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He is a trouble but my love.



1. Short Story.

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All man must be childish. Vampire who lived over hundreds of years is not so different. I felt that this morning.

"Edward, what is all this?"

"Haha. It's a rose that people like. You like roses, right?" Edward seemed excited.

"Yeah I know that it is a rose, but why is it covering the entire house?"

"You know why. I prepared it for you!" He smiled.

"Aren't you happy? Woman like the rose, right?"

"Yeah right, I would be happy if you didn't ditch the class this morning."

I was angry at him because he ran out of class without saying anything and made me worry.

"At least you could have tell me where you are going!" I voice got larger.

"Bella..." He sounded low than before.

He came by myside ina twinkle and gave me a warm hug.

"I am sorry, Bella."

"I was worried because I thought you might got hungry because of me and ran out of class with desperation of blood."

"It was nothing like that. I will not do that again. Trust me."

Last time, I saw with my eyes when Edward got hurt becuase of me that I was so sensitive with his behavior.

Edward smiled and brought a flower bouquet.

"I love you, Bella. I cannot imagine a world without you. Will you let me stay by yourside for rest of yourlife?"

I couldn't hide the smile. He is a trouble, but he is the only love in my life.