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Dark Past

Renesmee has lost her memory after mysterious circumstances. She now lives with her adopted brothers and sister after her adopted parents died in a tragic accident. But while in school she comes across some strangers who may hold the key to her past.

This was originally written by another author on fan fiction.net Taurus Pixie. I have gained her permission to repost this story.

1. Life Sucks

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight

A/N: This story does not belong to me. I have permissiom from the original author Taurus Pixie to share it with my lovely readers. I hope you love it as much as I do.


"Ness, wake up!" My stupid annoying older adoptive brother Martin yelled at me pulling my covers off me.

I groaned. "Five more minutes. Go away" I mumbled groggily.

"No. It's your first day of your junior year and my first day of my senior year and I'm not going to let my miserable, kill joy of a little sister spoil it for me." He exclaimed before walking out of my room. Grrr I hated school. The only subjects I even did remotely well in was art, music and languages; mainly because I was already fluent in Russian, Chinese and Spanish. Right now I'm learning French. All my teachers treat me like I'm a stupid little three year old that needs counselling or something. Maybe I did. I mean I don't know who the hell I am or where I came from. All I remember is waking up in this hospital like room and after that it's all a blur. Next thing I remember is spending most of my childhood in China and Peru with my adopted siblings and parents before moving up here to Alaska when I was thirteen.

I finally dragged myself out of bed and made my way downstairs.

"Morning Nessie." My fourteen year old sister Samantha greeted me chewing on a mouthful of toast spewing crumbs everywhere. Gross. Doesn't she have any dignity?

I just nodded my head in her direction and she just sighed in response. Did everyone really think I was insecure? The dull kitchen seemed to absorb my mood as I fixed myself some cereal. The house seemed quiet without Jack. Jack was the eldest out of me Martin and Sammy. He was just eighteen when our adoptive parents died in the so called 'accident'. They were found in their car at the bottom of the lake just outside of town. The police claimed it was an accident but if you ask me I've been through enough crap in my life to think it wasn't just an accident. So after that we were left in Jacks care when I was just fifteen. He's left for collage now and we probably won't see him again until the end of the semester. I missed him. We were always as thick as thieves as children and he always stuck up for me at school and helped me when I fell and he was the first person I remember after leaving the 'hospital' in the far north of Svalbard. I never really knew what I was doing there. I just knew they used to run these random tests on me. Why? I don't know but I keep trying to find out but all the documents and stuff just lead me to a dead end all the time so I just gave up.

After doing my morning routine Martin was driving us to school. The ride was quiet until we arrived at school when I saw the school bitch Britney sneering at me. I groaned as I got out of the car wondering what she could possibly say to me on this most crappy of all Monday mornings. Just as I glared at her she giggled and walked off. As I headed inside of school out of the corner of my eye I noticed a few of the new students getting out of their cars; obviously that new Dr. Cullen's kids. Everyone was talking about them. I sighed as they all stared at me. Probably thinking 'who is that freak?' Because that's what everyone thinks. But the way they were looking at me…it was like they knew me. I don't know how because I have never met them in my life. I just shrugged it off and followed Martin into the school building with their eyes burning into the back of my head. Really? Could they be anymore obvious? The tall lanky, bronze haired boy suddenly laughed out of nowhere. Cool, somebody who is finally weirder than me I thought as he kept laughing while the others stared at him in curiosity and annoyance on their beautiful features. I glared at nothing as I stomped through the main entrance totally unready to start this stupid, worthless day. God my life sucks.

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