He winced in pain and look down at the projectile. It was a spear which embedded it’s self in Edward’s leg. That was the most surprising thing. How could wooden spear pierce granite? Edward pulled me behind a patch of coral. After a few minutes of nothing else attacking us, we slowly swam around the rock. I opened my mouth to say something, but only bubbles came out, giving away our positions. I realized then that we weren’t close to any mermaids.

“Bella! Edward!” a voice called out. We turned around to see Patricia swimming towards us. She had a worried look on her face.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” she said relieved, but then she spotted the spear in Edward’s leg. “Oh no,” she whispered. “I didn’t think mermaid spears could hurt vampires.”

“Well, they obviously do,” Edward grumbled. He tugged on it, but it wouldn’t budge. Patricia scratched her head.

“Well, this is strange,” she muttered. We didn’t have time to think because the spears started to come again. “Follow me!” she said before swimming away. We immediately followed her. It was hard to keep up, she was swimming so fast. I guess mermaids were as fast in the water as vampires were on land. Maybe mermaids were the vampires of the sea…

After a few minutes we reached a small cave with a barely visible entrance. Patricia entered it and Edward and I both followed. Patricia’s chest was heaving and her eyes were wide with fright.

“What happened?” I asked urgently. Patricia just shook her head and tried to focus on calming down.

“We were attacked,” she said quietly, out of breath. “There is another mermaid family around here; we have been fighting for years.” She rubbed her temples and her eyes brows were furrowed. “They attacked suddenly. Karen led some mermaids to fight, but I doubt her success.” She then sighed. “I’m sorry you had to experience this,” she said apologetic. “Here, let me try to get that spear out.” She placed her hand around the spear in Edward’s leg. She seemed to be concentrating hard. She then tugged on the spear and it came right out. There was no visible mark left on Edward’s leg.

“How did you do that?” I gasped. Patricia smiled.

“I had lots of practice dealing with these things,” she said, holding up the spear. “This one is made very well,” she noted. She then seemed to remember the situation. “Let’s go somewhere else,” she said quickly. “They are bound to search here soon.” She squeezed out of the tiny hole leading towards the opened sea. I followed, then Edward. We swam at the same pace we were going before. I recognized the surroundings and realized that we were swimming towards the city. But it was deserted when we got there. Patricia gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. Edward and I shared a quick glance. Right then I wished that I had a power. Something that would be of help. But either I didn’t have one or I didn’t discover it yet.

“What are they doing here?” a familiar cold voice seethed. We turned around to see Karen swimming towards us. She pointed a finger accusingly at us. “Doesn’t cupcake and her boyfriend realize that we are in a war?” she asked harshly. “They will get in the way!” I grimaced at my new nickname. Patricia rolled her eyes.

“They’re not getting in the way,” she said frustrated.

“I don’t care!” Karen shrieked. “I want them out of here!” she said before swimming away. Patricia motioned us to follow her. She didn’t lead us back to land, though. We swam towards a huge tower of coral. She stopped swimming when we reached it. She poked her head through an opening in the rock.

“We might be able to win,” Patricia told us. “If Karen leads them well, then we can defeat them.” She then narrowed her eyes. “But I doubt she will.”

“What can we do to help?” I asked, not thinking about my words. Patricia stared at the battle field. It was gruesome. I found out the horrible way that dead mermaids don’t float, they sink.

“Can you fight?” she asked. “I hate to ask you this, but I think that if you two help, then we can survive.” I looked at Edward. He nodded.

“Sure we’ll help,” I said. Patricia smiled brightly.

“Thank you!” she said before swimming into the open. Edward and I took a deep breath before following her. Immediately spears flew past us. I was scared out of my wits. Even though Edward tried to stay calm, I could also see that he was scared for his life. An enemy mermaid swam towards us, but Edward kicked his stomach before he could do any damage. His eyes widened and he grabbed his stomach. Edward then threw him away from us.

“If we do that the whole time, then maybe we can get out of here unscathed,” he said grimly. I nodded and then latched myself onto Edward.

“I’m scared,” I whispered. Edward nodded.

“It will be okay,” he said confidently. “That spear didn’t go too far into my leg. It hardly did any damage.” I wasn’t so sure though. The fact that it even pierced him made me want to swim away screaming.

A few more mermaids swam over to attack us, but Edward fought them away and winded them. He obviously didn’t feel like he should kill them. I saw Patricia and her family fighting for their lives and I immediately felt guilty for not doing more to help them. I separated my self from Edward, but that turned out to be a huge mistake. Three mermaids attack us then, dragging me away and pinning Edward against a rock. I struggled against him, but mermaids were strong. Not as strong as vampires, but strong enough. That thought made my stomach turn. He dragged me into a cave.

“Look what we have here,” he chuckled. “We finally separated you two, now we can dispose of you and win.” I was frozen with fear. That made him laugh even harder. “I wonder if they killed your boyfriend yet,” he said, teasing me. That sent me over the limit.

“He’s not my boy friend,” I hissed. “He’s my husband.” I did exactly what Edward did and kicked his stomach as hard as I could. He gasped and wrapped his arms around his stomach. I then punched his jaw, sending him into unconsciousness. I didn’t stay there though; I swam out of the cave and tried to find Edward. He was over by the rock still, taking care of the mermaids that attacked him. It looked like he was taking care of himself so I swam into the fight. After fighting that mermaid, I suddenly wanted to fight more. I kicked another enemy mermaid joyfully, which was a surprised to me. I never liked to hurt another living thing, so my new found want to fight astonished me. I wondered to myself where Karen was. Patricia told me she was supposed to lead the fight, but I didn’t see her anywhere around. I was suddenly knew she was in danger and I couldn’t stop myself when I swam away to find her.

I found her behind a rock close by. She was cornered by two mermaids. She didn’t have a spear and they both did. She was seething; her hands were clenched into fists.

“Get out of my territory,” she hissed. She looked dangerous. Her green hair was wild around her head and her teeth were barred. The other two laughed.

“It’s going to be our territory soon enough,” one of them said confidently. They both started to advance, pointing their spears her way. It was obvious she wasn’t going to survive against them. One of them jabbed her arm with his spear. She screamed out in pain and blood clouded the water around her. I didn’t stop to think then. I swam towards them as fast as I could and knocked their heads together hard. They were stunned for a moment, but they regained their senses fast enough. I grabbed one of their spears by the handle, jerked it out of his hands and stabbed him with it, but not with the sharp end. The other one tried to get me but I ducked and kicked his stomach. I took both of their spears and held it to their throats.

“Get out of here,” I said. They both looked at each other and then swam away. I sat down on a rock, exhausted. I turned to look at Karen but she was gone. I stood there confused for a few moments. I then felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Edward behind me.

“We won,” he said simply. I threw my arms around him. He chuckled and hugged me.

“Is everyone okay?” I asked, dreading the answer. Edward hesitated.

“There were casualties,” Edward said sadly. I nodded and buried my face in his shoulder. We then swam out from behind the rock. Patricia was there, helping with organizing the destruction. The wounded were in one spot the…dead in another. I was surprised that Karen wasn’t there. Patricia saw us coming.

“Are you okay?” she asked us. We both nodded.

“Where is-” I started.

“Karen?” Patricia snapped. “Who knows? She disappeared behind a rock somewhere.” I was shocked at her out burst. Patricia then sighed and turned her attention back to her family. Edward squeezed my hand, and jerked his head towards land. I nodded and we swam away.

I wasn’t sure if what I experienced was actually real. But it was defiantly one for the books.


We swam back down to the city to say goodbye. The Cullens were going to pick us up today around noon. We wanted to say goodbye before we left. No one attacked us as we swam this time.

The city wasn’t ruined, it seemed like it was untouched. I guessed mermaid wars were different from human wars. They wanted to keep the buildings, since they didn’t want to make more. Carving caves must be hard work. Patricia met up with us half way there. She told us that Karen still didn’t show up, but other then that, they were trying to get everything back to normal. She was acting as Leader until Karen came back. She admitted that even though Karen was a little cold, she was actually a pretty good leader. Even so, Karen wasn’t Patricia’s favorite person. She told us a lot of other mermaids felt the same way.

We then told her that we were going back home. She embraced us and told us ‘Thank you’. She led us back into the city, to say good bye to everyone formally. Many mermaids came up to thank us. We must have helped more then we thought. We were going to leave, but then someone yelled to stop us. We turned around to see Karen swimming towards us. She stopped in front of us breathless.

“I wanted to say thank you,” she said quietly. She turned towards me. “Thank you so much.” She then threw her arms around my shoulders and hugged me. “I knew I was horrible to you,” she said. “They would have killed me,” she said. I nodded, my mind a blank again.

“It’s fine,” I said, not knowing what to do. Karen smiled and then took something out of her fold of her dress. She held up a cupcake. It’s base was made out of sponge and the top was made out of seaweed. It was dotted with pebbles and little shells. I stared at it, confused to what it meant. “It’s somewhat if a truce,” she said, handing it to me. I smiled at her and then thanked her. She smiled back. “You’re welcome back anytime,” she said before joining the rest of her family.

“Where were you?” Patricia asked frustrated.

“I was recuperating,” she said simply, showing everyone her hurt arm.

“And making cupcakes,” someone else muttered. Either she chose to ignore him or didn’t hear the remark. Edward smiled down at me and pulled me closer to him. He pressed his lips against the top of my head.

“Ready to go?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I sighed and took one last look at the mermaids before swimming back towards the surface.


“So, how was your honey moon?” Alice asked us. We were in the private jet, flying back to America. They were all staring at us curiously. I looked towards Edward and he shook his head, signaling that Alice didn’t see anything in her visions.

“It was nice,” I said simply. “We had fun on the beach.”

“There was good hunting, too,” Edward added.

“We swam a lot,” I said, looking down at out still damp clothes.

“And that’s all?” Alice asked, narrowing her eyes at us.

“Yes,” I said, and then looked at Edward. “It wasn’t very eventful,” I said, holding in a chuckle.

“No it wasn’t,” he said grinning down at me. The rest of the Cullens looked at us like we were crazy.

Even though our honey moon was nothing but uneventful, Edward and I decided not to tell the rest of the family about our little adventure. It was going to be our secret and ours alone. We could always escape there if we needed some time to our selves.

Alice didn’t seem to buy our story, though. But she let it go.

“Fine,” she grumbled and then leaned back in her seat. Edward took my hand in his and looked at my wedding ring. I gazed at it, too. It was really something of beauty. Just like my Edward. I leaned on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I wondered to myself how many more mythical creatures I will meet in my life time. I doubted that there would be anymore, but then again…it’s a very big world.