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Full Moon

Bella Swan is a normal teenager moving to Forks to live with her dad and to begin a future with her boyfriend Jacob. Bella knows Jacob's secret, he is a werewolf, but what happens when the legends start to come true. What happens when Jacob imprints on someone else. Leaving Bella to consider dangerous stunts to numb the pain, until the Cullen family step in to save her life, revealing their own secrets along the way. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Preface: I was at peace with my decision to die, it seemed like such a natural thing.
The next logical step in my life.
After all what other choice was there? I couldn’t live alone thinking constantly about the loss of the only thing that had ever mattered in my life. The loss of 
Jacob Black.

My first book so please be nice with comments! Hope you enjoy :) Unless stated otherwise the story is from Bella's POV

1. The Beginning

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My decision to move to Forks was not an easy one, but after my mother remarried I
realised she and her new husband Phil needed time to themselves, to settle into married life. It was the only way this marriage would work and I wanted my mum to have
happiness more than I wanted it for myself.
Living in Forks with my dad Charlie was what made the decision hard, sure Charlie could be easy to live with after all he didn’t nag and his job kept him busy. But Forks, of all the places he had to live in a small mundane town where rain fell 98% of the time (the thought of rain alone filled me with fear). The only thing I was looking forward to was being closer to my boyfriend, although we had made the relationship work as long distance for 2 years and I was secretly panicking that being close would drive us apart and not make us closer. Although this fear was in the back of my head it still kept rearing its ugly head.
The flight to Forks was slow and I couldn’t tell whether it was the boredom kicking in already. The landing was predictable, I hated flying.
I waited patiently to get my bag, missing it the first time it went past me on the conveyer belt and only tripping twice when I finally got to it, not bad for someone who even tripped over in their dreams.
Charlie was waiting for my in the arrivals lounge, grinning from ear to ear clearly more enthusiastic in my decision to move to Forks than I was at this point, the mantra in my head ‘ you will soon see Jake', the only thing making my legs move forward.
The ride to Charlie’s was quick only twenty painful minutes in the car with mindless chit chat. We travelled through the Quilette reservation on the way and I was confused when my dad pulled in behind a large red chevy truck, only to recover from my daydreaming and realise we were at the Black’s house. Strange Charlie hadn’t mentioned we were stopping in on the way.
I saw Jacob bounding down from the porch and felt it immediately the strange connection we had, Charlie said I always sparkled around Jacob and that it was only a waiting game as to how long it would be before Charlie had Jacob as a son in law.
Strangely enough the thought was comforting, although Jacob knew that if that was to be our future we wouldn’t be spending it in Forks. A topic he had been avoiding lately was where and when we would leave for college.
“Bella, your finally here to stay!” Jacob said as he grabbed me, hugging me closely
“Whoa Jacob, what is Billy feeding you. Look at these guns” I said giggling.
“Well Bells, what do you think?” my dad broke into my thoughts of how strong Jacob looked, suddenly bringing to my head feelings and thoughts I didn’t even know I was capable of having.
“Think to what Charlie?” I questioned confusion etched across my face.
“The truck, Jacob has been fixing it up ready for when you got here. I thought you
would prefer to be driving yourself around, especially as you will be wanting to spend your time on the reservation with Jake” Hearing this from my dad made me smile, and the truck looked amazing, old and vintage just my style.
“Dad it is amazing, thank you!” I said as I stared at the truck in awe, it was then that Jacob decided to chuck me the keys. Which of course i missed and then tripped over trying to retrieve.
“Jake, make sure she gets home safe for tea” Charlie said raising an eyebrow at my lack of coordination “Bells I will leave your bags in your room, you can unpack tonight when you get home.” Charlie said getting into his cruiser.
We stood excitement radiating of us both, the minute Charlie’s cruiser was out of site Jacob grabbed me and kissed me. Oh how I had missed his skin, it was so warm to touch.
“Jacob” I giggled pulling away “Can I please drive my truck before we get carried away”
Jacob chuckled as he opened the truck door and lifted me into the driving seat, he definitely had beefed up since I last saw him.
Jacob and I spent as long as we could with each other but as the sky darkened we decided I had better get to Charlie’s, hopefully giving me time to eat and unpack before the dreaded first day at my new school. A school which I was joining mid-term and a school which everyone would know my name and of my impending arrival, after all it wasn’t every day that the chief of polices daughter decided to move from Arizona to Forks.
Jacob the person who made me feel safe would not be joining me in Forks High, he went to school on the reservation which I could not attend because Charlie’s house was in Forks and not on the La Push reservation.
Jacobs parting words that night filled me with both dread and confusion.
“Have a good day tomorrow Bella, make friends, just not the Cullens.” He turned to kiss me hard on the lips and then began his walk home.