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Stupid Giraffe

this was my story for the cupcake challenge...no luck, though...congrats to the ones who did win! :)

Haha, I loved writing this, because I was laughing the whole time! Thanks so much for all the awesome reviews so far. This is a one-shot so it is completed, and I won't go on. Sorry! I hope you liked it and will REVIEW now!

1. stupid giraffe

Rating 5/5   Word Count 938   Review this Chapter

“Edward, please take this blindfold off of me!” I said loudly. He was holding my hand and pulling me out of his car. Alice had dressed me up in kaki miniskirt and a blue halter-top, and now I kept pulling the skirt down a little…it was too short!

“Bella, don’t be difficult.” He whispered in my ear. I knew he was taking me somewhere that I would probably never go to on my own.

“Why do you keep doing this to me?” I wailed.

“Because I love you, and if you love me, then you are going to shut up and make me happy by going through with this.” He growled. Uh-oh, he sounded irritated. I should probably not mess with him now.

“Can you at least tell me where we are going?” I couldn’t understand it. I was dressed casually and my hair was in a light ponytail and I was wearing sensible shoes! Nike sneakers! This was not Alice’s usual forte.

“We’re here!” He sang. It was amazing how he could dazzle me even with my eyes closed. His voice was so alluring; I would have followed him to the ends of the earth.

He pulled the blindfold off of me and the first thing is saw was a elephant.

Yeah, he took me to the zoo.

“Edward? Why are we in the zoo?” I smiled. At least being in the zoo meant no dancing or other embarrassing stuff like that.

“I don’t know, I thought you might enjoy it…” he looked at his feet. I could tell he was doing this for my “humanity” like he had done so many times before. I reached up and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you. This is the best surprise you have given me so far.” He grinned his breathtaking crooked smile and held my hand.

“Where do you want to go first? I say we go to the aquarium!” He pointed at a large cave.

It was so weird, throughout the entire day; he seemed to be enjoying himself to the fullest. Sometimes, he was acting like a little kid! It was so bizarre; he was jumping around and picking me up to see down over the fence, at the hippos or something like that. Then something clicked; he had never been to the zoo before. How strange…

“Here, I bought you a cupcake!” He came back from the café. I had just eaten 2 tacos and we were sitting on a bench next to the giraffes. I took the chocolate cupcake from him and smiled. He was acting so peculiar, and not his usual self. He never stopped smiling and was staring at me with bright eyes.

“Um, thanks…aren’t you hungry?” I teased. To my amazement, he started laughing…and not his usual bell-like chuckles, a roar of enjoying laughter.

“Nope! Come on! Let’s go get a closer look at the giraffes!” he pulled my hand and we ran over to the fence. I was struggling to hold the cupcake and not fall at the same time. He wrapped his arm around my waist and I giggled. It was like we were a normal couple, like so many others roaming around the Port Angeles zoo.

I was about to take a bite of the cupcake when suddenly it disappeared. I looked around and the giraffe was about two feet away from me chewing on something…it was my cupcake! I yelped and jumped back, bumping into Edward’s hard chest. Ouch…I was going to get a bruise tomorrow.

“Edward! The giraffe took my cupcake!” I started laughing really hard…it was just so funny! The giraffe took the cupcake from my hands! I looked back and suddenly Edward was really, murderously angry.

“HOW DARE HE?????” He yelled. I was shocked. Edward was normally a much more patient guy…it was just a cupcake!

“Edward? Calm down! It was just a cupcake! Would you just chill?!” I put my hands on his face and looked at his eyes. They were flashing to black. What? Why was he so angry?

“That was NOT just a cupcake! It was my Bella’s cupcake! Give it back you demon giraffe!” he let go of me and was shaking a clenched fist at the giraffe. I don’t think that the giraffe understood what was going on though.

Suddenly, Edward was climbing up the railing, getting ready to jump off the fence and land in the giraffe’s grassy area. I ran up and grabbed the back of his t-shirt.

“Edward Cullen! Get down here! What the hell are you doing?!” I pulled and he reluctantly got down. I knew that he had realized the consequences of his actions. No human could do that, so he was risking his family’s secrecy.

He started muttering under his breath as he took my arm and started dragging me off to the reptile cages. I caught words like “stupid…son of a…giraffes are…my Bella…cupcake… chocolate…love” it was so scary to see him acting this way.

“Edward? What happened back there?” I asked cautiously as he was staring at an almost dead lizard.

“Sorry I overreacted. It just made me angry that it took your cupcake…did you know that I remembered something from my human life?” he asked suddenly, looking into my eyes. I was so freaked out…what the heck is going on?

“No, what is it?” I asked. He barely remembered anything from his human life, and I was glad he remembered something.

“My favorite food used to be chocolate cupcakes.” He said quietly.