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Never Would Have Thought

I loved him. He threw me away. I was in pain. I tried to let go. I found someone else. He was the same as him. I fell in love once more. He came back. I don't know what I'm feeling. Do I still love him? I let go already. But theres something that I can feel deep in my heart that I still have feelings for him. But... His with someone else. I have mine? Am I suppose to just let that go?

The summary is still in working progress, so please bear with me. Thank you :)

1. The Love I Thought Was Going To Last

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"We're moving to another place Bella."

"Huh? But... What am I suppose to do with Charlie? What should I say?"

He look at me with a saddend expression, and shook his head. "We're means my family Bella."


He cuts me off by kissing my fore head. "Good Bye." He whispers, then he was gone.

"Edward!" I call out his name out loud, that loud that all the birds from the trees flew away. I cry out loud. "Edward... Edward..." I say his name one last time.

Then blackness came, I can't beath. This pain is too much. I can't live with out him. He was my forever. I'm really in love with him.

"Bella!" I hear a famiar voice callling out to me. "Bella wake up." I opened my eyes slowly and it was my dad trying to wake me up. "Bad dream again huh?" He says, and handed me a drink.

"Mmm." I say while drinking.

"Bella I know its hard, but its been 6 months already, you just have to move on.... I mean you are really young, live your life Bella." My dad says in a worried expression.

I faked smiled and wiped the tear off my face.

My dad pats my shoulder and he left.

I look out the window to see if it was really true. If it was really true that Edward is not part of my life anymore.

I look if there was any volvo parked in my drive way, "Not here." I guess, his really not coming back anymore. Everyday, every single morning my routine would always be look out the window, check if Edward was there, but I need to stop this habit. I need to let go.

We were never meant to be. I guess.