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essie was kidnapped by a vampire at a young age. Years later with no memory of who or what she is she is constantly tortured, harassed, and bullied. What'll happen when the Cullens move into town? Will they be able to help her? Will they figure out who took her and why? Will Nessie ever remember her real family?


1. New Teacher

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Chapter 1: New Teacher

Nessie's POV

I alarm clocked blared in my ears. I groaned slightly. I didn't want to have to face another day of hell, also known as school. At school I'm tortured and bullied immensely by what seems like the entire student body. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I do get bullied and teased a lot. I don't understand what I did though. What could I have done to warrant such harassment and bullying? Is it because I'm extremely shy and socially awkward? Is it because I don't have a lot of friends? Is it because I'm just me? The weirdo, the freak. The girl that doesn't even know where the hell she comes from?

It's true, I don't know where I come from. My parents found me in the woods when I was about four years old. They said that I looked extremely beat up and malnourished. I had a scar on my forehead that was the only souvenir of whatever happened to me. It was a very unusual scar. It was crescent shaped, very pale, and ice cold to the touch. It also sparkles when exposed to sunlight. Honestly I loved the scar because it was so unusual. Yet, I can't help but wonder how I got it in the first place.

I had no memory of the event, or memories of my life before. Every time that I tried to remember I just got a headache. The only thing that I could remember was my name. That's probably only because it is such an unusual name.

"Renesmee you're going to be late for school if you don't hurry up!" mom shouted.

"I'm coming mom!" I shouted back to her.

I finished putting on my clothes and my makeup as fast as I could. Then I brushed and combed my bronze curly hair. Then for the finishing touch I put on my glasses. I'm as blind as a bat in the daylight without my glasses. Okay so I'm exaggerating a bit, but my eye sight is pretty bad. Unfortunately the bullies at my school love to break my glasses as one of their many methods of torture. I always tell my parents that I accidentally dropped them instead of telling them the truth. I don't want them to know the kind of hell that I go through on a daily basis when I'm at school. Actually, the bullying doesn't just happen at school, it happens online to. It seems like on a daily basis I'm getting harassed on both Facebook and Twitter. I've tried blocking them and reporting them, but all that happens is the bullies create new accounts to continue the harassment.

I quickly went downstairs and started eating breakfast just to please my mother. Really all I wanted to do was stay home all day and avoid the bullies as much as possible. Maybe have a crying session and get it all out of my system.

"Renesmee" dad said. I hadn't realized that he was trying to get my attention.

"Yes dad?" I asked.

"Don't forget what your mother and I warned you about. If you break another pair of glasses you're going to be the one paying for them. You're mother and I are tired of paying hundreds of dollars every single month only for you to go and accidentally drop your glasses. Maybe if you pay for them you'll take better care of them" dad said, he was clearly upset.

I'm doomed. I knew it was only a matter of time before my bullies broke these as well.

"Okay dad" I said.

"Now go to school already, you'll be late" mom said.

"Okay mom, I'm going" I said.

Once I left and started my walk to school I could feel my heartbeat rising. My anxiety levels started to go through the roof. That's what bullies do to you. They stress you out beyond all possible belief.

Once I was at the school I looked around wearily for any signs of the bullies. None so far. I cautiously made my way over to my first class.

"Freak alert" I heard Heather whisper behind my back.

"Seriously why does she even show her ugly face around here? She should just go die already" Hailey said.

I heard several girls snicker at what she said. Seriously, girls are the worst when it comes to bullying.

I just ignored them as best as I could.

The day continued on the way it normally does. I go to my classes. I hear people talking behind my backs and saying nasty things as if I wasn't right there in front of them. Some of them come and say them right to my face. But I'm to terrified to say anything. I get bullied physically as well as emotionally.

Sometimes there are teachers and staff present and sometimes there isn't. When there is a teacher or someone else present they usually pretend that it's not happening, they just plain don't care if I get hurt or not.

Finally the last class of the day arrives. It was science class. There was an aura of excitement because our old teacher had quit and we were getting a new one. We were all wondering how this new teacher would be. I think he or she'll be just like all the others. Meaning they won't care if I get bullied or not in their classroom.

We all quieted up as soon as we heard footsteps coming down the hallway. I looked and saw what could only be described as an angel walking towards us. He was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He had extremely pale skin, blond hair, and beautiful gold eyes that I was envious of. He had to be in his early 20s.

There was also something else about him that I couldn't quite place. For some reason he looked very familiar to me. Which I feel is absurd because I'm sure that I would remember seeing this angel before.

He didn't seem to notice me as he unlocked the door and let the class in. I immediately went and took my seat at the back of the class. I preferred sitting in the back of classrooms because it meant that I was likely to be unnoticed by the teachers. It always helped me avoid being called upon by teachers. I don't talk very much to anyone at all here at school not even teachers. I'm just way to shy and socially awkward.

"Hi Class, I'm Dr. Cullen and I'll be your new teacher for this class. I also work part time at the hospital" he said.

"Hi Dr. Cullen" everyone but me said at the same time. I opted to remain quiet.

For a while he continued to talk about himself and his family. For some reason his seven adoptive children weren't able to start school until tomorrow. I was curious, did these other children look like him? Probably not since they are all adopted.

Then he started doing roll call. He paused when he got to my name. That wasn't unusual, most people couldn't pronounce my name correctly at first.

Then he looked straight at me in shock. His gold eyes staring straight into my chocolate ones in shock. He stared at my scar as if he were carefully studying it.

"Are you Renesmee?" he asked.

To afraid to speak I just nodded my head. I still couldn't help but wonder why this man seemed so vaguely familiar to me. I couldn't have known him. He's much to young for me to have known even before I had lost my memory at such a young age.

"Freak" the girl on my left, Brittany, said to me.

Was it just me or did Dr. Cullen suddenly look at Brittany with anger on his face? I didn't know. All I knew is that it actually scared Brittany. I didn't think a girl like her could be scared of anything.

After that we continued on with the lesson. Things were going rather smoothly until he started calling on kids for answers to certain questions.

"Renesmee could you answer this for me?" my heart jolted when I heard him call my name. How is that I got called on? That's the whole reason that I sit in the back! I don't want to be noticed.

I looked at the problem he had on the board. It was a math equation used for conversion purposes. I studied the complicated equation for a second and as usual it just clicked. I don't know why my mind just works so quickly.

Just the thought of speaking in front of the whole class made the nerves start eating away at me.

Then the bell rang and I was spared from having to answer him. I packed up quickly and was the first to leave the classroom.

I began my walk home. I didn't hear what was happening behind me until it was to late. Someone pushed me and I felt face first onto the pavement.

I looked and saw Heather grinning evilly. Several of her friends were also with her. They laughed at me. Then Heather grabbed my glasses off of my face and stepped on them; breaking them into smaller and smaller pieces.

Then they started kicking me and yelling at me at the same time.

"You little freak!"

"Go back to where you came from!"

"We don't want you here!"

"Nobody cares about you or loves you! The world would be so much better off if you were dead!"

"Get away from that girl!" I heard someone shout. I looked and saw that it was Dr. Cullen. He looked absolutely angry.

I took advantage of the momentary distraction and got up and ran.

"Renesmee!" I heard Dr. Cullen scream desperately but I ignored him.

I ran all the way home.

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