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Though attempting to live a life of normality, Anne has always known what she was and where she came from. In an attempt to reconcile with her more... immortal roots, she travels from comfortable Philadelphia to rainy, cloudy, solemn Forks, Washington. Why? She wasn't sure of that answer still. Her last encounter with Carlisle Cullen ended in a confrontation that she didn't think he'd ever forget. She didn't plan on there being any changes, other than the immense new size of the Olympic Coven, which was more than what she bargained for. But for some odd reason, she has to go. Now is the time she must know how- and why- she was born a hybrid.

I keep all couples the same (Bella/Edward, Jasper/Alice, Carlisle/Esme, etc), since honestly it's not worth mixing them around.

1. It's Seattle- Nobody Asks Questions.

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he doe had gotten closer to its awaiting grasp. The caramel pelt shone in the moonlight rays, reflecting into the hunter's deep yellow eyes. It moved closer.


She hadn't hunted deer in ages, and the scent of the blood circulating endlessly was hardly worth missing.


Moving closer was a luxury that she could allow herself, for now. The innocence of the creature before her nearly tore her heart out. If you even could.


Well, it was possible.


The tree branch balanced her nimble weight perfectly, not a single crack or snap echoed into the deep, solemn forest.


Dark hair blew out of her face as the scent wafted towards her, dancing around her head like a weightless butterfly.

Fou- Screw it.

She stopped her internal commentary with an outward groan, and launched at the prey, downing it in a single swoop. The tree branch didn't even bend downwards. She didn't hesitate before letting her natural animalistic urges take over. She looked contentedly around her, and then dove in for the precious supply that the deer held within.

As she bent down, the deer head to get left seemed to rise up at her... or did it? She double checked, and saw the head up and staring at her. The eyes seemed to be glaring red digits at her- 6:00. What the hell? It looked to be screaming something at her, sounding much like an annoying BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP...

----- ----- -----


Anne smacked her alarm clock with all her might, and to her intense satisfaction she could hear the bolts and screws explode under her fist. It shut off immediately. Sleep. Heavenly sleep, she thought in content. She readjusted her hotel pillow to her adequate Monday morning needs, and nearly fell back asleep... if it wasn't for the entire reason she had set the alarm.


Anne sat up with a start, her eyes wide and her hair seeming to fall into her face. Shit, shit, shit, shit.

She threw the covers away from her sweaty body, and started towards the crappy hotel bathroom. Double shit. A good shower would be nice. If it worked. But her hair, as she gazed numbly into the mirror, seemed to be a piece of work for the ages.

Picasso couldn't paint my hair any more disorderly.

She leaned closer to the mirror, inspecting every detail of her face. Uggh. She was out of makeup, so the tired bags under her eyes wouldn't go away.

Oh well- it's Seattle. Nobody asks questions here.


"That'll be all," Anne thanked the bubbly woman at the front desk of the hotel. She flashed a sarcastic smile, before racing out to her car in the parking lot.

God, that woman was annoying. The receptionist had talked so much, Anne practically knew her PIN number.

She rolled her eyes as she pushed her suitcase into the back of her Camry, shutting the door and listening to the satisfactory slam. Anne rushed into the front seat, a grin fresh upon her face.

"Forks, tout suite!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, disturbing the woman that was walking her retriever nearby, and probably anyone else that was trying to enjoy themselves on the sunny morning.

She revved her engine, and took off without a single look back.