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Changing the Future

Just before Bella comes to Forks, both she and Edward receive a package of 4 books. Their lives change now they know a version of the future. Can they do better this time, learn from the books? Canon rewrite of DeydreamBeliever's original story.

This is a rewrite of DeydreamBeliever's (FanFiction.net ID #1843522) original story located on FanFiction.net. The original is posted on my fanfiction.net account with the author's permission (please see her account for verification). Other FF authors are free to rewrite and/or continue the original version of this story, but this rewrite is mine. Please don't steal it. Thank you. Disclaimer: The Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just having some fun playing with the characters.

2. Chapter 2

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As he read the first book, Edward’s mind was filled with a dozen conflicting thoughts and emotions. Could it be real? Who wrote the books and sent them to him? Was she a gifted vampire similar to Alice, or something else?

He had never heard of the books or author before, so he held out hope that they weren’t published for a mainstream audience. If the books ended up in the wrong hands, they would have the Volturi to deal with and that wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interest. If the author was a seer of some kind and already knew so much about him and his family, it would stand to reason that she would be aware of the Volturi and their laws as well. He would remain vigilant, of course, but would not worry overmuch about the Volturi until he knew more.

His mind then turned to the girl, Bella. He hadn’t even seen her yet, but he already felt a yearning to know her through more than what had been revealed to him in the pages of this book. Was she real? Would he be meeting her—his mate that he had long since lost hope he’d ever find—soon? A part of him was eager for that to happen while another part, recalling the reaction of his book-self to Bella, feared that day. What if he wasn’t as strong as his book-self was? What if he couldn’t resist the allure of Bella’s blood?

Then there were his other worries, worries he no doubt shared with his book-self. What kind of relationship could he really have with her? He wouldn’t damn her to this half-life he was forced to live. He was tempted to destroy the books and run as far away as possible. If he left and stayed away from Forks for the next century, the girl—if she existed—would never meet him and could continue to live her life, a human life, without interference from his supernatural world.

But… he found himself to be too curious. He wanted to know what happened with his book-self and Bella. If he destroyed the books too soon, he might miss out on the reason they were sent to him in the first place. Maybe it was to keep him away from the girl, but maybe there was more to it. Decision made, he quickly finished reading Twilight and thought back over everything he’d read.

He couldn’t deny that the girl—that Bella—was his mate. She seemed to be bonded to him right away, exhibiting little fear in regards to him, although her reactions were normal when it came to James’s coven of traditional vampires. The electricity she felt when their hands touched sounded similar to what he remembered hearing in the minds of Carlisle and Esme after Esme was first changed and they bonded as mates, as well as what Rosalie and Emmett first experienced.

Even knowing that she was his mate and he was hers, he wasn’t sure that involving himself in her life was the right thing to do. The question of what their relationship would become and what would happen to her life remained. Just being a part of his world for a few days had put her at great risk in this first book. Wouldn’t it be better to stay out of her life altogether? Then he remembered the very human calamities that nearly befell her in that book, things that he had saved her from, and he wasn’t sure. With that in mind, he opened the second book, New Moon, and began to read.

Barely into the first chapter, Bella stopped reading, shocked by the story she’d read so far. It was more than just a coincidence in place names. Her name was in this book, too? How could this be? She’d never heard of the author before. Of course, she could be using a pseudonym. But still… whoever it was, how could she know so much about Bella to write a story about her? Everything she’d read so far rang true—about Bella’s thoughts, her true reasons for moving to Forks (rather than the reason she gave her mother), everything about her father, Charlie’s house (as far as Bella could remember at least)—all of it seemed to be correct.

It was like something out of one of her mother’s fantasy novels or something. Bella had never really thought much about magic or the supernatural before—she certainly hadn’t seriously considered any of it could be real before—but she couldn’t think of any sane, normal, rational explanation for the existence of this book. Even a stalker who’d learned all her habits couldn’t know her thoughts, so what explanation was there other than something supernatural?

She continued reading, drawn into the story of her character and the mysterious Cullens, especially Edward. Was the story fictional, or was it—or rather would it be, since it was in the future—real? Was he real?

She stayed up late—too late, really, but it was the weekend, so she figured it didn’t matter too much—unable to put the book down, complete immersed in the story of her book-self’s relationship with Edward Cullen, a 104-year old vampire teenager. She felt so invested in the story. Maybe it’s because she was the main character, but she felt so close to Edward already and desperately hoped he was real.

She could tell from Edward’s words and behavior that he was really focused on all the ways he was different from her: primarily that he was a vampire and technically so much older than her. She didn’t see it that way, though. She saw Edward as a person, she saw his humanity. His being a vampire was a minor thing to her, except for him not aging while she did. She could see that part of it becoming a major problem at some point.

The era he was born in, though, made him the ideal man for her. He was born so close to the time of many of her favorite romantic heroes from the classic novels she favored reading. He was completely different from the boys she knew in her school here, and she doubted the boys in Forks were very different from them. Actually, from what she could tell from this book, the boys mentioned sounded much the same as the ones in Phoenix.

Returning her thoughts back to Edward, she wondered at what seemed like poor self-esteem in him. She wondered if he had always been that way, even when he was human, or if it was just because he didn’t like what he was. She really wished she had a book of his thoughts, so she could know if her perception was correct, but she thought it was.

Of course, she recognized the poor self-esteem in her book-self, too. Her book-self didn’t seem to realize it, but maybe it was because Bella was reading it with an outside perspective, but she saw clearly how her book-self thought she wasn’t good enough to be with Edward or the Cullens, when they—everyone except Rosalie—accepted her as one them, and other than consideration for her human fragility, they didn’t really treat her any differently from each other.

If the Cullens were real and she met them, Bella vowed to herself to accept their opinion of her. They considered her one of them, despite the fact that she was human and they were not; they valued her and her opinions and she wouldn’t scoff at that in the future like her book-self did.

Finishing Twilight, Bella felt affirmation in her perception of Edward and what he thought of himself as a vampire. She couldn’t think of any other reason he would put himself through what amounted to torture in order to keep her from changing into a vampire after she was attacked by James. She knew that she didn’t have any real concept of how painful and difficult it truly was for him, but she was amazed at his strength to do so successfully nonetheless. She couldn’t believe he would put himself through that if he didn’t truly love her.

He must truly hate what he was and that was why he didn’t want her to become a vampire either. She thought back to what Edward had told her book-self about Rosalie and how she hated what she was and would do anything, even give up the man she loved, to become human again. Perhaps Edward believed she would be like Rosalie if she was changed, and that was also why he refused her.

Setting the book down on her nightstand, Bella was tempted to move on to the next book and find out what happened next, but she noted the time and realized there were just a couple hours left until she had to be awake to leave for her flight. With one last glance at the remaining stack of books, Bella decided she should try to get a little sleep and save reading that book for later, on the two flights needed to take her to her new home. Turning the lamp off, she laid back in bed and closed her eyes. She found she did not dread her move to Forks anymore and fell quickly into a deep and restful sleep.