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Elizabeth Melthrop is a ghost from the 1970's, and Paul a spirit warrior with a duty to his people. Paul isn't supposed to be able to see Elizabeth. In fact, he's the first person that's not a kid to see her at all. She's not sure what to make of that, and he's not sure what to make of her, but Elizabeth knows something. She needs him if she's ever going to be free.

This is my first story on here so I'm still figuring out how everything works. Chapters are only proof read by me so there will most likely be some grammar mistakes and such in this story. Thanks for reading!

1. Where Paul is Miserable

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~Paul's POV~

You know, life was a lot more interesting before I turned into a spirit warrior.

Sure, at first the novelty of it was great. I could do something very little to no people in the world could do. I can run faster, see farther, pick up scents quicker, and smell the slightest change in someone's emotions. That last one I'm still working out by the way, it gets kind of complicated.

But soon enough, everything became repetitive. Eat. Run. Sleep. Eat. Run. Sleep. It's all I ever do now. Sometimes a vampire running across our border spices it up, but for the most part everything is so…


Life before was a lot more exciting. I did whatever I wanted. I could pick up random jobs, my favorite being the corner store because old Mrs. Hokwat is the sweetest lady I've ever met. I could also get smashed at parties and sleep with whoever I want. I could drag race and cliff dive and go to a movie whenever I wanted and eat shit and ACTUALLY FEEL FULL.

Man I miss that feeling.

I will admit I was a bit out of my mind when I first shifted. I mean, who wouldn't be? Turning into a giant wolf is in no way logical. Not even with our legends did I guess that. When I'm confused or nervous or even scared I tend to get angry. The result is most of my pack brothers' tip toeing around me, except when itching for a fight. I oblige, of course. At least I get a tiny rush then. Nothing like before, but at least it's something.

All the things I used to love I can no longer do, either because I've been banned by Sam, my alpha, or I just don't get that rush anymore.

I lived for the rush. The un-predictableness of it.

Once the elation from the heightened senses wore of, and my added strength began to get boring, I became moody. There's nothing exciting now. My eat, run, sleep routine just is not cutting it.

But there's nothing I can do about it. Sam says it's our duty to watch over our people, and I understand that, but we never had a vampire problem before. No one died suspiciously, no one disappeared. Everyone died from normal, human things.

Fucking Cullen's, they ruin everything.

I can put all my hatred into them. I don't understand why Sam won't just tell them to leave. Okay, I understand. But I really wish he would tell them that. Then everything could go back to the way it was.

Or maybe not. I'm still stuck with all this wolfy shit.

I'm glad my mom isn't bitching at me like Embry's and Jared's are. I can tell she's worried about me, but as long as I don't look doped out of my mind I think she'll leave me alone. She has work to distract her anyways. She threw herself into it once my pops died. I remember those first few months, how hard they were. My grandma was still alive then and she moved in with us to take care of me since my mother practically lived at the law firm in an attempt to forget any little reminder that my dad once frequent this earth.

That included forgetting me. Especially me.

I remember my grandmother would tuck me in at night and whisper into my tears that mom does love me, but is grieving in her own way. I was miserable at first, but as the years ticked by that sadness turned into anger; and the anger into fury.

She didn't try to reconcile with me until I was seventeen and grandma died. I wouldn't even look at her at first, but now we can hold a polite conversation. She still tries not to look into my face, staring directly behind me or at my neckline and shoulder-blade. I barely see her, but at least I have some type of family. She's all I have left now, and it took me a while to realize that.

A bang on the door, followed by Quil hollering disturbs me enough to pull on some shorts and groggily walk to the door. "What?" I practically hiss at him. Today is suppose to be my day off and they better not tell me I have to run today. Quil's gaze focuses on something in the background, before dragging his eyes reluctantly to mine with frowning brows.

"Sam says you have to cover Jared's shift." He backs up after his claim, putting a wide berth between me and him. His nervousness is not that surprising with the way I blow up at things.

"What!" I explode, gripping the door frame hard enough to hear a crack. I wince, glancing at the frame to check for damage and pulling my furious gaze back to him when seeing no evidence of a break. "That's bull shit! This is my day off!"

"Yeah, well bring that up with Sam," he shrugs, backing up even more.

All the imprinted wolves run a lot less patrols than the single one's do. If I ever wanted to imprint it would be only for the reason that I could actually sit on my ass. Sex would also be a plus, seeing how Sam banned me from it which is bull shit. Something about me being too strong and forgetting my strength in the "passion of it," as he puts it.

"I fucking hate my life," I mumble, rubbing at my eye. I've already had this argument with Sam a million times, and every time it ends up with me tugging my pants off just before bursting into a wolf and still having to run laps.

Sometimes I really hate that man.

"When is his shift?"

"Now." He sounds relieved, almost as if he didn't expect it to be this easy. I sigh, running a hand though my hair before slamming the front door closed and walking into the woods.

I better catch me some damn vamp for this fuckery.

When I get off my shift all I can get myself to do is shove a bowl of cereal down my throat to stop the grumbling and pitch forward onto my bed, falling asleep within seconds. The next day is marginally better. I don't have to patrol until two in the morning, so when I woke up at twelve there was still another fourteen hours I could waste before selling my soul to Sam once again.

"Darlin', I swear you got yourself a bottomless stomach," Cassie teases, sending a wink my way before walking off with my scraped clean dishes. Cassie moved here from Texas about two years ago when she was seventeen, so we're the same age. I remember in school people would tease her about her accent, but she would just ignore them with a roll of her eyes. She comes back with another plate of food, this time it's eggs and pork chops with onions and peppers sautéed on top.

"Thanks Cassie," I grin, before digging into my food. She takes a seat next to me before plopping her feet on the booth with a sigh.

"I can't wait till I graduate from college, then I don't have to work at this god forsaken diner," she grumbles with closed eyes.

"Then you wouldn't be able to see me," I grin, showing sharp canines turning it into a wolfish leer. She pauses at my facial expression, but then her lip juts out slightly in a pout and she crosses her arms across her chest.

"I can only see you when I work anyways." Her voice is soft, as if I wasn't meant to hear it. I breathe out deeply, running a hand through my hair ruggedly.

Sam told us to drop all our old friends because we're better off that way. We could hurt them. And besides, the secret must remain that: a secret. I became sort-of friends with Cassie shortly after becoming a shifter, and we get along great. I understand why Sam told us to do end our friendships, and if the look on his face after he turns to Emily isn't enough to convince us the importance of his command then I don't know what would be. I just wish I didn't have to hide from my old friends, and keep myself at a distance with everyone else in my life that is not a wolf. My whole life is about being a wolf, and I hate it. I have no break from it, and it's getting to me. Being somewhat friends with Cassie is my little rebellion of Sam's orders. He's not gonna alpha command me away from my waitress after all.

"I just can't," I trail off, unsure what to say.

"Yeah, yeah. I get it, your gang." She gets up to take care of another customer calling for coffee before I can even attempt to deny that I am in such a thing. She walks over to him with a smile, sparking up a conversation.

I sigh, hunching down into my booth as much as a six-foot three man with heavily clad muscles can. A figure gets my attention from outside, standing in front of the window. She has long, golden blonde hair pulled up in a high ponytail with a swirl going into the band. She wears a white dress with tiny blue flowers added to the design. It's loose, with a tie around the middle to accentuate her waist. All in all, she looks like someone from the 60's or 70's. But that isn't what catches my attention the most.

It's that she shimmers.

Not like a vampire, but something else entirely. No one else seem distracted by this. They don't even give her so much as a glance. My brows furrow down in confusion, my food long forgotten. She peers around with childish delight, blowing a kiss to seemingly no one.

"Do you need any more coffee?"

Cassie's voice interrupts me, and I jump. I haven't gotten startled like that since becoming a wolf. I turn to her with surprise etched all over my face, before turning back to the window.

But she's gone.

I blink, getting up out my chair and racing to the door. She's nowhere in sight, adding more to my confusion. The only place she could have gone is into the forest, and no one goes in there since the "bear" sightings.

"Paul, you okay?" Cassie appears worried, gnawing on her bottom lip while tugging on her slightly mused, red apron. I clear my throat, closing the door and going back inside.

"I, yeah. I'm fine," I brush off, grabbing my receipt from the table.

Maybe I imagined it. It wouldn't be the first time someone called me crazy.