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It takes 3 to Tango

Summary: Bella knew all about the legends of the Quileute tribe. Her mother told her the truth about who her father was and that Charlie Swan was indeed actually her older brother and her father was no one other than Billy Black. So after her sixteenth birthday and Renee’s marriage to Phil Dwyer, she decided to high tail it to Washington Forks. What happens when she runs into the already growing pack of La Push and eventually claims the heart of two of the most contradictory wolves in the pack? How will her transformation affect the pack bond?

Rated very HIGH MATURE as the idea of this story is raw lust and passion fuelled by unimaginable love, jealousy and possession of their shared imprinting. If you are under 18, please do not read this, I do not want to be virtually reprimanded by someone’s parents. Disclaimer: All things Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer and I own absolutely nothing except the plot and the few characters that you will meet in this story.

1. The Shy one, The Hero and the Damsel in Distress

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********************************************************************************************************************************************Chapter 1


I knew that leaving my mother and her new husband in Phoenix to settle into married life was a good idea and it also gave me a chance to get to know my farther. I was to move in with my uncle, Chief of Police Charles Swan, up until the time I either moved to the reservation where I was to go to school or if I decided to stay there until college.

Renee had taught me everything she knew during my childhood years of the Quileute tribe, but one thing always stuck out. “Every legend is always based on fact.” That always stuck in the back of my head as I imagined wolves larger then horses running rampant in the wet woods of La Push.

I had visited Billy and Jacob after the death of his wife but I always felt like an outsider. My skin was a rare sight for someone that had Native-American genes, I was pale but if I stood in the sun a soft olive tone would be visible to my skin. My hair was a combination of my mother’s strawberry blonde and my father’s jet black hair, a dark mahogany with soft light natural red highlights in them. My eyes were a soft brown but my emotions tended to screw with them, if I was raging mad they would take on the same colour of pitch black coal.

Today, Thursday, was the day I was to fly to Seattle, then Charlie would pick me up and then I’d have till Saturday to settle in and go pick up the car Phil had bought for me as a going away present, after that I would spend Saturday night and Sunday on the reservation with my dad and my brother. Apparently it was a welcome ritual to have a bon fire when a new member of the tribe joins. Oh well, I would atleast be able to meet some of the kids that would be my class mates at La Push High School.

The plane ride was quiet, well if you take into consideration that I had my earphones in and I was listening to the loud ramblings of MCR and Rammstein to reign in my nerves. I had not seen my uncle, my dad or my brother since my last visit to Forks and that was close to three years ago. There were a few people on my flight that just had that annoying need to keep taking me and asking me if I wanted something aka the flight attendances. I could not have been more relieved when they announced that we would be landing shortly.

As I finally claimed my bags that weren’t sent ahead by Renee, I felt the nerves crawl up again. Charlie was standing by the exit of the airport, playing with an old fashioned cellphone, it was hard to keep my laughter in, my uncle was a closet case of techno-phobia. I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder, the jump I received in response was enough for me to smile at him. “Heya Bells, ready to go get your car?” I just nodded. We were to stop in Seattle on the way to Forks to pick up my car, I had no idea what was in store for me as I knew that Phil had a habit to over compensate for not being able to have fallen into our lives earlier.

Charlie took one of my bags and we walked to his police cruiser, I could not stifle the groan that left my lips. He merely chuckled. “Don’t worry kiddo, it’s only till we get to the dealer then you are on your own.” Everyone knew that Charlie was the Chief of Police in the rinky-dink town known as Forks but they all knew that my mother was his sister, they grew up in Forks and my mom made it her life mission to get accepted to any and every hot spot university to get out of Forks. Funny how this is the town that changed my mother’s life, one silly spring break and bam nine months later she gives birth to me and she finishes her diploma in education.

Funny how life works out. Charlie pulled into what looked like a very expensive car dealership. I merely raised an eyebrow at him. “I was just told to bring you here kiddo, don’t give me that look.” He shrugged then unlocked the car doors and climbed out. I was still rooted in my seat. He bent his head down and chuckled at my antics as I still had not opened my door. “Come on kid, I can’t sign or the drive the car for ya.” I merely huffed and pushed the door open, my annoyance as clear on my face, everyone knew I hated expensive gifts and Phil enjoyed tormenting me with him. “Stupid sport’s star.” Was all I mumbled and that caused Charlie to break out in fits of laughter.

I had my purse with all my documents in my hand as I walked with Charlie into the dealership. “Can I help you Chief?” A salesman with a rather round stomach and a sugar coated moustache approached us. “Hey Thom, Bella here has come to pick up her car, her step-father got it for her. Phil Dwyer.”

The smile that lit up Thom’s face was enough to make me cringe. “What did he get me?” The words came out as a groan of distaste and Thom just chuckled. “I am not allowed to tell till you have signed the registration papers missy. Clear instructions that my commission depends on, oh and no returns or swapping it for another car too.” I could clearly picture Phil demanding those terms. “Fine fine. Let’s just get this over with.” Thom led us to an office filled with desks and telephones ringing off the hook and people running around tending to their duties. Charlie merely stood by the door chewing on a piece of liquorice. A nasty habit if you ask me.

Thom sat behind a desk that was clearly too small for his rotund body and he pulled out a set of papers. “Now sign on the dotted line and we can hand you the keys and the car then you are good to go.” I did as he was asked while seething internally at what car Phil could have possibly gotten me.

Finally once they had the signed documents and a copy of my driver’s license were we led to the back of the car lot. Behind a whole row of pretentious cars was what looked like a large SUV thing covered by a black tarp. Thom clicked a button and the lights flashed beneath the tarps. “There ya go. Chief I will see you for fishing on Sunday.” Thom handed me the keys then saluted Charlie and walked back to the office.

“Ugh.” I couldn’t help but groan as I saw the trademark label of an Audi as Charlie pulled the tarp off the car. “Nice kiddo.” Charlie whistled. “What is it?” Charlie almost choked on his liquorice when I asked, heck I knew more about Jane Austin then anything that had four wheels. “It’s an Audi Q7. A damn safe car for your clumsy self.” The car seemed to be in a brand new condition as the lights of the dealership bounced off the black paint. The only response I could think of was folding my arms over my chest and huffing at him. “Well let’s get going kid I have an early shift in the morning.” I couldn’t think of a snarky response at the time and just did as I was told.

As I got the car out of the dealership Charlie popped open his trunk and got my baggage out. “Press the button on the steering wheel that looks like a popped trunk kiddo.” Oh his sarcasm was duly noted. I pressed the button and Charlie loaded the bags into the now opened trunk, he closed it and then made his way to the front. “The road is pretty straight from here so just keep close or follow the Forks signs.” “Sure sure.” Was my response and he then got into his car and headed to the highway.

After four long hours of driving we finally got to Forks. To say I was still pissed at Phil was an understatement but this car drove like a dream. As we pulled into the driveway I spotted my dad’s old’ beat up Chev and Jake leaning against it while talking very animatedly to two of his friends. Charlie pulled in front of the porch steps and I parked on the curb, not sure if I could haul this monster truck on the pavement just yet. After climbing out of the car I was tackled by the brick wall that was my two year younger brother “Ah the alienated sister returns” Jake yelled as he picked me up and swung me around. “You’re gonna make me hurl.” He finally set me down.

“Bella this is Paul and Jared, they go to school with me and they are pack.” I merely nodded. Jake had told me all about the pack in one of the last e-mails he sent before I moved here, he had to tell me because there was some small chance that I might join. Let’s hope not. I mentally shivered. I walked up to them and held my hand out, but what happened next no one could have anticipated.

Both of them were staring at me, their jaws hanging slack, they looked closed to drooling. I looked at Jake for some answers and he merely mumbled “Just my damn luck.” I shrugged it off then tried by snapping my fingers in front of them to snap out of their stupor, nothing, was all I got from them so I took my time to look them over.

The one I assumed was Jared was tall and lean, he looked to be built for speed but he was not lacking in the muscle department, he was toned and his dark olive toned skin looked like it was straining against something. The other one was taller but he clearly screamed brawn and raw power, the kind you saw during those macho fest body building commercials had nothing on Paul. They both had short choppy hair and a circular tribal tattoo on their right arms. I looked at Jake and merely shrugged then went back to my car to retrieve my bags.

Finally after figuring out which button on the key opened the trunk I got my three bags and my purse out and walked towards the porch when one word hit me from the conversation Jake was having over his phone with someone named Sam.


I must have blacked out or something because the next moment I opened my eyes I was staring at four very concerned men. “Did I trip again?” Jake merely chuckled. “Kiddo you’ve been here for less than an hour and I am already tempted to cover you in bubble wrap.” Charlie chuckled. “Nah kid you just fainted. You must be exhausted after all the driving and flyin’ you have been through.” I merely nodded but that horrendous word was running rampant in my mind.

Paul and Jared both reached a hand to me to help me up and instinctively I grabbed both, more shocked at my own actions, I wobbled once I was vertically aligned again. Their hands were hot, as hot as the Arizona sun that I grew up with and I could literally feel the power pulsing through their veins. I finally pulled my hands from theirs and sighed softly. Great Bella, just what you need, something to keep you tied down here. My inner monologue was stopped as I saw that Paul and Jared were carrying my bags into the house and Jake picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started marching to the house. My protesting screams were brought to a halt when Jake commented that they did not want a repeat of me and the lawn bonding.

I growled at him as he sat me down on the couch. “Are you sure we are related Jacob coz your lack of manners is really disturbing.” Charlie had the decency to cover up his chuckle but the other two guffawed at my comments. “I’m with Bella on that one Jake.” Paul commented and that brought on another round of chuckles while Jake was pouting.

“So how about pizza for supper boys?” Charlie yelled out and they all agreed but begged for the house sized orders and Charlie agree. “So Bella, can we talk. Uhm I honestly don’t know how to do this.” Jared was blushing and rubbing the back of his back, Paul merely openly stared at me with a smug grin. “Sure, sure.” Jake had already hogged the TV Remote and was watching some football game.

The three of us walked out to the back and I sat down on the steps of the back porch. Jared was standing in front of me on the lawn still looking shy and innocent while Paul sat down two steps below me. “Well the thing is, this is a first for us. We uhm kinda imprinted on you.” Said Jared, I sighed and ran a hand through my now curling hair. I knew that I could make them suffer a bit but I could also make things easier by just saying I know but what the hell, they caused my faint so a little payback was due. “You did what?” I almost yelled and Paul immediately jumped up and tried to figure out how to calm the situation, if only it wasn’t so hilarious.

They both seemed rattled at my outburst and I could almost see them trembling. “Ok ok I won’t mess around. I know what you are, what you do and what imprinting means but how is it possible that two wolves can imprint on the same girl?” I raised an eyebrow at them clearly challenging them. I wanted an answer to that and I wanted it fast.

Jared seemed to pale at my words but Paul came to the rescue. “We don’t know.” Ah looks like we found the shy one and the hero in the mix up. What would that make me? The damsel in distress, oh goodness no!